Thursday, May 4, 2017

Congrats to Justine & Benoit in welcoming their son!

Congrats to the parents of beautiful Lalie and little Lalie must be very happy now to be a big sister and no longer "lonely" playing at home (assumptions by me, who knows? Maybe she has lots of friends to play with), she will be a good big sister to her lil bro.

As my office blocked facebook & twitter, I will just "steal" this photo from the chinese tieba forum:
Hello Victor, welcome to this world! Victor is such a nice handsome name, it seems like it's a victory for both Ju and cute Benoit to score with their first son. 

Just some random "interesting" info: in chinese, if you had a girl, it is written as "女" character, and a boy as "子” character. So if you had both a girl and a boy, it is written as "好" combined together, and this word "好" means "good", of course, no matter how many children you have, no matter which gender is your child, a child is a blessing, at least to me. I wish I will have children too! 

Anyway, hope Ju will post photos of her newborn son? Just a selfish wish that the son will look like Ju since Ju is so handsome! 😜 Well, if look like dad also handsome and cute!

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