Monday, January 3, 2011

My Justine Artworks

I can't wait for more of Ju's Tennis! I'm insatiable especially when it comes to Justine. Anyway, I'm bored and made 3 simple Ju banners and wallpaper. Been a long time since I last touched Photoshop, so my skills super sucks! And also to paste my past Ju's artwork, it's super lousy, so pls dun laugh....

The wallpapers (The OLDs and the NEWs)
I think the above pic is given my sly and I used it for my wallpaper...damn it, I think I saved too many of Ju's pics that I can't seem to find this cute Ju's pic anywhere in my com! 
I know this one super sux, I don't really like it...Ju is pretty but I spoil it, sorry. I was just testing out the brushes and the hue.
The above one is the one I recently made, not sure if the colours blend. Looks too complicated? Sorry..

The banners:

This one obviously I made it mths ago...almost gg to be a year, cos it's about the same time I started to like Juju, I just randomly put in the pics and a messy banner it resulted in.
It was harder than I thought to blend in the 3 pics of the Dubai Glamorous Ju photo shoots cos of the buildings and the roads, so you can see I did a pretty Poor job in blending.  Anyway, this pic, I shall name it now as "On the road to Success!"
This one too, I've learnt one thing...nv blend in pics that already look so complicated even if they are of similar scenes. Ju, tidy up your room pls, hehehe...

And thanks greenout for the hopman cup ballroom nose bleeding photo of Juju, I shall post it here for more saliva pools creations:
Sexy feminine Justine, love your dress and shoes but you can try a side parting for your hair or make your hair more layers and not too flat, center-parting-flat hairstyle doesn't really suit you in certain occasions, IMO, but still, you look beautiful to me even in light or no makeup! Surprisingly, though I complained about her this kind of hairstyle, it's about the same hairstyle she had in the Best of Belgium event, and she looks absolutely stunning at that time, guess she's too cute to resist!

And here's additional one more:
She gave an interview? So they should have vids on it right? Where? Anyone knows if there's a video of this?

Alright, one more day to Ju's tennis again! Can't wait...4Jan baby! Good night! 


  1. There you go again, ST, apologizing for everything you do... I dont really believe in New Year's resolutions, but I think you and I should have the same one... "stop being so hard on ourselves".. huh? Justine's is to have more patience, and come to think of it, I desperately need to work on that one too!... uh oh, I could come up with a whole slew! Well, I am so excited for Ju's next match, even if I have to stay up all night again. My husband was so sweet. There he was, fever, in pain, miserable, but insisted I go watch Ju play tennis... saying "Its the only fun you get to have lately... so do it".. He is getting better.. just some flu thing, which I keep waiting to catch from him, but have not yet.
    Keep up with your great blog/pics!

  2. Hold on Tight! Justine live from Perth, and with no flowery editorializing JUSTINE HENIN SUPPORTERS presents a match score Chat with fans from around the globe. Join us as we cheer for Justine and the Big Kid (Aka: Ruben) representing Belgium against Kazakhstan. First up will be Justine vs Shvedova, followed by Ruben vs Golubev. The mixed doubles takes place after mens singles, and a little break for the fellas.


    *MATCH TIME: 9:30 hrs (WST) 9:30 am
*DATE: Tuesday - January 4, 2011

    *All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match. Some of you may still be on Monday, while Australia is a day ahead on Tuesday.

  3. Hi Christie, no, I don't apologize for all the things I do ;) If I really do something poor, I will surely admit it.

    My New year resolutions are to have good results, to reduce the number of layers on my tummy and also to keep my heart supporting Justine forever. But well, I can add the one you suggested inside ^^

    You have a very good understanding husband, take good care of him, I'm sure you do and is a very good wife too. And you want to catch a flu? Omg!

    And Greenout, thanks for the link! It's 9.30am, so early! I'll have to set my alarm to prevent myself from oversleeping!