Sunday, August 28, 2011

Justine's expressive faces

Ooh lala, Justine tweeted again! Oh, Justine, I love your "tweets" even if it's just a simple short message, it makes me elated! Just nice to hear from you <3

Sorry for not posting on this blog for a week, again, I can almost blog during the weekends now that I'm on internship working, but yup, I ain't gonna forget the great Justine just like how the great wall of China has existed since long long time ago..let's make it forever love for Justine! Come on, my heart!

I'm running out of ideas/craps to blog about...damn it! And so..there will be random captions, random topics, random craps from now on (or already has?)..and sorry, I have very short term memory, so there's a 99.999% of the chance that I may reuse some of the pictures of Justine here without realising it:
The "???" look of Justine equivalent to the emoticon below:
Justine has far more expressive emotions than the emoticons!
Wait...I remember I posted a pic of her in her car but not this pic right, right? This is the front view of her. I didn't know Justine drives with her eyes so wide open...this shows that Justine is always alert on the road partly because she has to since she's a danger to everyone ;-) <---fast driver eh?
Ok found! This was the pic I uploaded last time. Justine had this "Do not disturb /mess with me" look, even Deuce don't dare to move a muscle...
The ever serious Justine look, the almond shaped eyes
And this cute cheeky goofy smile from Justine!
Ah~sorry Justine, I always think that if you had a twin brother, he would look like you in this pic, handsome and fit and maybe a no1 ATP player! SORRY Justine, for my nonsense!!! You're beautiful and also.....handsome =X's one naughty Juju for you! The naughty playful look and smile from her, don't you just love it?
Ok, this beautiful glam pic of Justine was uploaded to prove that Justine is really a beautiful woman (oh I love the womanly feminine Justine!), those who think otherwise must get their eyes checked..and also to apologize for saying she's handsome but....she really is handsome =X

And the following pics I got them from facebook..sorry I forgot whether it's her official FB page or her fans' photos, but thanks for uploading the pics and pls forgive me as a bad fan with super poor integrity...haiz~ (unable to credit the source):
If you're the owner of the photos and do not like the idea of me posting the photos here, pls let me know, sorry in advance!
Handsome Justine, as handsome as ever!!!
Love this look from Justine! Really love her smile, esp this one which I call the "Half turning back, 3/4 side view smile" long for a description -.- 
This is so CUTE!!! The super innocent look of Justine->almost no expression face of her and Justine looked abit "stoned", love her big eyes! 
The calm and blissful smile from Justine..should I photoshop the guy's face to Mr "Cute"? 

And Justine, pls tweets more when you're free! It's good to hear from you, anytime, anywhere, knowing you're fine =)


  1. These pics are nice, and good captions :) I love that smile to the side pic, and the glam shoot - that along with the training pics really proves how she is both pretty and 'handsome'. Ah I miss seeing her have a raquet in her hand, I love her feminine side too :) She does look very alert driving, even when I remember her joking that she was a bad driver xD

  2. Thank you Sarah for your comment. Indeed, Justine is just one special lady with the charisma. It's just a wonder that she looks good in both sexes and quite a charm too! Simply love her feminine side, too gorgeous!

    I'm actually wondering when did Justine start to learn driving and at wad age did she get a license? Haha, it's a surprise that she managed to get a license despite being a fast driver ;P

  3. My pleasure :) She is, how she shoes her emotions and her style on and off the court makes her so unique compared to the other players, I see the most beauty in her than them too...
    Hmm, that's an interesting question, with her turning pro at a pretty young age she might not have started driving until she was older, thats my guess :)

  4. Yeah! To me Justine is even much more beautiful, cute and handsome than all of them on tour. =D

    But the belgian candid camera of Justine "François l'embrouille piège Ju Henin" I saw Justine held something which I assumed is the car keys and she looked pretty young at that time, maybe she already started to drive during teenage times :)