Sunday, March 13, 2016

JHMatches2 in progress

I have decided to try to re-upload Justine's tennis matches one by one slowly back onto youtube in honour of Justine induction into the hall of fame. Maybe let me try if I can avoid detection from the shitty copyright thing with some neutral video titles. If I'm caught again and my video channel being deleted again, I might just give up on youtube.

When I've uploaded more of her matches, I will reactivate the "Justine's Matches" tab on this blog. Right now, I will upload some of them first and monitor for probably a few weeks?

Wish me luck then, and youtube, pls have mercy on this poor Ju's fan.


  1. Definitely wishing you great luck with this project, and I have to thank you because of you I have so many wonderful Justine matches. Will be waiting for some matches I haven't downloaded from your youtube channel.

    Fan of Justine and of your work
    keep smiling

  2. Hi Juju Dhim, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad that you are able to watch some of the Justine's matches through my youtube channel, thank you so much! It certainly gives me the motivation to continue doing so. It will take some time but I will try my best to upload them all that I have.

    Cheers! Allez!

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    2. Hey it's great to see how many matched you have already uploaded. I have been looking for Justine's French Open wins for years now and I'm so happy I was able to download them from your account.

      Just wanted to know do you have the Dubai matches of 2003 & 2004

      Thanks again for the great work. This is amazing.

    3. Hi Juju Dhim, thank you for your appreciation! I'm sorry to say that I do not have Dubai matches of 2003 and 2004.

      Sadly, I have to admit that some of Justine's matches may be lost forever and we may never get to chance to watch them again unless someone has those missing matches and sharing it onto youtube or other platforms for us to re-watch them. I can only be grateful to rottweily for his/her contribution to most of the matches that he/she had shared on the site (the site is down already) and I had tried to download almost all of them and in turn uploading them onto youtube.

      If I get to find any of the matches that I do not have, I will try to "grab" them and upload to youtube to share ^o^

  3. Hey my friend my name is Zami by the way.

    I found this website and was able to download some of Justine's matches
    Check this guy as well