Sunday, September 25, 2011

cold or hot queen?

I'm getting more and more brain dead on what to blog about Juju, but still she'll always be my forever no.1 inspiring and unique idol!

Many more belga pics to come from now on... =X
The ever serious Juju...I've said b4 that I do not really like her macdonald m shaped hairstyle like in this pic
But when she smiles, nobody would notice her hair because their eyes are glued to her charming smile =D

And her this kind of hairstyle only works super duper well under windy condition:
Belgium next top model!!! The wind is so good for the "ice queen effect" =X  Now, bow to the queen! 

Ok, this picture is really random but I just wanna talk about her ribbon belt, so cute! Justine was still so fit back then in her 1st retirement, she had nice light make up here and well, a random note about the statue behind her-> he looked like he's dancing cha cha, and nice round backside of the statue, sorry, not trying to be mean!
Justine back then was so young and cute (though she still is now)...I was amused a little at this pic, it looks like her cap was gonna fell off her small head! She didn't adjust it eh? It was so tilted to her right. Oh, such immense concentration on the ball! Even the ball would feel the pressure? =P 
Is Justine "slouching"? Haha! It's always nice to see how Justine "claps" her racket with her palm and smiling so sincerely in genuine joy when she won!

Sorry ah...let me use your (to whoever the great one that took these pics) pics again:
The fierce Justine, full of fire! 
Stern look.....but...

her cold cool image was "destroyed" by this pic below:
Wth? Hahahaa! The "HUH?" look from Justine..LOL!
Ooh lala! Abs-ilicious Juju! *Drools*
Ok, I know I've used this word umpteen times in this boring blog but I couldn't help it!
And you've guessed it! The word is-> "Handsome" But oh...Justine is furious! Sorry Justine, you're beautiful....beautifully handsome =X
And here's the puppet Juju...The rope she's holding onto actually looks like a string tied to her arm and make her dance the puppet show...

And now some lady Juju glamourous moment: 
The golden kiss of victory~ :-*  
What a look and gesture! LOL! Is this another hair shampoo commercial pic? *Flicks her hair* I should photoshop the trophy to a shampoo but I do not want to insult this prestigious award ^^ 
Oh missing you rriigghhtt this pic of her with the pic below: 
Yes, it's this cute Juju look has been good for Justine off court and she's looking younger and younger and prettier and prettier, glad to see that ;-)  

I would still occasionally watch her past tennis matches because it would remind me of the very first time I get to appreciate and watch tennis because of Justine. I sometimes even wondered, if I ever one day get to forget Justine or no longer get the feel to idolize her anymore, I'm sure, when I watch any one of her matches, and the same old feeling of getting crazy over Justine will come back to me again. 

After all, how could I bear to forget such a lovely artistic down to earth tennis legend? Never have I seen anyone who can play like her, and that's how tennis should be played!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Specs-tacular Juju

Sorry for not blogging for so makes me misses Justine more than ever...ok, today's boring topic is again about Justine wearing specs-actually, not really specs but more of sunglasses. I normally don't really go for Belga pics because of the watermarks but there, I found many of the pics of Justine which I never seen b4. So below are all of the pics from there:
The cool cool Justine! Be INSPI(RED)..isn't this the shirt that she wore b4 in a pic where she was reading a book? I uploaded that pic b4...
The big big sunglasses makes her looks like the female ultraman! Oops!
Finally revealing her beautiful serious eyes!
Finally revealing her sexy smile!
Did I say serious eyes? Yes, she looked serious, doesn't she? Same expression as her childhood pic:
Yes this pic again..same same seriousness...
Found one pic without the watermark (of course not from belga pics) I love her sharp pointed nose!!! 
When I first look at this pic, I almost lost my heart beat! So suave looking!!! I missed this event or whatever function it is...didn't see this pic b4
Justine admiring her handsome cool look? Is that a mirror actually?
Her smile gets wider and wider..amused at what she saw?
And reminds me of the above gif..."COOL" is the word, as cool as the atmosphere when she went skiing

I love specs-tacular Juju as well as normal non specs Juju! Enjoy your holiday in France, Justine! If only your OS would upload some of the beautiful pics you've taken whenever you went on a holiday, but anyway, just smiles, laughs, dancing and jumping and singing high!! Allez Justine! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Gonna update this blog Justine is in France? Her facebook status said so, enjoy the holiday there Ju!!! I wish to visit France too...let me learn my french first. Bonne Nuit is my favourite phrase! =P

Monday, September 12, 2011

Congrats to Sammy for the GS champion!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating this blog for many days, been pretty busy this whole week and also the stuffs at work (internship).

So I was surprised although very very happy that Sam Stosur won the US Open! I didn't watch the match but I watched some of the highlights of her on the US Open site and I must say, (please forgive me if I said anything wrong first) that she kinda reminds me of Justine. The way she does her backhand slices, the wonderful net play and forehand, they looked so similar to Justine in some ways plus both of them are so cool and gracious in winnning and also in defeat. I admire Sam for being the hard worker just like Justine who worked hard to achieve the deserving title!

As for Serena, sorry, I still do not like you and perhaps never will. I don't intend to bash you or what in this blog but what you've done and what you've said to the umpire, to me, is totally very classless or rather, childish. And it wasn't the first time already which in any case, I won't hold any respect for you no matter how many GS you've achieved because, you aren't the true champion with the graciousness and the elegance in my heart.
Anyway, I can't be bothered with Serena, I just wanna congratulate the new grand slam winner-> Samantha Stosur! Thank you for the wonderful play which I heard was a splendid performance on your side. Keep up the good work and hope you can continue playing such good tennis!

I'm sad that Roger lost but I'm ok with anyone in the top 4 from the men's side to win the title since I don't really am that into them but the advantage is that, I can watch their matches without heart attacks which I've got from Justine's multiple times and am happy for whoever won since what they displayed had been so high quality so far :)

Oh, Justine, I still miss your tennis and of course you as a person....I will blog about you again with my humourless, senseless and randomness thoughts, in the next few to bed! Bonne Nuit!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Justine Henin in 名人面对面 show (video added)

I've downloaded Justine's interview in China for the 《名人面对面》show (The previous post is only the interview part in text which will have some deviations from the actual speech of Justine, so have to watch the whole video).

I've downloaded and joined all the parts and uploaded onto youtube here:

Here's another video which is Justine presenting the awards in China which I have failed to upload multiple times onto youtube and finally today it's a success!

Now then I know how her family has asked for help from the others to sort of a loan of money for Justine to train her tennis. It was a very good interview and a heart warming one. It always touches me whenever Justine talked about fulfilling the promise to her mum, no matter how many times I've heard her story, it will always be a touching and genuinely sweet and bitter one. Bitter because it's a regret that Justine lost her mum so young, sweet because of the bond between Justine and her mum, it's indescribable. 

For those interested, can watch and enjoy the videos! I will forever be missing Justine though...cheers to all and ALLEZ!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Justine's Xclusive interview in China

I saw this news from chinese baidu tieba:, and also from this link: (The reporter's blog) it should be a recent interview one and different content from the video I've uploaded. But it's all in chinese, I try to translate it in my own super "powderful" English as clearly as possible and some maybe a direct translation of the pardon me if you don't understand the content for some parts. Of course I'd wish that maybe some other English & Chinese-very-the-powerful ppl have already translated the content into a much much better and efficient English than me, so that I can just straight away copy & paste it here..oops!

------------------------------------The interview----------------------------------

Some people said that she is the god's gift from Belgium to the tennis world, there are some others who also said that in her own dictionary, there are no human sentiment (I translated from yahoo babelfish for this word), only win and loss. On the court, she had time and time again using her petite body to win those impossible victories from the big frame sized opponents and hence also termed as the "Comeback Kid" =P
A 7 time Grand Slams champion, Justine Henin announced her retirement from tennis, and made a came back in 2010 but in 2011, she made a decision to retire again due to injury.

A day before the start of the China Open, Justine was invited to China and although having a tight schedule, she gave her precious time for an interview to 《名人面对面》(direct translation->famous people face to face). I can see a lot of young fans shouting to her excitedly, :"We want you back!", I have also heard the legendary "铁血女皇" (I dunno how to translate this term->Iron Blood Queen? lit. meaning strong willed and tough lady I think) smiled and said:"People said that I am like a robot, but I am not, I just want to make myself stronger."

Reporter 许戈辉-(R),  Justine Henin-(JH)

R:I know you have established your own tennis academy called "6th Sense", this is an interesting name.

JH: Yes, because years ago, WTA gave me an award called "6th Sense player" award. To them, it is an award given to players who are unique, have the ability to achieve remarkable results and I also had no idea why they gave me this award because I am not so strong and tall and do not have that much of a talent. I think I can fulfill the criteria of this award is due to the attitude, the spirit. Think of it this way, when we are playing tennis, our goal is not to win the titles but to treat it like a way of living. I also often told the kids in my academics that attitude is the key to fulfill their dreams.

R: Compared to other players, your height may really not be of any advantage to you, has this caused you any problems before?

JH: Many people think that I am small sized and skinny and will never reach the top in tennis because I really am not tall enough. When I'm being thought of it this way by others, the more I would want to prove to them that I can do it. At that time, I met my coach. He kept on telling me that I can do the best, I can win, I can defeat the others and hence I built up my confidence. As for the physical part, I also have been training hard.

R: How many hours do you train a day?

JH: It is not easy to be calculated in hours. We may not spend a lot of time training on court but it would be 300% for the physical training part. I have to work hard because my body isn't strong enough to support myself. Sometimes I would cry due to tough training but I will always find some words to encourage myself. I believe, step by step, I will grow stronger mentally and I believe in myself that I can defeat those players physically stronger than me.

R: Compared to people of the same age, do you feel like you have lost anything during your growing up years?

JH: Of course I have. When I really spend some time thinking back of the past, I realized what had happened. When I was a teenager, I gave all my time to tennis, basically, I do not have any friends, I am very concentrated, I am living in my own world, and when you give all your concentration to one thing, you wouldn't consider a lot of problems in reality, this is a good thing. But when I step out of my own bubble, I realized that I may have really sacrificed a lot of things but I have no regrets. When I was younger, maybe due to stress, I need a very strong sense of security and stability and I got married at the age of 20 but got divorced later. From this back to reality, living a simple life is also no easy task. Sometimes it's really hard but I have no regrets. To be a top player is not easy and when you sacrifice other things to fulfill your dream, that is also a big achievement.

R: I believe the divorce has made a great impact on you. That year when you announced your retirement, is it because of the divorce?

JH: No, not that at all. I think all the experiences are positive, I always look on the bright side of life. In my marriage, I have many things that gave me a lot of strength but we chosen a different direction in life. I always am in a good relationship with him. The retirement was because I thought that I should leave when I was at the top, at No. 1. In 2007, I have gotten everything in awards and achievements and I also felt that this might not be what I wanted to live in life.

R: What are you looking forward to in life?

JH: At that time, time passed too fast, I felt that I have lost my control. Compared to money, trophies, the people who can share your joys and whom you loved, are more important. I wish to be closer to my family and friends. At 25 years old, we need a great courage to return to our inner self, I have no regrets over my decision, just like I have no regrets to return to the court after 18 months that's because I realized that I may not have really prepare myself to live a simple life.

R: During the 18 months of retirement, what have you done? How do you spend your time everyday?

JH: You need to stay away from your tennis racket, that is very tough because before that you're "spending" your whole life on it.  But at the same time, you also have the freedom to do what you want to do, eat what you want to eat. That is a simple, carefree lifestyle and the stress is small. This kind of lifestyle is very uniquely interesting. I can control my time, if I want to go on a holiday on the second day, to travel, to meet my friends, I can do it all and this is really great!

R: What are the differences between the life at that time compared to now?

JH: I had a different perspective of view for tennis. In 2008, when I stopped tennis, I was exhausted, mentally totally exhausted. I wanted to leave, I wanted to never hear about tennis, I do not want to watch tennis on TV and I wish my life would have no tennis anymore. This is very dangerous because you have not really prepared to leave it all. And then slowly, I started to watch tennis matches from the TV and I felt that I am still young and perhaps, this is not the end and so I decided to come back. When I came back, the feeling was very good but because of the injury I cannot compete anymore. At that time, I am very depressed but I think I should move on, to find a new life. I was depressed for weeks and after that I have been very rational. Looking back at my career, it was really great. I am a winner, I am more hardworking than the others and I also have my successes. During the 1st retirement, I am not happy at all, but now, I think I am more mature, more stable and more rational, perhaps it's also due to me getting older. I feel very happy and I am ready to live my new life.

R: I can strongly feel the change from your attitude towards life, it's been getting more relaxed and softer. Some of your fans told me that they have never seen you in fear of anything before, and also have never seen you cry before. The impression you have given them is of powerful, strong and even being cold.

JH: I can cry a lot. I am always trying to control my emotions in front of the others but I'm one who would cry. I am once a very anxious person who was afraid of many things. But I always try to control my emotions, always showing a brave front but now I have no control over myself and this is a good thing. For example if today I wanted to cry, I will cry. When the feelings and emotions came to me, I will let my emotions out. I can cry when watching TV, I can cry when I'm listening to music in the car and also cry in front of my family and friends. This to me is very important because in terms of feelings, people said that I am like a robot but I am not. Now I think I can prove to everyone that I am more open and am a lot different to what I am in the past. I am humorous, I like to laugh, and I am a very natural person, when I'm with people whom I trusted, I can talk a lot freely. There was once when I make myself very miserable, always thinking of the past but now I think, the past is the past. I should live the moment now and use a positive attitude to look forward to the future. I think I am still young and there's a lot of things to do. I can control my time, very relaxed. I can enjoy living with the people I loved and also let the joy fills my heart.
So my philosophy has changed, I have become more mature and also more open towards others. I am very much enjoying my life now and has done a lot of the things which i wanted to do. I travel to other places, in the past when I travel, it's always to the tennis club of the hotels, and no others. Now, I want to explore this world, I want to meet many people, to experience the different cultures and to learn more things, to have more life experiences.

R: Can you tell me what is the most important thing in your life now? I know in the past, it must be tennis.

JH: The most important thing now is definitely love. There are different kinds of love. I have my boyfriend, my friends, my family and those who gave me strength, the people whom I loved. Back to the time when I was young, back to my hometown, when I saw the people who grew up with me, all these things to me are very important. Those people who watched me growing up as a child and when I get to see them once more, I feel that I am who I am and this feeling is really very good.

R: Can you tell the young tennis players and your fans, what are the most required qualities that the best tennis player should possess?

JH: I think it is the passion, hard work and the pleasure. Passion is the first condition. Even if it's not for the championship, you should also have the passion.To have the dream is very important but what's more important is what you should do everyday to fulfill your dream, so I think to have the ambition is a good thing and also must be hardworking, here the more we should talk about the importance of attitude. It's not just about playing tennis, it is also to live with it, to breathe with it, to sleep with it and to dream with it. Everything has to be related to tennis. The third one would be to have the enjoyment in life. Sometimes it's difficult and sometimes you will cry but when you're playing tennis, you have to enjoy the fun in it, in training too, to enjoy the fun in it.
------------------------------------The End---------------------------------------

Wah, I didn't realize it's such a tedious thing to translate the Chinese to English word by word but I personally love this interview because she had talked more about her thinking now,. Juju, muacks! <3

And I also realize one thing----------------------------------------->My English SUX!