Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama Mia for Justine?

I know I'm always and super late in posting the news update of Justine here, sorry about that, was busy jigsaw puzzling (can't wait for the final product, I'll post up here to share when it's done!)

As usual, got the news from the facebook groups, thanks for the updates!

So what's it's about: (Translation by Ilse...oh my, I'm getting lazier to copy and paste):

The comical musical will tell about Justine's life, beginning when she is around 8 years old and will be performed most of the time by children. Justine will make an appearance in the show as a kind of "wink". The first serie of performances will be hold in her tenniscademy in Limelette (Club Justine Henin, Belgium). One of the inside courts will become the scene, the others the place for the public tribunes. They will also use big screens to show the most beautiful moments of her career. Later on its possible that the musical will go on tour in the french part of Belgium as well.

---------------------This part is for scolding the blind haters------------------------

Well, to the haters, as usual, there will always be some jealous pigs and idiots who are even more obsessed in Justine than me but well in a super negative way cos they have no much fucking life to get happy and contended and the only way to do so is to hate on someone they probably never even met in real life...

And to some of the fucking losers of Serena Williams fans: Stop mentioning about the 2003 incident when it was clearly a super small incident overblown by you guys to protect your Serena's pride and ego. Funny how a 1st serve can ended up being called a cheater for years by you ppl. Define "Cheat" guys have pte ltd dictionary? How "classy" you guys are, so narrow minded!!! I bet you guys nv get much successes in life for being so petty and blind.

How come I never see the SW's fans overblown the same incident of Serena vs Jankovic(similar incident), US Open 2009 and and 2011, wad a nice drama Serena herself created! Why can't her fans realise who's the unclassy one who threatened line judge, insult the umpire? Anyway, all I can conclude is they are blind and full of stupid hatred.

On the other note, I find this musical thing to be a really positive thing. (you can say I'm biased but I see nothing negative in this performance, only the foolish haters think otherwise) Think of it this way that it's a good chance for the children to get to perform in front of the crowd. They can learn so much from this performance!

Plus, a combination of musics, songs, dances and story telling, a good way for relaxation. Take it as a Mama Mia form of movie. Who doesn't enjoy music and dances?

But I had no idea how much participation Justine herself will be in this performance, maybe a little dancing and singing? I find her voice to be sexy, so I don't mind about the singing, if any, but dancing, I'd still prefer her Tennis ballet dance =P

Do not be afraid to seek for new adventures, that's what life is about and that's what makes it exciting!!! 

Continue and enjoy the journey, Justine!


  1. Wow, this whole idea sounds really exciting :) it's so cool for Justine to have a musical made about her, I have never heard of a musical for a tennis player before :) I would love to see Ju dance and sing, she was so good for someone who does sport instead of performing, and the fact she just went ahead in front of everyone is so inspiring :)
    Hehe I had to laugh to myself about your little piece for the haters, it is so true, they talk about Justine for one thing while their 'champion' (bs, sore loser more like it) goes on rants and threatens umpires? All class Serena.
    I think they are jealous that Ju is so carefree and doesn't give a sh*t, she just does her best at everything :)

  2. Yes Sarah, this idea does sounds interesting and exciting..a pity I don't live in Belgium to attend this musical if it ever comes true. Justine has always been an inspiring gal who's not afraid to try new things and she's an adventurous gal, that I like it. To think she once found her adrenalin through sky diving for >20 times...crazy Justine..hehehe!

    As for the haters, well, most of them are no doubt, fans of that arrogant classless SW. I never see anyone who would insult the umpire and threaten a lines judge like that b4 and I'm not afraid to say that Serena had not only disgraced herself but also brought shame to WTA because of her outbursts. But some of her atrocious fans even think that her these actions are cool and the right way to go...*face palm*...but nothing much to expect from them anyway.

    And yup, there will bound to be jealous pigs in this whole universe and instead of admiring the beautiful galaxies, they went on to hate on a super unique and brightest star just because they can't shine like the star.