Friday, January 21, 2011

Justine Lost.... =(

Ok, feeling god damned sad that our Queen Juju lost...she's not herself today...I'm sure her elbow is in great pain. All our prayers are not heard, maybe it would be better for her? Her elbow is definitely hurting and affecting her game, all her shots are OMG out of pace and her FH is letting her down. But well, a great fight Justine as always in the second set.

Maybe this is good for her, Justine is not ready for such high competition yet, her elbow is not ready. Damn it! Rest Well, Justine, I'll always stand by you no matter what, just stay HEALTHY, and you can win next time, I always BELIEVE in you!

Allez Justine! I'll never regret being your fan, never ever! Just thank you Justine for giving me the chance to watch your tennis and the joy you've given to the fans, oh yes, and some blood circulation...

*Edit: her post match interview is out!

What a gracious loser! I love this girl more than ever! And I hope Ju stays positive as always, it's not over yet, you'll get better Justine!

Just cry it out loud, but never say die!


  1. =( not a good day today, indeed her game isn't there yet...yet she fought so hard...I feel so deflated and exhausted because the emotions is too overwhelming...but I still believe she'll find her rhythm and confidence soon ♥

    Always ALLEZ Ju!

  2. Ju will get better, she has to believe in herself, we fans will continue to stand by her always!

    I'm just grateful that Justine gives me the joys, the adrenalin, sad and happy moments, all sort of emotions.

    I'm gonna play some violent game now and also to jog later on, time to vent my frustrations and to get fit with Juju, let us all stay healthy! Allez Ju!

  3. oh I was playing counter-strike last night because I'm a bit paranoid lately, I wanted to kill-LOL

    but I can't play today, I'm still exhausted...maybe a good shower will be better for now...*sigh I have an interview and exam for a job tomorrow and I feel down =( but yeah, like Justine I had to deal with this ;D

    I do some rope skipping exercise because of Justine too ♥

  4. So long as Ju believes in herself and be positive!

    i'm gonna play GTA games now, then maybe in the evening to go jogging till very exhausted, it's been mths since I last jogged, maybe when sch reopens when I'm late for classes, I'll run, haha! But Ju hates late comers, I better changes my bad habit fast.

    After dark clouds and rains, clear weather follows through. May all bad things be a past and only happiness. This I give to Juju and to my frenz and all!

  5. When I was in college... I always jog with my housemate @ 4am-LOL it's like jogging at night cold and dark but then comes the sunshine and it's bright,... now I only jog in place @ our house ;D

    YES, this dark cloud will not stay forever,,, ironic that Ju lost when it's sunny...and won when it rained... but still we all hope the elbow heals soon ^^

  6. Haha, sly, wad an idea to jog in the morning that early, I can't wake up that early...but I must jog today, I must!

    That's why this yr AO not a good one for her, but at least she can feel the emotions on court for GS again, get used to it and this time it rained when she's won it's cause the god cries in happiness for her. She lost when it's sunny it's cos, the god is "warning" Ju that her elbow is heating up and time to let it rest and cool b4 she aggravating it.

    I hope and I believe when she comes back, it will be a stronger Justine! She just needs to stay healthy, her top priority now, may god bless her!

  7. Guys I am really depressed, I was at rod laver today and everyone wanted Ju to comeback in the match. But she played really badly with her game, she was defending all the time on the back foot. Couldn't execute her game at all. When I saw her elbow wrapped my heart just sank. It couldn't be good. Must be playing in her mind. She was also very slow and not reading the balls well. She started playing better in second set, but not good enough not confident enough and a tad too late. She could have got to third set, so many opportunities but couldn't convert. She looked so out of place today. She just needs to believe she totally belongs here. Justine justine, I feel terribly sad.

  8. Look Jo, don't get too depressed. Just like how we'd console ourselves and like to think that even if she won this match today, she would still lose in the next match with her current form since her elbow is still hurting much.

    And I suppose the reason why she's slow on court today could be her elbow too. She couldn't concentrate reading her opponent's moves when her mind is trying to tolerate the pain. It's bad because it's her right elbow that's injured which is worse when she's a right hander and every shot she makes, she had to be cautious of the amount of strength she used to avoid over hurting her elbow, and as a result, most of her shots are off paced because of different strength she put in.

    Let's gives her some time to get used to it and let her rest her elbow well. There's no point rushing and in the end only to make it worse, let us pray for her together!

  9. Thanks ST, you see, I came here for hidays and mostly for Ju fo AO. I never expected her to win , just wanted her to have a good one. Never really, starting from the first match. I just feel so bad for her. She is both a tough and fragile lady and mote so the latter. It's just..,, hard.

    But thanks for your optimism, she did fight back rigorously but just not enough. I was really Hoping she could find a way to win even when she was not at her best. But she said it herself she was too far away. She was fighting not to lose, she wasn't fighting to win. That's the difference I felt disappointed. But I know she will remember this and will strive to improve and not make the sane mistake again.

    With the points coming off from AO her road will not get easier. hope she can tough it out. It's gonna be a long difficult journey. Let us all be ready.

  10. I wont lie. I am terribly sad too. We can try to think positively, but only time will tell if this elbow problem is going to go away... and also get out her mind, since tennis is such a mental game as well. Justine will always be my favorite, win or lose. However, I am starting to have doubts, not about Ju, but the arm and THIS whole season because of it. I truly cannot put into words how badly I feel for Justine... sorry to be a downer. Jo Shum -so true.. "She is both a tough and fragile lady". Yes, she is, and that makes me feel for her even more. I swear, I would give her my own elbow and trade with hers if it would help.. :-(

  11. Well, Jo and Christie, though her road will be tough ahead even if she dun care about the rankings and points but as long as she enjoys and continues playing, I'll be extremely contented.

    For this season, I think she also wanted to stay healthy. Winning matches and titles will be bonuses I think. It's hard not to feel sad, but I'm feeling alright now, thinking at least Ju is still playing, I hope she continues to play for as long as she can.

    I'm avoiding all the tennis forums for now, can't bear to see any negative comments coming out from those gloating f***ing haters.

    Get well soon, my little cute Juju! If your elbow isn't healed much yet, pls skip the Fed Cup!

  12. Hope she skips Fed Cup too if she needs the rest. I know she is so patriotic, but she needs to thinks of what is best for only herself right now. Shu, I really dont think she will be content, though, just playing and not moving towards the top because she is extremely competitive and used to being at the top. She first needs to be healthy, though, before she can attempt that. This trying to play through it may be no good for her. I hope she takes the rest if needed.... but imagine how hard it is to be patient when the injury was last June! ...and she is 28? I am sure she is thinking a LOT about everything.... she is quite a thinker, I believe. ... but love that she is... our intelligent little Justine.

  13. Hee Christie, she sure thinks alot, she's a simple woman in a complicated life. Yes, she loves competition, she loves to push her limits, which can be good and at the same time bad too, but I believe more on the good just dun overdo it.

    Her tennis is one thing that attracts me first, then it's her as a person, so wonderful little inspirational gal.

    I don't think age plays a very very huge factor and she is not that old even if it's in sport, I still believe skills defeat everything. For sure, Ju is not that tall and strong but she demolishes her opponents with her skills though those WOW shots are difficult to execute well, just like Greenout and others say, with perfection. Ju's game is not as simple as hitting the ball hard left and right and stays 95% behind the baseline waiting for opponent's UE which most of the female players do right now..which is why her tennis is so unique and exciting to watch in WTA.

    Indeed, our intelligent and diligent little yet greatest Justine!

  14. oh... the Happy Henin video is playing here when I arrive. Thanks HAPPY HENIN video. I need some happiness.. happiness is good :) (yes, I have lost my mind so dont bother asking me.. lol)

  15. Shu... you do realize I KNOW well what Justine's game is like. I have watched her a million times, and would watch a million more. What initially fascinated me to want to watch her was the fact she was so petite compared to most other players, yet she seemed smarter, faster, and yes, I know the perfectionist she is. To be able to be small yet powerful.. so amazing....and the variety -beautiful. I want to see her play for 10 more years, but I know its almost impossible for her to maintain her level forever. Lastly, I want her to retire her 2nd career on a good note, when she chooses to, not being forced by injury.. Its tough, because once these players get close the 30, they get more and more injuries it seems, and then retire. I am like a worried mother when it comes to Justine, so you are gonna have to forgive me. I cant help it.

  16. Hi Christie, I was typing a message and somehow lost it. We dony jabs to lose heart, this is the Ju who fought hard to play even way under her level. She was simply outplayed by big hitters. The way she let out loud "allez" in the tiebreak, you could see how much she wanted to stay in the match. At this point in time her game us still behind, she couldn't handle the baseline rallied too long and deep, that's eithet technical or physical issues. I think the latter. In HC there wre not hard hitters nor very consistent players she met, her brilliance came off the errors of others. To beat an in form player is different, she needs to be able to put in consistent groundstrokes. She still makes more mistakes than any other top players today. The UEs really hurt, winners wont cover it.

    In the last match or even first round, it is clear that she was outplayed with the groundstrokes. In the former she found a way cos sania is not consistent, in the latter she almost had it but didn't rise to the occasion. But the performance was one sided. Kuzzy was just a better player that day. She should have beaten 64 64, how she got to tiebreak was pure "heart". Strong will, but mental cannot overcome physical if her game is way below par.

    She is still as competitive as ever so we should really cherish. If she us still the Ju that made her champion in first career. She wil work even harder to overcome , now that she knows where she is at. She is playing against odds, but she has always been like that. I think she is not confident cos she knows her game is not there.

  17. Christie, I know for sure you watches I think all of her games and know what type of style she's playing more than I do, I was just trying to say that her game is very hard to play for any other healthy players to imitate, let alone being injured. Yes, I do want her to achieve all her goals b4 any retirement too. It's alright to worry, I think most of her fans right now worried about her and just can't help it.

    Jo, I think Ju can't really handle all the baseline ball bashers in long rallies because it would be very difficult for her elbow to handle the strong force. I know Ju must be very disappointed in her match against Kuzzy cos as much as she wanted to win, her game just like you said, isn't there and she wasn't able to play at her best. It's even worse when both of them are not playing well at all...I just hope Ju would not get too down and lose all the hopes she had, just wish that she'd get on with it and be optimistic.