Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Allez Justine-now to 3rd Round

Here's her after match interview:
I'll always have faith in you Juju!

Sexy accent, sexy voice...Luv it!

Allez Juju! This time round she won it pretty smoothly, thanks, no more heart attacks! Score 6-1, 6-3. Well, to say the truth, her opponent also made alot of UE and didn't moves as great so Justine's performance is average but some of her shots are still yummy!

A rather good smooth second round, at least can give her more time to rest her elbow since the gruelling and fans' blood draining 1st round match. I just hope her elbow is alright and she stays healthy. Moving on to 3rd round against Svetlana Kuznetsova, let's hope Justine wins again smoothly, come on Ju! Allez Come On!

Today's pictures from AO:
Juju's FH still not good enough
But her backhand is still "holy"..Look at her in this pic, doing the Juju tap dancing on court, how cute!

And here's the pics I've got from the forum (there are more pics which I've missed, but anyway, will post those pics next time, gonna focused on Ju's match now):
Another of Juju ballet dance, Flexibility, Oh yeah! Even the ball danced with her!
The "Dark Henin"...the devilish look in her eyes, I love it! I want to see more fired up Juju!
Like this one, clenching fist, roaring out ALLEZ! Just love it!
Always so serious looking, Justine is all business on court, don't mess with her even if she had that elbow injury. God, just hope she heals completely soon.
Nothing beats a cute smiling Juju! Just like wad greenout said, her tummy is not beer belly tummy, it's hard as rock,  shows how hard Ju trains herself...i can see 6 packs soon.
The big contrast to her serious on court look, Ju is all smiling but well, it's the exhibition charity match "Rally for Relief" so she can drop her business suit for that moment ^^
This is the cutest Juju pic! Reminds me of her childhood pic below:

May God Bless Our Tennis Queen Justine Henin


  1. Juju Tap Dancing! LOL She was moving really well around the court today. I was watching the with a huge smile.

    Isn't it nice when Justine finishes her match early, and sweetly? We have time to relax and while others toil to get into Rd 3. She doesn't play till Friday leaving all Ju-fans a good night's rest.

    Sweet Dreams. ;)

  2. Hehe, Greenout, yes, I think her agility is still as good as b4, she'll moves better when against someone strong and moves as well. Ju will upgrade herself automatically when it matters, that's what I also loved her about.

    And yup, a very nice time to finish off early though Ju said in the interview it's the worst thing to play that early and the weather doesn't help at all. But well, she won anyway, so she can rest well and sleep and relax her elbow. Recharged and fight for the next round, come on Ju, winning smiles to be seen again and again and always =D

    Good night Greeny, I supposed it's midnight at your side there right? It's noon here though, but I'm sleepy, watching her 1st round match yesterday till 3am+ and woke up early to watch her match off to sleep too!

    Sweet Dreams to all! ;-)

  3. So, the tap dance practice and stage performance did awesome effects on her tennis today...Ju is incorporating her off-court skills to her matches now...tee~hee ;D

    Good night ST and Greeny, sleep well ^^

  4. That little girl picture of her is so cute!... always those eyes. 2nd round match was so much easier on my heart! ... but still worried about the elbow. I think that Mirza match really tested it, and it may be more stiff and sore right now. I kept noticing her stretching and rubbing it. However, didnt she serve at least 7 aces today? I think they said the temperature is to increase 10 degrees or so soon, so maybe that will help Ju's elbow too. I am so proud of her effort!

  5. Sly, haha, yes, I hope we can see more of her graceful dances on court till the end always! So her charity dance actually helped her! Haha1

    Christie, she didn't change much since young, did she? Same eyes, same smile, same cuteness, just bigger. I also worried about her elbow but I hope it's the weather that's causing her to not warming it up. Sometimes when I feel too cold, my body is too stiff to even feel my feet on the ground, I thought for once I'm floating.

    We are all proud of our little fighter always!!! Allez Ju!

  6. TGIF! If you're in Australia and on the South/East side of the world.

    Round 3 Match Chat - Presented by JH SUPPORTERS FORUM, and featuring fans from around the globe.

    Justine vs Svetlana Kuznetsova
    *MATCH TIME: Around 1:00 pm
    ** DATE: Friday, January 21, 2011

    All times listed are Melbourne, Australia, so please use and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match.

  7. Thank you Greenout for the info!
    Come on Justine! Let's advances again!