Sunday, August 28, 2011

Justine's expressive faces

Ooh lala, Justine tweeted again! Oh, Justine, I love your "tweets" even if it's just a simple short message, it makes me elated! Just nice to hear from you <3

Sorry for not posting on this blog for a week, again, I can almost blog during the weekends now that I'm on internship working, but yup, I ain't gonna forget the great Justine just like how the great wall of China has existed since long long time ago..let's make it forever love for Justine! Come on, my heart!

I'm running out of ideas/craps to blog about...damn it! And so..there will be random captions, random topics, random craps from now on (or already has?)..and sorry, I have very short term memory, so there's a 99.999% of the chance that I may reuse some of the pictures of Justine here without realising it:
The "???" look of Justine equivalent to the emoticon below:
Justine has far more expressive emotions than the emoticons!
Wait...I remember I posted a pic of her in her car but not this pic right, right? This is the front view of her. I didn't know Justine drives with her eyes so wide open...this shows that Justine is always alert on the road partly because she has to since she's a danger to everyone ;-) <---fast driver eh?
Ok found! This was the pic I uploaded last time. Justine had this "Do not disturb /mess with me" look, even Deuce don't dare to move a muscle...
The ever serious Justine look, the almond shaped eyes
And this cute cheeky goofy smile from Justine!
Ah~sorry Justine, I always think that if you had a twin brother, he would look like you in this pic, handsome and fit and maybe a no1 ATP player! SORRY Justine, for my nonsense!!! You're beautiful and also.....handsome =X's one naughty Juju for you! The naughty playful look and smile from her, don't you just love it?
Ok, this beautiful glam pic of Justine was uploaded to prove that Justine is really a beautiful woman (oh I love the womanly feminine Justine!), those who think otherwise must get their eyes checked..and also to apologize for saying she's handsome but....she really is handsome =X

And the following pics I got them from facebook..sorry I forgot whether it's her official FB page or her fans' photos, but thanks for uploading the pics and pls forgive me as a bad fan with super poor integrity...haiz~ (unable to credit the source):
If you're the owner of the photos and do not like the idea of me posting the photos here, pls let me know, sorry in advance!
Handsome Justine, as handsome as ever!!!
Love this look from Justine! Really love her smile, esp this one which I call the "Half turning back, 3/4 side view smile" long for a description -.- 
This is so CUTE!!! The super innocent look of Justine->almost no expression face of her and Justine looked abit "stoned", love her big eyes! 
The calm and blissful smile from Justine..should I photoshop the guy's face to Mr "Cute"? 

And Justine, pls tweets more when you're free! It's good to hear from you, anytime, anywhere, knowing you're fine =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Justine OS news update (18/8) on China trip

Ok, those still feeling good one can look at this post instead of my previous post...

Justine's OS a new update:

I'll only post those that have Justine pics (not all) view all the pics, pls go to 
or at her OS, click on Gallery->Justine->2011->China
"Peek-a-boo!" behind the walls 
Ok, posted this no-Justine-pic just to see the grand Great Wall of China 
Nice Justine, nice! But why always frowning? The sun is too glaring? 
Sports 4 life eh? Justine has strong powerful legs to climb up those stairs.. 
How does Justine feel to face the cameras and video cams again? 
My nostalgic feeling pic of Justine holding a racket again 
The Golf+Ballet dance again! 
Justine will make a good dancer, I believe so.. 
The lion queen hairstyle here but looking good! 
Another shampoo commercial? 
Can send one autograph to me too?
Popularity queen over there ^^

Thank you Justine for brightening up my day! I miss you, take care!!!! <3

Frustrated...(do not read if you're feeling good)

My current mood is %#@$$#....sorry to this blog, I shall use you for my self entertainment and vent my frustration here. Juju helps me pls!

The below captions are all referring to myself and nothing to do with Justine. Sorry Justine, I used your pics to illustrate my %$^@# feelings...forgive me for doing so:
I'm trying to cool down first...see I'm so "fired up" for my whole body up till my feet.. 
Even though this is only for a joke, I feel like "killing" ppl, maybe Juju will help me? Is that a chainsaw she's holding?
Or scream out loud to vent the frustrations.. 
I will lament and lament but the mood can only get worse..
Ok, shall stop lamenting and keep quiet..
And stay sulky...pouting..bleh.
Alright, I wish I could do this "one" thing right now...
That is to get a bike licence, a bike and just speed off onto the highway like a mad woman...

 Sorry for this stupid idiotic f*cking post. And sorry to dampen anyone's spirit, now I would feel much better after this post? I hope so...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Justine's new (China + Tibet trip + others)

I'm sorry for being slow poke to update this blog on Justine's news which have become old news. But at least the news isn't that old. I did follow her news if any, everyday through facebook, chinese tieba, etc but to blog is another thing, it takes time and only weekend do I have the time to do so..there I go again..ok let's cut the crap.

So what is there that I haven't blogged about? Let's do it one by one...
So from my previous post I said that Justine should have an interview video in China right? So there really is one, here's the original link:

I've downloaded it and uploaded onto Youtube for faster viewing since sina doesn't load well for me...sorry for the copyright infringement thing (actually I threw away my integrity long time ago, anything for Justine..oh I'm a bad fan anyway):

Justine is so clever and alert in responding to the guy's questions and I love her French accent English, so cute! Her English is much much much better than me, I couldn't imagine answering the questions with such fluency and  maturity.

And here's another short video (because they couldn't play for long due to the altitude?) of her participating in the exhibition match in Lhasa, Tibet, again copied it from and uploaded to YT, original video here:

There's actually a full video of it which included the behind interview of Justine uploaded onto facebook by Jy Luo:

And here's are some pics from her china 6th sense academy,
and also from and from Ilse's fb:
The important figures in the exhibition match, thumbs up!
At last, Justine isn't the shortest =X
Oh how I miss Justine...look at her face, so serious, I miss this look from her with the racket in her hand
Yes, I've already used up my whole packet of tissue to wipe away the stream of saliva overflowing from my mouth, I'm gonna rant again:"Sorry, Justine, but you are sooooooooo handsome!!!"
Haiz~ If only this plate is the WB plate...ok, this is more artistic and exquisite. Justine is very camera conscious, she knows where the camera is ;-)
Glad to see her arms aren't exactly becoming stick, there's still abit of muscles on her arms, but definitely lost quite a huge amt of the mass.
Wad a beautiful scenery!
Nothing much to comment just that the weather looks good
oh no, wad's that dark patch of clouds in the sky on the left?
The focus is on the 2 VIPs again! Allez!
Miniature Juju looks so cute!
Though it's not even a real "match", more of exchanging simple strokes, I'm contented to see Justine on the grass again.
Dance Juju dance!
More scenery pic, nice grand mountains!
And I wondered if this tennis court will remain there after the exhibition match? Or will it be tear down?
Anyway, b4 it is being tear down, Justine and the Mr Cute Benoit are trying to keep their best moments and fondest memories all inside the memory card of camera., smiles!
And I dunno wad's Forlan, but my first reaction is how tall is this guy? Justine looks like a little girl beside him.
Ok, I should thank Jy Luo and the guy who allow the upload of this pic onto facebook, thank you, Justine looks great! 
Ju:" I sign, I sign, and sign sign arms are aching...but feels good!"
Men and woman in black, the 3 cools plus the splendid view behind
Awww....this pic is so heart warming, so good to see Justine smiling so happy! =D
And this is the nicest mafia gal I've ever seen! Just J/k, but wad a cool big pair of sunglasses! And wad is that she's holding? Can change that to peppermint ice cream pls? *Drooling*

 And yes there's an update of her OS news!
According to the news, the Belgian dredging company DEME by association DEME4LIFE has chosen to support Justine for kids foundation which helps the sick and needy children.

There are more pics than last time of this event in her OS gallery! 
If the above link doesn't really load the pics, please go to her OS->Gallery->Justine->2011->DEME

I'm not an IT computer expert, so I do not know how to extract out the pics from her OS, I just crop out one by one (stupid right?) and maybe the size is much smaller but I don't care, I'll paste only those pics that have Justine in it here:
Justine, as serious as ever with a touch of a motherly look in those gentle eyes. 
DEME4LIFE and Justine4Kids in collaboration towards making the sick children a better life, good!!! 
What are they looking at? 
Wah, so formal and serious.. 
Maybe my English really sucks and is there another meaning for "Mrs" Justine Henin? Is it because she's the godmother of the ship, so she is mrs? I really had no idea, forgive me for my ignorance..anyway, this is a great pic of Justine with her cheerful smile!
Justine, as business like and lady boss look as always 
Extreme Stupid Question: Spot Justine. 
Is Justine looking to see if the food has arrived? She must be hungry =P 
Yes, It's Justine and her sister...why is her sister looking so down? Justine, go and cheer your sis up! Or maybe she's tired.
Oh she was presented with a good bottle of wine, I suppose! 
Now that Justine no longer is playing on the tour, she has no restrictions in eating and drinking whatever it is, look at how happy she is, finally can down that bottle of wine into her stomach!

Anyway, really thanks to Justine and DEME for their graciousness and kindheartedness towards the sick children, what a great golden heart they have! God bless you guys~

Finally get to blog everything at a go...I'm so tired after coming back from gym (I am like once in a blue moon did I go to gym to workout) with my fren, now my legs are all wobbly and my arms feeling like long arms ape with no energy to swing the arms. And the worst thing is, my rice terrace tummy is still there, layer after layer without fail. Damn! Ok, I dunno when my eye lids will drop down in contact with my eye bags voluntarily, but b4 that I wish all of you, including Justine <3 to have a good week ahead! Cheers!