Friday, January 7, 2011

!!! Belgium into the Finals?

I just saw this news:

Gosh! I have mixed feelings...can't say I'm happy though...I hate to see players getting injured and I hope Ana's alright. Yes, Belgium is into the finals and I'm happy to see Justine's tennis once more in the hopman cup but well, I feel so sorry for Serbia. Seriously, I hope Ana's injury is not too serious and will heal soon. Good luck to Ana. God bless you.

And now since Belgium is thru to the finals, I'll be rooting for Belgium but win or lose, it doesn't really matter...just hope Justine stays healthy, may god bless Justine too!


  1. I'm skeptic about ana's injury -_- but I'm always skeptic so it's normal for me... ;D anyways don't really care about her,..and Belgium being in the final by some sort of default circumstances, I don't particularly like it...not sure if Ju would be happy with this, but I guess they don't have a choice but to play in the final...and hopefully win one more match...

    Darn, I have to re-schedule my plans for tomorrow which I'd just made just before I've read the news...pffff, my best friends would kill me... T_T

  2. yes sly, I was just hoping that Belgium would win since they're in the finals now. And they would have been in the finals if they had won Australia in the TB anyway.

    Now what matters the most is if Justine's elbow is able to hold it, and that John Isner's serve..I heard he had a very heavy big serve, 10 times more than SW...I hope they're exaggerating and Justine is able to take it.

    Pls Justine, take care of your elbow, don't mind about winning it too much to hurt yourself, just play at your best right now. Praying for Justine's good health...god bless!

    And yep, this news makes the whole thing so dramatic and so sudden, I hope your frenz understand that..maybe you could invite them to watch Justine's match together! Allez Belgium!

  3. Ok it's like bonus 3 matches for Belgium and a Hopman Cup trophy would be nice...

    I'm worried too about Justine playing 2 more matches because she's still nursing her elbow...I'm satisfied watching 4 of her matches but I guess they just have to go on with it and play tomorrow... =)

    I've watched Isner before against Roger in Shanghai Masters,.. he wouldn't serve 130'smph, or over 120's mph all the time, so basically Ju & Ruben will take every opportunity they'll get against USA...

    hmmm my friends, I can make them watch volleyball (I usually watched live volleyball games before and often ask them to come with me) but tennis, they hardly ever watch,,, they also don't understand how the score works-LOL so definitely I'll just hang-out with them on Sunday...

    ALLEZ Belgium!, 3 more matches ;D

  4. Haha, maybe it's fated that Belgium got into the finals? And I prayed that Justine will be alright for her elbow and be healthy while winning the Hopman cup!

    Let's just hope Isner would serve around 100mph against a gentleman Isner.

    Haha, I dunno how the score works b4 in Tennis too..but as you watch more matches or more games, you'll understand the score system automatically...just let your frenz watch Ju's tennis, let them get hooked on her as I do, haha, her tennis is so magical!

  5. Yes, the drama. About Ivanovic - It's listed as a 'minor Grade 1 tear' which is the least serious. Dr advised 3-4 days rest. So prudent but necessary. So lets focus on our
    Justine. And IMHO Belgium defeated Serbia 2-1 so, it's not a default walk to the finals. Justine beat Serbia. She worked hard. :) Deserves this... second song, minus that white suit off course! ;) (Hint, hint: Belgian music friends of Justine, please compose a new song for 2011!)

    It's not over until the singer comes out for an encore song. And so it is - Justine will have her Perth tennis encore on Finals Day against Mattek-Sands , followed by Ruben vs Isner and then mixed doubles. Presented by JH SUPPORTERS FORUM and featuring fans from around the globe.

    *MATCH TIME: 15:00 hrs (WST) 3:00 pm
*DATE: SATURDAY - January 8, 2011

    *All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's match.

  6. P.S Ruben please do not stand on court like an Oak tree during mixed doubles match. Move around and contribute! Hit a few balls, and it's ok to hit a body serve at Cyndi Lauper... oops I mean Bethanie.


  7. HAHAHAHAHA... Greenout, you are bad -but in a good way! (Cyndi Ruben is too much of a gentleman sometimes. Come on, Ribbon... be a tiger, not a mouse! Justine is a tiger. She can teach you!

  8. Hi Greenout, thank you for the chat info...yes, she's not done with this tournament yet. I'm sure Justine will feel this very dramatic too.

    Let's give it one more try to get the trophy Belgium team! more distraction...your only lady right now is Justine, and help her attack Isner.

  9. hee hee Christie, yes, Ribbon cannot stand any more of our scoldings..he better be a good brutal man in the tournament! Come on Ruben! Take this opportunity to learn the net play from Justine, but remember to execute them well, and don't try to interrupt Justine's backhand volleys, haha!