Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alright, some random screenshots and pics

Just saw this video on youtube:

Dinner with Roger Federer? Hehehe, so I see...after Federer won that FO, she puts him in the number 2 of her idol place, number 1 is still Steffi Graf right? I like all her answers, she is so down to earth!

To get rid of the ominous dark clouds above us right now, I'll post some smiling cheerful Juju pics:
The younger Juju:
I think Justine has a very great contagious smile, yes the perfect smile with smiling eyes too :)
Boyish Juju but you still can see that she's a girl because she has a pretty face, compare this with the pic below: 
No more "boy-ism" but handsome and more beautiful! Loved her pressed lips smile as always! 
She looks like she's suppressing a smile (I think I've posted this pic b4, together with the pic below)
Forgive my poor memory if I've posted this pic b4 but I think my opinions of her will nv change-Did I say this pic she has a very "proud" yet elegant queen look? 
And her side view smile is as charming as ever, cute and beautiful!
Hehehe, a very relaxing smile and refreshing one for sure
Ju is happy to give interview...who says she's a cold and aloof person? Even in the past (judging the hair colour of her in this pic, I suppose it's in 2003, around there), Ju looks very warm and nice off court
An elated winning smile on court, oh this is still the chubby chubby 2005 Juju!
Omg, I've run out of my vocab to describe her smile (I've used, cute, beautiful, funny, handsome, cheerful, youthful, cheeky, etc...) What more can I say, she's simply an amazing person who's hard to describe in words
Ok, I'll use this word-"silly" smile here, I think I used that b4 too, haha!
A very warm "motherly" feel smile, can I be your enormous overgrown child, Juju? Or rather, be your crazy little sister =P 
And the above is just a combination of last time my photoshop of her. All her different smiles and attractions. 

Seriously, I can't find any other person who can portray that many different types of smiles, hers can be handsome, pretty, cute, silly, funny, funky, cheeky, angelic, devilish, everything!

Oh yeah, yes!

*Edit: Saw the scoreline of the match between Schiavone and Kuznetsova...simply amazing! (A real big pity I didn't watch the match but wow! Really Wow, no words for these 2 players, great great fight! congrats to Schiavone who won the match in like how many hours? 5? A big hug to Kuzzy)


  1. "When you arrived at the top its nice, but when you remember about all the difficult moments that you have to come through it's the best to think about." - JH

    It's not the achievements that are more important, it's how one achieved something despite the adversities that's more commendable...and with everything she had done... our Justine is always a champion.

    I'm sure she'll find her best form, slowly but surely this summer...and when she does we'll be more astonish than ever with her game ;D

    >>the match between Sveta & Fran was indeed classic, 4 hours and 44 minutes... I haven't seen it yet but I was checking the score and there were a lot of net points from both...they're both awesome =)

  2. Yup Sly, those words are what I smiled about during the whole interview in the video, she's really a remarkable champion! And sly, wow, I love your words too, so meaningful and true!

    Yup, I believe she'll rise to top again, but let's hope the medical analysis of her elbow is alright!

    And I probably tired myself out if I were to watch the match of S&F, but then, the players on court will be even more exhausting. I love how even the usually-insults-msgs-infested-Tennisforum-General-Message area also changed their style for once to congratulate both players for their fighting spirit and great game! Hardly anyone would spread hate messages for this match!

  3. Hi- Oh. I love that AO Drive interview. So, she wouldn't mind living in Melbourne. I guess it wasn't really a joke about this "Aussie Boy" thing after all.

    I've finally come down from my sadness of the 3rd round match. Justine's a strong person, and she's very stubborn too. This second career is interesting, but I get the feeling it's the "Ups and Downs" teenage phase of her new tennis career. And this brings up a topic I was discussing with Dongmei that many fans have brought up, I agree Justine looks fresher and younger in 2011 than 2010. When we talk about teenage years in her 1st career it's kind interesting to remember that she skipped that part by leaving home so early, and taking charge of herself and career as a young adult.

    There's still much to learn, and re-learn for Justine. :)

  4. Hi Greenout, yes, that AO drive interview is nice, I think all her fans will love it. I wish she does more of these interviews answering random questions with some cute answers. Haha, yes, Aussie boys is one of her distractions off court and hopefully no on court if there's some cute ball boys.

    Weird, I think my heart is made of stainless steel, I feel extremely sad initially about her loss, but after a while, maybe a few hours later, I'm much more calm, maybe I kept telling to myself, this is better for her elbow to rest. Yes, a stubborn Juju since young and a very serious one like wad her brother had described her.

    I also always wondering that Justing looking younger, could it be that she's back to her old form in 1st career and that the results might be too? Which means, her good results will come by later...but well, sorry this is just my silly thought. Of course I hope her good results will come by soon. And yup, reading her past interviews or articles, she answered very maturely which doesn't seems her age. I admired her independence, not all ppl can do that.

    Speaking of skipping her teenage years and straight to young adult, how come I still see cute little Juju almost everytime I saw her onscreen? Hehehe, her cuteness cannot be hidden!

  5. in the car interview when she was talking about Melbourne being such a livable city for her that made me a bit exited lol, Ju if you want to move please move to Melbourne so I can see you more often! I'll invite you to a cafe where we can chat if you like xD love you Ju <3

  6. So Sarah, you're from Melbourne! Haha, well, Ju can live there and it would be nearer for me to visit her too..hmmm...Singapore to Melbourne definitely nearer than to travel to Belgium. Oh but I wanna visit her club in Belgium one day.

    Come to SG, Justine...come come! Lol! I would drag her to eat some asian food she probably has nv tasted b4! Roti Prata! But, maybe those food aren't exactly healthy for her. Too oily!