Sunday, January 9, 2011

Belgium lost in the hopman cup but Allez Justine!

Ok, firstly, Congratulations USA for winning the hopman cup title! I don't expect Belgium to really win in the mixed doubles after seeing how big serves John Isner had...Dear Isner, I really think you may have a bigger career if you joined NBA and may become the next Kobe Bryant with those slam dunks! What a giant!

Anyway, Justine just loves to give her fans some heart attack moments, don't she? The first set was so tight! But phew! And in the second set, Justine's finally slowly getting back into her form and yummy shots, really yummy! Just like the commentators had said, she's on FIRE! I guess Ju also find herself dragging the match too long and decided to upped her level and ended it fast...and not to mention about the crazy great form this bethanie mattek sands had today. Just as I thought Ju had hit a guaranteed winner, this Beth suddenly ran after the ball and surprised us with a crazy return winner. She scared me, seriously, she played like one of the top players today plus Ju is definitely still in hibernating mode...anyway, the second set made me LOVES this Juju very much, wad a champion! She's the only woman UNBEATEN in this tournament and winning in straight sets! Woo hoo!

As for Ruben...well, you can play well in singles but in doubles, you are inconsistent and made quite alot of mistakes...maybe you're too inexperienced and you and Justine are playing mixed doubles for the first time and both of you are not 100% healthy, so I guess, it's expected of the results. And just one thing, pls put on some're too skinny! You need to handle the likes of John Isner's serves next time, so better go gym and train your arms. (I actually think Justine had stronger arms than his)

Anyway, great fight Belgium! And Justine, you are still my LOVE, the Queen of my Heart indeed! Nv fails to amaze me, muacks! <3
And sorry, I got a little bit too emotional in the chat room, I normally am a calm person, I guess Justine is the one who could get me crazy, be it good or bad. I guess, I should avoid the chat next time? =P

Alright, here's some pics taken from the hopman cup site:
Ju:"So this is it....not sure if we can work again"
Ju:"Is there nothing that we can do about to that big serve machine?" 
Ju:"I wanted you to wear that red shirt, it would bring us more luck, but you chose this white one..."
Ruben:"I didn't really sweat during the mens match, so..." 
Ju:"What? Did that violent serve damaged your racket?" 
Ju looked so small here! So cute!

Alright now the singles match: 
Ju on fire, the running and hitting style
Determined Juju, fist clenching! 
Some of her serves are good, some are not, maybe it's her elbow...
A look of doubt + relieve...must be thinking how she could win the first set TB when Beth had 2 set point
Ju:"I must think of a good tactic to stop playing so passively...I must break back and win!" 
Oh the backhand, I love your backhand shot at the last or second last point in the second set! Too beautiful!
Her serving expression forever looking funny to me, nice hard abs!
Ju is fast, already positioning for a backhand shot while running towards the ball
This makes a perfect wallpaper for me! So beautifully handsome! Nice shot!
Eh? Justine is taller? 

Alright, now looking forward to Australian Open! Hope Ju wins the AO title! I shall paste this pic again as a good luck sign:
AO in her hands! Go for it, girl! It's all yours!

Good luck Justine on your healing process, I hope you heal your elbow fast and no more pain and injuries...just no more. Allez Justine! Tomorrow you will be leaving for Melbourne, right? Enjoy your time in there!


  1. Well, I suppose you have no doubt how fired up I am lately about Justine. I see so much to be positive about.... just hope the elbow holds up. Justine fights back like no one else. She is so inspiring to watch, so once again, I am glad I stayed up all night to witness this wonderful champion fight on. Can hardly wait to see her at AO !

  2. We all had a great ee-vente(©justine henin) with Hopman Cup. Class, Justine, cute little Lucy Hopman, rowdy Serbians, moonlighting NBA player, and some guy named Ribbon. The matches were edgy at times, but Justine lifted into high gear to finish all her singles match.

    I made some jokes about Bethanie... LOL but the stuff people were saying yesterday on the internet made my Cyndi Lauper comment sound quaint! Some tennis viewers said that Mattek-Sands looked like a hooker To me the surprise was to see that Bethanie's husband look so 1990's and dressed as a member of the band Limp Bizkit. (LOL) Oh well..

    Had a great time with all of you. Thanks for making it really fun. :)

  3. Hopman Cup officially over ;D but Belgium did their best ^^

    Ju always amazing in doubles, Ruben...well..he has lower back injury...he did his best too...I'll just remember their match against Serbia that they won ;D and I'm alright with him even if he's always so gentle with the ladies..pffff

    Justine amazing with singles, not playing her best but still beat a very inform and aggressive Bethanie...not to mention good defense too,,so that's why Ju had less winner than ususal aside from having a very short notice prior to the match...and it's their first meeting was a good test for Ju...won 18 of the last 19 points...she finished the match indeed in STYLE...our Queen style ♥

    We're all passionate about Justine ST, it's okay to be crazy indeed ;D

  4. Hi Christie, yes, if her elbow is alright, she definitely can win the AO..I'm rewatching her last game in the second set against Beth..she was absolutely stunning! But I guess she really for once, ignored her elbow there and tried to finish the match I think if her elbow holds, she can win any matches in that form.

    Greenout, yes a great ee-vente indeed with Justine "owning" the ladies all..the ladies did great but Ju is the Queen! Lucy Hopman is she the old lady 100+ yrs old? She's still healthy looking and glad she still attended the ee-vente!
    Sorry, I didn't know who Cyndi Lauper is, so I googled her and well, they look pretty alike! Lol! Her husband like the commentators said, looks like someone not to be messed with..very big looking..can fight with Ju's physio (is it? The big guy called spies or something?)

    Sly, yes, I'm still proud of the Belgium team, especially Juju! I'm not that mad at Ribbon now...he did his best too and too inexperienced to handle crucial points well. After all, he's the one that helped Justine to be able to play in hopman cup! Just hope he could improve his skills more and good luck in the qualifiers.

    Yes, the best part about Justine is, she can, not play her best and still beat someone who's in form and who's so aggressive gg after every points trying to make winners. So when Justine upgrades herself, or should we say awakened the Queen slayer inside her, no one can stop her, hahaha! =D

    Ju drives all her fans crazy!!!

  5. All in all, am really glad Ju got her extra single games. It was a good test. Remember we used to like last year when she plays an unknown player to her? She really held it up this time with intensity. Sure was not fully in form from beginning, but she stayed in the game, and found a way to beat Beth.

    Loved the way she was mad at herself not playing the best, gave her even more focus and determination. Beth is a great athlete , able to track down the supposedly winners so many times, pretty much shocked Ju for returning winners esp beth's bh down the line. Forced Ju to play even smarter and better in order to beat her. Gave Ju a good run to test out her fitness too.

    This match is important in the sense that : able to meet and beat first timer and a feisty one. Second, played big points well , resisted set points with calmness and incredible play, and last but not least, just raising her game to perfect steaming rolling to finish line.

    I am just a bit worried about her elbow, she was shaking her arm in the 2nd set and the ice pack after the match which I didn't see in the match against Ana. Fingers crossed, we may be in a treat for AO!

  6. Apparently Bethanie is listed as 5 feet 6 inches tall. Ok, poked fun at her, but she seems like a really friendly and unpretentious girl. John too, (LOL) don't like his tennis, but he seems like a nice guy.

    It's been posted on most Ju-fan pages, but I'm posting the link. :) It gives us a good excuse to talk about it. Watching Justine exercise is so fascinating. Notice the perfect form, the arm stretched out full length, the leg extenstions, the arms extensions and this side-ways arm push up looks tough too do! Wow. This clip was filmed for Belgian tv, and all footage was taken from her Perth visit. So, brand news stuff.

    Justine at Hopman Cup - interview clip from VRT Weekend sports show. January 9, 2011
    (Language: Dutch/French)

  7. Yes, Jo, I agree with wad you think and said. This hopman cup esp the last match last week certainly gives her a good gauge of where her strengths and weaknesses are and I'm glad that she was able to raise her level when needed to. This Juju to me is like playing 70% all the time and when pressured hard, she'll raise to almost 100% of what she's capable of to beat them.

    Beth is certainly a runner, she can join marathon, seriously, she has good stamina, this is just like Justine in the very past where she ran after almost all the balls. Ju still had the stamina but she had changed her tactics to preserve her energy more. You can see that Beth also sort of tired herself out in the second set and with Ju raising her level, it's hard for Beth to win. I will pray for Justine's good health too, hope her elbow is free of pain soon!

    Greeny, so I suppose Beth is a bit taller than Justine or about the same? Good to see two little gals fighting at each other. =P Ok, I'm not sure wad kind of a person Beth and John are. I feel neutral towards them just like every other players except *ahem*..XXX. I saw a pic of John with his doggie, he looks like a very affectionate person. Still, I hate his game, but I guess he also can't help it if he wanna win grand slams...his big serves will help him but he need more than that.

    Thank you very much for the link! I shall download this video, so cute! Justine's really work hard to achieve good results. Haters are blinded to see all these, but let them be. I loved all these sort of "behind the scenes" workout of Juju. She trains her core muscles and balance, good! Seeing how hard she trains with her face so red, I just hope that she can win all the grand slams especially Wimbledon. That will be my greatest wish of the year.

    Good luck to Justine in Australian Open! Hope to see her lift the trophy! *Fingers Crossed and praying*