Sunday, August 21, 2011

Justine OS news update (18/8) on China trip

Ok, those still feeling good one can look at this post instead of my previous post...

Justine's OS a new update:

I'll only post those that have Justine pics (not all) view all the pics, pls go to 
or at her OS, click on Gallery->Justine->2011->China
"Peek-a-boo!" behind the walls 
Ok, posted this no-Justine-pic just to see the grand Great Wall of China 
Nice Justine, nice! But why always frowning? The sun is too glaring? 
Sports 4 life eh? Justine has strong powerful legs to climb up those stairs.. 
How does Justine feel to face the cameras and video cams again? 
My nostalgic feeling pic of Justine holding a racket again 
The Golf+Ballet dance again! 
Justine will make a good dancer, I believe so.. 
The lion queen hairstyle here but looking good! 
Another shampoo commercial? 
Can send one autograph to me too?
Popularity queen over there ^^

Thank you Justine for brightening up my day! I miss you, take care!!!! <3


  1. Nice pics of Ju at the great wall, hehe I tend to look like that when the suns glary too :P Ah the pics of her playing make me happy to see again, I miss her game so much but atleast it stays alive on here :) She seems to do the hair flick thing alot, I like it :)

  2. I would too frown when the sun is too bright, but I see Ju doing it quite a lot of times even in indoor I think. That's not good for her skin at least the skin in between her eyebrows =X
    But Ju is lucky that she's such a cutie, so it doesn't matter!

    Haha, maybe one day Justine will have her own brand of shampoo. Juju fragrance shampoo!