Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frustrated...(do not read if you're feeling good)

My current mood is %#@$$#....sorry to this blog, I shall use you for my self entertainment and vent my frustration here. Juju helps me pls!

The below captions are all referring to myself and nothing to do with Justine. Sorry Justine, I used your pics to illustrate my %$^@# feelings...forgive me for doing so:
I'm trying to cool down first...see I'm so "fired up" for my whole body up till my feet.. 
Even though this is only for a joke, I feel like "killing" ppl, maybe Juju will help me? Is that a chainsaw she's holding?
Or scream out loud to vent the frustrations.. 
I will lament and lament but the mood can only get worse..
Ok, shall stop lamenting and keep quiet..
And stay sulky...pouting..bleh.
Alright, I wish I could do this "one" thing right now...
That is to get a bike licence, a bike and just speed off onto the highway like a mad woman...

 Sorry for this stupid idiotic f*cking post. And sorry to dampen anyone's spirit, now I would feel much better after this post? I hope so...


  1. Aww I hope you're okay, I actually liked the pictures and the captions, I guess any Justine, especially tennis Juju makes me happy :) I hope whatever's bothering you goes away and that you feel better soon :)

  2. Thanks Sarah for your concern, ya, I've been feeling much better :) And also thanks to Justine for her cute cute smiles on the pics! =P