Thursday, May 4, 2017

Congrats to Justine & Benoit in welcoming their son!

Congrats to the parents of beautiful Lalie and little Lalie must be very happy now to be a big sister and no longer "lonely" playing at home (assumptions by me, who knows? Maybe she has lots of friends to play with), she will be a good big sister to her lil bro.

As my office blocked facebook & twitter, I will just "steal" this photo from the chinese tieba forum:
Hello Victor, welcome to this world! Victor is such a nice handsome name, it seems like it's a victory for both Ju and cute Benoit to score with their first son. 

Just some random "interesting" info: in chinese, if you had a girl, it is written as "女" character, and a boy as "子” character. So if you had both a girl and a boy, it is written as "好" combined together, and this word "好" means "good", of course, no matter how many children you have, no matter which gender is your child, a child is a blessing, at least to me. I wish I will have children too! 

Anyway, hope Ju will post photos of her newborn son? Just a selfish wish that the son will look like Ju since Ju is so handsome! 😜 Well, if look like dad also handsome and cute!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Update this blog to give it some heart beats

Hi fellow Juju fans (for anyone who still chances upon this blog), I am doing well, just busy and back from an overseas trip and as usual, am too lazy to update this blog, my bad! I will try my very best to upload the rest of her matches which I haven't uploaded onto youtube. So please bear with me for being slow.

Some of her matches I've uploaded but were taken down by youtube due to copyright, so very sorry about that, I will upload the rest though, but probably over the weekend?