Sunday, January 30, 2011

Randomness~I miss Justine

Since Greenout gave us the link of Tao's drinks facebook page, I might also paste it here:
Go click on the "like" button on the Tao's drinks facebook page to support Juju!

And also to add in the picture which I gotten from the forum:
All the great memories of a great and respected Champion! Always stays in the hearts of many...No matter what happens, I'll always support you, Justine!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Family support!

I still haven't gotten past of the sad news, Justine is in tremendous shock right now, I'm sure all her fans, if overseas wanna book a flight to Belgium and gives her a teddy bear hug. Well, Ju, you're not alone, not always, now I'm gonna put some of her family photos (taken from many sources, sorry for unable to credit, I always forgot the sources) as a support for her. 

I guess all look like their papa, all the faces look so alike, photocopier machine?
Her brother's hair is cute, so does Juju!
Ju and her Papa, I wonder wad they're looking at
Is Justine wearing the lollipop shirt inside? 
Hug Hug! ~Same smiles~ =) No matter how tired you are, a smile lifts your whole spirit up!
Juju and her bro
Is that carlos's son? So cute!
How old is Ju's sister? Looks like a teenager to me...
Papa planted a kiss on Juju's cheek, that's sweet...I always remember how I used to kiss my dad's face when I was young and got pricked by his shaved moustache... 
I really like the little golden hair boy..the cutest boy I've ever seen! So handsome and cute! And Ju smiles so cheerful! Heheh, her brother is acting cool eh?
All Smiles~ even the baby is that baby a boy or a girl? Anyway, this photo is so heart warming... 
Ju reallt looks like her daddy from this pic. Everything's the same, same smiles, same eyes and maybe Ju's nose is smaller but same length.
Well Ju, even if you didn't play tennis anymore, you're still the Queen of Tennis in my heart. As bright as the diamond ball! The Queen of My Heart!
The Papa and the girls.. 
Magazine version, I think Justine also read this magazine in the airport? (again I saw it from the video the Une star Femme something, sorry I dun understand French so can't remember the title) 
Nice to see them back together and smiling, Justine has a wider smile than her papa, I see.. 
The sweet moment for Papa Henin 
I'll look at the photos, since I dun understand a single word 
I love the bottom right hand corner pic! Justine is so sweet and charming! She has one of the most sweetest smiles in the world 
Wah, why so serious Papa Henin? Dark Sunglasses really gives off a very powerful strict aura. And I want to see more of this warm and shy smiles from Juju! Pls do not "disappear" forever, least occasionally some updates on you would be good.

Anyway, not only family, Justine, you still have us fans who'll always support you forever! After all, you're one remarkable person, who makes us realize so many meaningful life values and standing strong no matter what happens. I hope you continue this way, stay strong and positive and be happy. Always missing you~ I'm off to do my report~

Thursday, January 27, 2011 broke my heart....Retirement.. =(

I need a couple of days more to recover from sadness, I'm sure Ju also needs to recover herself, not only from injury but from depress. Let's hope we can still see her smiles in the future if there's any chance we can see her in the media...

"If there is one thing I could regret, it is that I protected myself too much and couldn't stand closer to you. I hope you will forgive me" (by Justine)

Juju, NO one will ever BLAME you for this, we couldn't be much more luckier to watch your tennis, thank you for evertyhing, Ju...for all the sadness and happiness you've given me, to us fans, get well soon... =(

I'm so sad to hear about this!!! I can't say anything right now...but I wish that you will enjoy life, thanks for the good tennis you've given to us fans, I'm gonna cry now.

I'll keep this blog as my memories for you, I hope I can still see you onscreen in the future even if it's not tennis. My heart is bleeding profusely after being stabbed by thousands daggers.

Well, time to get a good man and get married and give birth to chubby little kids, Ju, I wish you all the best!

I love you forever!!!

Maybe now Justine can do some skiiing, skydiving, other sports since she had this sports genes in her and learns things pretty fast. Ju, write a biography of yourself and publish it worldwide..I'll be sure to buy it! And Justine, you do know that you have a very very sexy voice, you can always do some singing..bathroom singing also can, or be a news reporter. Just stay onscreen if there's any chance, so that I can still follow you.

Nevertheless, hope you have a good future, life is not everything about Tennis, Tennis just enhanced your life. More excitements to come outside of Tennis, go experience it, Justine!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justine and Deuce photo set+Dizzy Gifs part??

Once again, please allow me to be away from blogging for a has started for me this week and next week is the Chinese New Year Festival I think...and I have to rush my interim report, so I will be super busy soon.

And maybe also a relief for me, because my creativity has been very low and I'm running out of ideas on what to blog about even if I misses Ju alot. My brain let me down too. I think I left my brain in school's sewage system which I've accidentally flushed out.

Anyway, I'm sure many Ju's fans have seen this set of photos of Ju and her lovely flurry doggie Deuce:
Sweet! <3 If got a bigger version of this pic, I'll definitely put this as my wallpaper! I've read somewhere that Justine used to be afraid of dogs? But now this Deuce seems harmless and innocent and cute! can't see its angry face in the dark (sorry Deucey, didn't mean to imply anything) 
So..Ju has a little wavey hair too! But not too visible. She looks good being blonde and wearing black collar shirt?  
Spot the Santa Clause
Sorry Juju, I dun like your this pic, but you have a very natural smile =) 
At least your side view is always a charm to me
Is it very cold there? She looks like she's wearing a 100000 bullet proof vest 
Deucey, you should look at the camera! Or shall Juju "twist" your head around like the one below:
That's more like it...but smile Deuce, smile! Or did Juju hug you with too much force, you're suffocating?Deuce's face is like Ju's face below:
Maybe Ju should do this expression with Deuce in the above pic, then perfect! Ok, lame, I know...

Anyway, there's a magazine version of the pics I've gotten from somewhere on the Internet(Can't remember the source, sorry):
Simply stunningly beautiful and handsome! 
Justine In Time (Just In Time? I hope she's really getting her elbow ready and well soon just in time for Grand Slams...god bless pls) 
Ju always happy with Deuce, her best companion for now 
Is it me or Deuce was so much blacker b4 and now her colour had faded to grey in some parts of her body. 
The words are pretty small to see, well, even if it's big enough, I don't understand also... 
Black and White....Deuce was so small back then, how long was this pic? When was this magazine published? In 2008 or ? 
For those who read this blog, if any, and with good eyesight and understand French to read 
I can only look at the pic then...feminine Juju, ~drools~

Ju is a pet lover, she's so lovely with her doggie, I'm sure her fans are jealous of Deuce sometimes, at least I am, hahaha! Deuce gets Ju's *power suffocating* hug, and also gets the chance to lie on Juju's body (see her OS video) and yeah, also gets naughty enough to attack Ju! Wad's more, Deuce is so high tech savvy to communicate with Ju through Skype! A very intelligent and cute doggie, just like Justine. 

Alright, just before I leave, I shall post some more of her dizzy GIFs which I've recently made (sorry, obsessed in making GIFs of Justine):
The puppet Juju:

The awkward Juju:

The Hidden Smile:
See how fast she "recovers" herself from smiling and then suddenly becoming serious looking..

That's all for now, sorry for the boring post, let me be away for a week or more for now while searching for that lost brain in school. I'll still look for Juju's news from the facebook and the forums if there's any. Allez Justine! Get well soon and pray that her elbow is alright! Let us pray together for her, wishing her good health and back to top form again soon! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alright, some random screenshots and pics

Just saw this video on youtube:

Dinner with Roger Federer? Hehehe, so I see...after Federer won that FO, she puts him in the number 2 of her idol place, number 1 is still Steffi Graf right? I like all her answers, she is so down to earth!

To get rid of the ominous dark clouds above us right now, I'll post some smiling cheerful Juju pics:
The younger Juju:
I think Justine has a very great contagious smile, yes the perfect smile with smiling eyes too :)
Boyish Juju but you still can see that she's a girl because she has a pretty face, compare this with the pic below: 
No more "boy-ism" but handsome and more beautiful! Loved her pressed lips smile as always! 
She looks like she's suppressing a smile (I think I've posted this pic b4, together with the pic below)
Forgive my poor memory if I've posted this pic b4 but I think my opinions of her will nv change-Did I say this pic she has a very "proud" yet elegant queen look? 
And her side view smile is as charming as ever, cute and beautiful!
Hehehe, a very relaxing smile and refreshing one for sure
Ju is happy to give interview...who says she's a cold and aloof person? Even in the past (judging the hair colour of her in this pic, I suppose it's in 2003, around there), Ju looks very warm and nice off court
An elated winning smile on court, oh this is still the chubby chubby 2005 Juju!
Omg, I've run out of my vocab to describe her smile (I've used, cute, beautiful, funny, handsome, cheerful, youthful, cheeky, etc...) What more can I say, she's simply an amazing person who's hard to describe in words
Ok, I'll use this word-"silly" smile here, I think I used that b4 too, haha!
A very warm "motherly" feel smile, can I be your enormous overgrown child, Juju? Or rather, be your crazy little sister =P 
And the above is just a combination of last time my photoshop of her. All her different smiles and attractions. 

Seriously, I can't find any other person who can portray that many different types of smiles, hers can be handsome, pretty, cute, silly, funny, funky, cheeky, angelic, devilish, everything!

Oh yeah, yes!

*Edit: Saw the scoreline of the match between Schiavone and Kuznetsova...simply amazing! (A real big pity I didn't watch the match but wow! Really Wow, no words for these 2 players, great great fight! congrats to Schiavone who won the match in like how many hours? 5? A big hug to Kuzzy)