Monday, January 3, 2011

A room

Thank you greenout for the link, now, allow me again to use your words here:

Hold on Tight! Justine live from Perth, and with no flowery editorializing JUSTINE HENIN SUPPORTERS presents a match score Chat with fans from around the globe. Join us as we cheer for Justine and the Big Kid (Aka: Ruben) representing Belgium against Kazakhstan. First up will be Justine vs Shvedova, followed by Ruben vs Golubev. The mixed doubles takes place after mens singles, and a little break for the fellas.

*MATCH TIME: 9:30 hrs (WST) 9:30 am 

*DATE: Tuesday - January 4, 2011

*All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match. Some of you may still be on Monday, while Australia is a day ahead on Tuesday.

And here's some pics comparison while waiting for tmr's match:



  1. JUSTINE & RIBBONS! Hurrah for their big win today. Hope it doesn't go to be Boy's head, but no worries I'm sure Justine and Carlos will keep that kid focused for the big match against Serbia.

  2. Hehehe Greenout, Yes good kids they are! Juju being the big sister saved the TB but well, Ribbon boy is pretty good at net too.

    Let's hope Ju's elbow can keep it up and win Ana!
    Allez the Belgium team! Impressive isn't it? The second time they pair up together and also the second time they played mixed doubles and already had a win! I still believe the good chemistry btw the 2 Belgians =)

    I love JUJU!

  3. Oh, poor Ruben -LOL or is it Ribbon Bellyman?
    goodness the way they played the TB must be so exciting to watch... painfully exciting for the heart ;D

    At least they hung on tight this time, Justine taking charge of the The Kid as *Big Sis ^^

  4. Haha, sly! Christie's calling him that way makes me laugh =D Poor Ruben, being made fun of when he did good today! Should give a pat on this good kid's shoulder!

    Yes, big sister will give him free lessons on Tennis art during this whole hopman cup event.
    The TB as much as I know the risk to having Cardiac Arrest, I would still want to watch Juju and Ruben taking down one point by one point and eventually win it! Especially Justine, I think she saved it for the last few points, right?

  5. I have a feeling that Ruben looks up to Justine even though physically he has to look down to her. She probably intimidates him...hahaha... Cant you just picture her saying.. "Now, Ribbon, focus"!.. and him.. "Yes, Justine".
    It took my heart a while to calm down after that match, but that was such a great exciting comeback even over the darn radio! Also, yeah, it felt like Justine was the real hero in that too...more than her own singles match!
    Justine has the smarts and talent to beat Ana, of course. To me, it depends on her getting back her nerves of steel and if the elbow can hold up. Gosh, sometimes I wish I didnt love Justine so much because it can be so nervewracking to watch her in the big matches since I want her to win so badly. Oh well, whatever happens, she is looking more and more ready to compete in the Grand Slams...and I will keep praying for that elbow. I guess we can all sort of "suffer" together and "celebrate" together through the matches. :-) I have new friends because of Ju!

  6. Haha Chrisite, I guess from the time we decided to love Justine, we're destined to suffer or celebrate with her all the pains and the joys she shared with her fans.

    I would still take this opportunity to strengthen my heart, all the veins around it...haha, you know I don't do much exercises, this could be a good cardio exercises watching her playing Tennis, but I hope the end result would be good!

    Justine if she's healthy enough, she is no doubt a fav for all grand slams titles...she can basically do all the shots! Her skills library is complete I think, just need to get used to executing all the skills. After all, she's been away for so long, but we'll always have faith in her.

    Now tmr's match, Ribbon, listen to Juju sister and assists her in time. He must feel very honored and happy and fresh to team up with her. =)