Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Allez Belgium!

Good 3-0 win over Kazakhstan!! Justine did wad she had to do to win and I'm very satisfied with Mr Ruben aka Ribbon boy! Wad a surprise having winning straight sets against a top 50 player! I know he had a big forehand and I think he can make it far in the future!

It's a pity this one whole match doesn't have any live streaming, only live radio -.- Zzz...and to think I had put an alarm to wake myself up to listen to radio stations O.o Luckily the 3-0 wins compensate for my lost sleep!

*Seems like the Australian team lost 0-3 to Serbia...if that's the case, Belgium is hard to win, dammit! I thought the TB Australia is gonna win, they lost too many potential points! I had no idea how the RR actually works but I think with Aussies lost, and Serbia winning 3-0, they just need to take 1 point from Belgium to reach the final.

Alright, whatever, so long as Ju enjoys her time here, and do well in AO! And Ruben boy better trains himself mentally and Ju too, I hope she stays focused and also takes good care of her elbow...and nothing is impossible...maybe Belgium still can win 3-0?

Ok, let me post some pics of lovely Juju from the hopman cup gallery:
This is a habit of Juju, who loves to cover half of her face in towel...I remember the very first time I happened to watch Justine on TV is this kind of scene in Brisbane this yr. Got attracted to her eyes and watched her play, in the end, this cute Juju hooked my heart away by her Tennis skills. Ok, I'm repeating my story over and over again, sorry ah~
Ju making the "S" shape of her body, and when Ju does this sexy style, it would be a powerful hit to her opponent!
 Her trademark pinky, shall always appear in the photos of her forehand pics ^^ 
I wish I could see this backhand of hers! But this year hopman cup is so "biased" and all focused on Serbia...Bleh~ 
They say she changed her serving style again, so how's it? I hope it work it out well
Ju:"Allez! I look much younger!"
Is this played at the net? I heard her 1st set her net game not that successful, but in the later part, I guess winter season over for her, and hibernating Juju wakes up! 
If I'm her opponent, and I see her body twists like this, I know hell is in it for me... 
Cool Juju, sorry interviewer lady, but now I'm comparing your arm to Juju's arm. And I can't help it but feels that Juju is very fit on the arms! Toned and muscular...just hope this will help to strengthen her elbow! Sorry again interviewer right-side-wave-hair lady! 
seeing how happy our Juju is, do you find that your heart is missing? It's already melted by her smile =)
I'm always curious as to how she hold her racket when she's gg to serve, seems like she's gg to slice the ball 
Tennis ball:"Come hit me, Come hit me! Juju!" 
Tennis ball:" Allez! I'm being hit by Queen Juju, I'm not gonna disappoint her...I'll attack her opponent, I'll try to spin towards the body of her opponent!" 
Love her "static" foot work here

And some more: 
I want to be as fit as Justine! 
Ju:"You know what I'm going to do next? A proper "fist pump" with style"
Ju:"Like this! I love Belgium!"

Next match against Serbia, let's hope the Belgium wins! And hope that Ju will win in straight sets over Ana too! Best wishes of all...good health to Justine! Ruben boy, pls do a good job for your next match too and assist your big beautiful sister in the mixed doubles! Allez!


  1. Oh... you are going to love this video!!! It's from the China Ju-fans at the Renren page (a Facebook type site).

    It's Justine & Alicia at the start of their match. Look at how proud Justine is standing for the Belgium national anthem. This girl loves her home country. :) It was a nice crowd in her first match.

  2. Hi Greenout, thanks for the vid!

    Yes, Justine also done proud for her country, so both Belgium and Justine should be proud! Good job Gurl!

    I can't wait for the next match later, hope she plays well, praying for Justine and also Ruben! Allez Belgium!

  3. Reminder!

    Justine Henin straight to you! It's a big match day with Justine vs Ivanovic, followed by Ruben vs Djokovic and then mixed doubles. As always match chat presented by JH SUPPORTERS FORUM and featuring fans from around the world.

    PLACE: http://tinychat.com/justinehopmancup
    MATCH TIME: 16:30 hrs (WST) 4:30 pm
    *DATE: Thursday - January 6, 2011

    *All times listed are Perth, Australia, so please use
    http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ and coordinate your local city clock to Justine's Aussie match. Some of you may still be on Wednesday, while Australia is a day ahead on Thursday.

  4. Thank you Greenout for the chatroom info! 4.30pm sharp? If the men match ends earlier, maybe Ju match will start earlier too?