Friday, December 17, 2010

New Updates-more of Justine's China trip

And I thought that Justine is making this trip to China a very low profile trip...but I guess the media just wouldn't let this precious chance to slip away (good for fans, but not sure how good it is for Juju->she may love it, but also she may feel pressurized? Nah...I guess she'll feel it just fine)...there's news on the chinese baidu site for these few days, and we may expect more in the next few days too?

Ilse's facebook has the links too...can go check it out!

The above link basically says Justine wanna opens a Tennis school in Sanya and says that Sanya's weather condition is good and a very relaxing atmosphere, best place to make preparations for her new season up ahead.
The warm Macdonald's smile-->the  "m" shaped lips smile

The press Conference....wad's Justine holding?
Ah, I's this trophy-lookalike thing..a souvenir from Justine? 
I love Justine in this checkered shirt...hardly see her wearing this kind of shirt b4...ah...can someone shift the flowers away? They're blocking my view on sweet Juju
Super love! Justine in casual wear <3, shirt and jeans! And according to the person who posted the pics, he/she said Justine is a very nice person who satisfies all the requests, including photo taking and autographing...can I turn back the time and teleport over there?

And this is a rather long interview of her in chinese:
I'm not good in translation and my's been a long time since I last studied chinese as a subject in I'll just translate in my disgusting broken English hahahaha:

Justine Henin Exclusive Interview: Hopes to finish 2011 season healthily,  had once shed her tears for the harsh trainings

This year is the first time Justine came over to Beijing and on the third day in Beijing on 14 dec 2010, despite the cold weather at -11℃ which she was slightly not used to, Justine still adapted to her daily training routine: 8am ate breakfast, then after that went with Carlos to (some Tennis club or what, 2nd floor) for 1/2 hr physical training which then followed by a 2hrs Tennis drill (I guess..not sure about the word). 

Justine came to China with Carlos who is her coach and together with two others in company. All four of them will spend their winter season for tennis training. That day the training continued until noon, then an afternoon rest, have a break, have a kit kat! (I'm just being lame here for this sentence).

After which, Justine went to the Palace Museum, that was her only relaxation time in Beijing. This Wednesday, Justine will leave Beijing to Sanya and she'll stayed there preparing for Hopman Cup and AO2011. 

From the time of injury at Wimbledon until now which is already past 5 months, the "Iron lady" who had not returned to her 100% condition, had opened a new path in this world, there are no roads/paths, with a pair of legs, you can have the paths to take, isn't it? (seriously, I had no idea what this sentence means)...

On 14 Dec evening, Justine had an exclusive interview at the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel which she stayed in. She admitted that until now, she had not fully recovered yet . However, despite being entering only 9 tournaments for the entire season, she's quite satisfied with her 2010 season. The 28 yr old had experience in the past: divorce, retirement, comeback, injury and now a comeback from injury..every step of these had made Justine Henin, the label "iron lady" even more solidly true(sorry, vocab weakness, can't find an exact word). However, when interviewed, Justine expressed that she, just like the majority of the ppl, had a soft weak side too, but now she is more happy and more able to easily accept herself.

Feeling helpless for the 1st 2 months after her injury -------R (reporter), JH (Justine Henin)

R: This is your first time in Beijing. Do you know anything about Beijing b4 you came over here? And what about now?

JH: The weather is cold, and outside of the hotel, it is cool. I came over to Beijing for only 2 days, so I did not fully get to know this city but I can feel that the ppl here are very warm and welcoming. In the afternoon, I went to the Palace Museum, although I had no idea on the Chinese traditions and cultures, in the Palace Museum, you can easily "attached" (vocab?) to the buildings and the art works there. It is an incredible place.

R: Last week, you and Kim had an exhibition match in Antwerp, and after arriving in Beijing, you said that you had not fully recovered yet. So, b4 Christmas, how are you going to train yourself to be in best condition?

JH: Now my physical condition is unable to recover to 100%, but I believe that I will get healthy again. It will be more regular trainings, from the time of injury until now, I wish to go step by step. Going to Sanya, I will train everyday, hopefully with the longer time of trainings to get back my condition. Of course, I will pay more attention to the ankle area and the elbow protection.

R: From the time of injury until now, it's been 5 months. How do you past through this period?

JH: The injury caused at Wimbledon was very serious, it was the most serious injury I ever had, even at that time, the doctors were not very positive and unsure of my return to the tennis court. I was suffering for the 1st two months, I can only lie on bed, and couldn't move at all, you know the feeling, very helpless. After that two months, I tried to do some physical therapy,  tried to use swimming as a method to restore my muscle functions, and then slowly do some stretching and training on the ligament area. Now, my whole team is trying to help me to recover.

New Season's objective: to stay healthy

R: We are used to "sum up" ourselves at the end of the season. 2010, you only participated in 9 tournaments, and yr end ranking at 12th, how do you evaluate this position?

JH: Frankly speaking, the number of tournaments I've entered this yr is very low, but judging from the results, everything is still going in the positive direction. You have to understand that I had almost two yrs not playing any matches, objectively speaking, I haven't been able to return to my best condition. For sure, every player hopes to do their best, my previous plan was to play the Year End Championship, If everything goes smoothly, I think I will fulfill this target, but right now, my body condition doesn't yet allow me to play more tournaments. So from this point of view, I still agree with this year's results. 

R: Regarding the 2011 season, what's the first wish that comes across your mind?

JH: Being Healthy. I hope to play the entire season healthily and not like this yr in which I had played only a few tournaments and then got injured and forced to rest for months.

Cried when unbearable during trainings

R: When you chose to come back from retirement, Carlos once said that Wimbledon is your biggest target and motivation. What does Wimbledon stands for in your heart?

JH: You know, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam which I had not won. To me, Wimbledon is very special,  it is a prestigious tournament, respected and loved by ppl. The environment and the audiences had a good coordination with the players (vocab?) and the place there is very calm and quiet. Wimbledon is a very rare experience and enjoyment. 

R: We know that everyone has a weak side, but to many fans and the media, Justine is always looking strong and tough. So last month when you mentioned about you crying as you unable to tolerate the tough physical training in Spain, the fans were shocked to hear that. Do you feel that you are unable to continue any further? (sorry for my poor translation)

JH: Crying doesn't mean that you are not strong. Sometimes when I feel very sad too, I will also drop a tear, I guess it's a very good way to relieve your stress. You know, sometimes when the trainings level gets too high and tough, and furthermore, I am not fully healthy at this stage, this kind of trainings had almost reached my physical limits. At that time, I think any normal person will have the same kind of reaction.

Training the young ppl to share

R: At that time when you decided to return to Tennis, ppl were wondering for how long will you be playing. Can you give us a general timeline? 

JH: I'm not sure too, I will play for two more years, three years, or four years, I don't think I'll go for a fifth. 

R: The London Olympics Tennis will be played on the grass, is it a motivation(I'm not sure what the original text is saying) to you?

JH: You can say it this way. I've already won the olympics at the Athens, but to a player, Olympics is still very special. I will consider partnering with Kim for the doubles in the London Olympics Tennis but it's not settled yet right now.

R: What's the difference between the current Justine Henin and the Justine Henin in the past b4 retirement? 

JH: Now, I feel more happy and cheerful. I think I know more about myself now and is able to accept myself more. Maybe speaking from a certain perspective, I'm much more mature.

R: You already had a Tennis academy in Belgium, and had started training the youngsters, and now having two campus in Beijing, what kind of impact do you wish to give to the children through these ways?

JH: I hope to share some of my experiences with the children. Throughout the years of my career, I had a more in-depth understanding towards Tennis and I've learnt a lot of things, the cultures and the philosophies outside of Tennis. I hope to use my academy to share with the children, let them walk the right path, at the right time. 

Not particular about the trophies

R: Last month, Sampras had a number of his trophies stolen from his house, including one grand slam trophy. Now you have 43 titles trophies, how do you keep it?

JH: Most of my trophies are earned from my early years of career. At that time, I was very young, to say the truth, I had not much feelings about the trophies, so I just placed them freely at home.

R: Agassi wrote in his biography "Open" that he hated Tennis when he was a child and had once thought of giving up Tennis. What about you when you're young?

JH: Of course, I had the same feeling b4. The trainings when I was young was really tough, I think a lot of players had once thought of giving up. After all, at that time, you're only a child and you hope to be like other kids to be able to go out and play. But only those who had experienced all these will understand the payoff at that time, now to think of it, it's really nothing. (crappy translation, sorry)

R: So will you consider having a biography about yourself in the future? 

JH: I think I will.

Oh Justine, I will wait for your biography! And pls, I wish you would play for as long as you can...kinda sad when she said she won't go for a fifth yr of playing...but well, at least she considered four yrs! And I only hoped for her to smile and laugh more, stay more happily, cries only for happiness. Ju, we love you!


  1. Hi ST!
    Personally, I would be thrilled with 4 years from Justine. I dont want her to ever retire again, but its gotta happen....
    I hope she does a biography too!
    I had no idea she was so terribly injured that she had to stay in bed. This girl's life has been one big rollercoaster, both professionally and personally. I am so proud of her for simply not losing her mind! .... she inspires me too when times get tough... "just keep working through it". Speaking of work, I have tons to do. I could work 24 hours a day lately and still not get caught up... must be why I am getting more gray hair, from all the stress.. and when the hell will I have time to color it? Good Lord! LOL (losing my own mind!)
    Well, cheers to ST and the best fans in the world (that would be Ju's). :)

  2. ...and hope you won the "exam battle", ST (praying for you :-)

  3. Thank you so much for the translation ST

    Justine's response to the trophy question was not a surprise...she values more the emotion and experience she gives to people who watch her tennis after triumph, than a piece of silver-ware...

    Soooooo cool Chinese media call her 'Iron Lady' =)

  4. Merry Christmas! Hey thank you everyone for the great pics of Justine in Beijing/Sanya. I've been in airport limbo, then settling myself in my new surroundings. Yes, I've moved back to the USA and out of Singapore. I have my internet connection hooked up today, and I signed up for the TENNIS Channel.

    I'm ready for my new 2011 tennis season, and looking forward to a great one for Justine - I think all of us had tough times in 2010, but we made it. MERRY CHRISTMAS; and lets all keep on fighting, and being the best we can. Yes, just like Justine & Carlos -

  5. Hi Christie, yeah..nothing lasts forever, even the sun have about 5.4 billions yrs more to we better enjoy as much of Juju great Tennis while we can, at least for at most 4 years.

    Me too, had no idea that she was sort of "bedridden" for 2 months...she always kept her cool and no matter how hard life is for her, she'll struggle to live on and becoming stronger mentally. I hope she stays positive always, it's a motivation for us too. And Christie, you're not the only one with gray hair, even I at younger age, already had lots of gray hair...damn, I can be a female Santa Claus!! And the results won't be out that fast, not sure of the exact date but thanks for the well wishes and I hope you can reduce more of your work stress by watching more Juju's past matches! =)

    Sly, you're welcomed. Yes, it's not of a surprise but I smiled when I heard that she just anyhow placed them at home, really seems like a heck care attitude but I hope the trophies love her too much that they want more of their frenz and new friend-hopefully the "English golden plate" to join in the Juju's trophies fan club! The Chinese called her the iron lady because in the past, she was so strong and looking very cold like a cold iron (that's what I interpreted), of course, she's still very strong now and much more amiable, the best we can wish for, a happy, friendly and strong Juju!

    Greenout, a Merry Christmas to all too! And I hope you get adapted to your new surroundings fast since US and Singapore are such a big difference countries in terms of environment but still very fast paced in common. We miss you too and I guess all of us are looking forward to 2011, hopefully and praying it's a great new start and a very very good season for all and Justine! Allez! Fight Fight Fight! Give me a Parang knife..haha, no...I think a pistol would be better. And Merry Christmas once again!