Sunday, October 2, 2011

Justine in Car and Chez Justine!

Here are some photos of Justine in car...and no, I'm not gonna elaborate the news, I only know Justine was merely a witness only so nothing to gossip about. For more elaboration info, pls refer to Justine Henin media & news updates or Fan Club Justine Henin  on facebook :)
I must say...Justine likes to keep things simple..look at the interior part of her car, there's no much decorations, only the standard steering wheel and windows, etc..and not to forget her nice sharp nose which I really admire and wished to have one like hers..
Does she look like an expert in car racing? 
Justine forever looking so cool with super big sunglasses 
Justine, your seat belt is twisted...but doesn't matter as long as it secures you right? Just a this the same car as the one in the photos that I posted not long ago? How I wish I knew how to drive a car..maybe one day, I should go and learn and get a license?

And I know this is super old news..but I still wanna post the pics of the restaurant in her club-Chez Justine because after looking at the pics, I quite like the decorations and theme there, got the pics from:
I still love her face logo ^^ And how nice the restaurant tag was placed so distinctively seen just beside the front door
Simple signature with nicely chosen complement-able colors 
Cute! Haha, even the Kitchen door also must specify...The Kitchen :) 
It looked so organised!
Is that purple bamboo drawings on the wall? And to think 2 ppl need 4 glasses, hehehe...I dun mind drinking more
I love the simple black menu
What's for dinner?
Somehow it looked like a high class classroom
A Horizontal view...why are there some pink/maroon chairs? VIP seats? =P
Vertical view
I feel like getting one of those lighting and placed it in my room
Oh...a hand written special menu? Nice cursive handwriting, but I doubt I'll understand the words...learn french!
Such a cosy elegant feel... 
They installed such large windows, bright enough in the day to see the fresh and beautiful colours of your food.
Pls count the number of purple chairs you can see...and get a free mineral water =X Ok, I'm being lame 
The overview of the whole how do you feel? I like the ambience there, well organised, simple but doesn't lose its elegance.

 That's the update for network at home sux to the max as's a miracle that I can post this post successfully now. And I hope Justine will be fine and happy, god bless everyone!

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