Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday to Lalie!!!

Today is Lalie's Birthday 20 March 2016! Hereby to wish little Lalie a happy joyous birthday! Sometimes I would forget if it's 2nd or 3rd or the 4th  birthday for Lalie, I hope I don't remember wrongly. Anyway, little Lalie,  you must be a good beautiful girl and always cheerful and smiling ^^

Here's my usual google image birthday cake for you. Sorry, couldn't send a real cake over even if I had used fedex or DHL or others, I just lived too far from Belgium, way too far.

Always stay optimistic, looking on the brighter side of life like a sunflower:

Sunday, March 13, 2016

JHMatches2 in progress

I have decided to try to re-upload Justine's tennis matches one by one slowly back onto youtube in honour of Justine induction into the hall of fame. Maybe let me try if I can avoid detection from the shitty copyright thing with some neutral video titles. If I'm caught again and my video channel being deleted again, I might just give up on youtube.

When I've uploaded more of her matches, I will reactivate the "Justine's Matches" tab on this blog. Right now, I will upload some of them first and monitor for probably a few weeks?

Wish me luck then, and youtube, pls have mercy on this poor Ju's fan.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Justine Henin inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame!

Congrats to our artistic tennis queen Juju! This is a remarkable achievement for her and being a fan, I am no doubt elated at the news! And Justine is the first of her country to be inducted into the hall of fame, what an honor!

Marat Safin and Justine Henin - Official page share their thoughts on becoming this year's Hall of Fame inductees!
Posted by International Tennis Hall of Fame on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Here's some of the related articles:

So what does our Juju have to say? The quote is from her in one of the articles:
"It's a big honour. I was five years old when I started playing tennis and my dream was to become a champion. All of the things that then happened - all the dreams that came true, all the victories and Grand Slams, and every emotion that I lived in my tennis career remains something very important in my life today.
"Being part of the Hall of Fame says that it will remain something forever, and that is very special. I am really honoured."
And I shall post a famous Adidas poster of Justine, our almighty Ju!

 And videos of her famous single backhand strokes and shots!

Who can resist her beautiful backhand?
Even her backhand slices are so beautiful!
And not forgetting this shot too! It's not an easy shot and Ju made it looks so easy