Sunday, September 25, 2011

cold or hot queen?

I'm getting more and more brain dead on what to blog about Juju, but still she'll always be my forever no.1 inspiring and unique idol!

Many more belga pics to come from now on... =X
The ever serious Juju...I've said b4 that I do not really like her macdonald m shaped hairstyle like in this pic
But when she smiles, nobody would notice her hair because their eyes are glued to her charming smile =D

And her this kind of hairstyle only works super duper well under windy condition:
Belgium next top model!!! The wind is so good for the "ice queen effect" =X  Now, bow to the queen! 

Ok, this picture is really random but I just wanna talk about her ribbon belt, so cute! Justine was still so fit back then in her 1st retirement, she had nice light make up here and well, a random note about the statue behind her-> he looked like he's dancing cha cha, and nice round backside of the statue, sorry, not trying to be mean!
Justine back then was so young and cute (though she still is now)...I was amused a little at this pic, it looks like her cap was gonna fell off her small head! She didn't adjust it eh? It was so tilted to her right. Oh, such immense concentration on the ball! Even the ball would feel the pressure? =P 
Is Justine "slouching"? Haha! It's always nice to see how Justine "claps" her racket with her palm and smiling so sincerely in genuine joy when she won!

Sorry ah...let me use your (to whoever the great one that took these pics) pics again:
The fierce Justine, full of fire! 
Stern look.....but...

her cold cool image was "destroyed" by this pic below:
Wth? Hahahaa! The "HUH?" look from Justine..LOL!
Ooh lala! Abs-ilicious Juju! *Drools*
Ok, I know I've used this word umpteen times in this boring blog but I couldn't help it!
And you've guessed it! The word is-> "Handsome" But oh...Justine is furious! Sorry Justine, you're beautiful....beautifully handsome =X
And here's the puppet Juju...The rope she's holding onto actually looks like a string tied to her arm and make her dance the puppet show...

And now some lady Juju glamourous moment: 
The golden kiss of victory~ :-*  
What a look and gesture! LOL! Is this another hair shampoo commercial pic? *Flicks her hair* I should photoshop the trophy to a shampoo but I do not want to insult this prestigious award ^^ 
Oh missing you rriigghhtt this pic of her with the pic below: 
Yes, it's this cute Juju look has been good for Justine off court and she's looking younger and younger and prettier and prettier, glad to see that ;-)  

I would still occasionally watch her past tennis matches because it would remind me of the very first time I get to appreciate and watch tennis because of Justine. I sometimes even wondered, if I ever one day get to forget Justine or no longer get the feel to idolize her anymore, I'm sure, when I watch any one of her matches, and the same old feeling of getting crazy over Justine will come back to me again. 

After all, how could I bear to forget such a lovely artistic down to earth tennis legend? Never have I seen anyone who can play like her, and that's how tennis should be played!

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