Sunday, October 30, 2011

(A cont' from previous post) Belgian Princess visits Ju's acadmy in China-big high quality pics

I'm late to update with the photos but well, here I am and the photos are from this link:

I won't put all the 69 photos here, just some (also alot already) selected ones:
Carlos: "So nice of you to visit the academy, my princess!" 
Carlos's wife was there to receive the royal VIP too
I'm wondering how heavy the bouquet of flowers are for the kids, but well, so long as the VIP smiles and stays happy!
"Let me show you around, up in front is the entrance" 
Carlos being a good host
Princess: "How do you find the facilities here?"
Girl:"I find it great, it suits all my needs! I wanna be a champion!"  
I re-upload this Carlos-praying picture with no watermark 
This girl I cannot guess how old she is but looks well composed forehand 
Looks like slicing also not bad...
I wonder what they're looking at...the players practicing? 
And this is the photo that has the mini Justine inside..but with double Justine cos of the thinking cap and the blond hair. 
And posted this 2 nice beautiful pics of the princess  
A rare interaction for the players with the royal. 
Carlos why you laugh until you stomachache?  
Even the Princess also had no idea why...???
Dear Mr Carlos, the camera's here..pls turn your head to your left but no need to change your peace hand signal ^^ 
Here's one elegant photo of the princess, really got that elegant feel leh. 
What should I write for this photo? Hmm.... 
Carlos:"You see my princess, it's not necessarily to be tall to win grand slams and Justine is the best example. So I wanted to guide some of these shorter players here to win like Justine..."
Here's a simple fact about Carlos Rodriguez 

Carlos's pic: "So do you want to be a Champion? Do you want to have the ability to execute such beautiful artistic strikes like Justine Henin? Well, wait no more, come come to 6th sense academy and you shall learn how tennis should be actually played and enjoy it!" 
Yes Enjoy it just like Justine in the big poster, Adidas, you should get more of Justine posters on your stores world wide. She's a real Champion! 
This racket looks familiar but where's the Wilson logo? 
I wondered if Justine had read that book held in the princess's hand since both of them looked so intellectual. 
I upload this pic only to see Justine's pumped up look! 
Here's a happy family photo of Carlos, so the elder son looked like mommy while the younger one looked like Carlos instead, don't you think that so?

And btw, here's another news about Justine which I got from the FB group:

Let me resurrect my "Copy and Paste" motto again (copied Ilse's words and pasted here):

At the end of january 2012, Justine will attend the second edition of the l'Open GDF Suez 42 tournament (21-29 january, France) to suppport players of her Belgian 6th Sense Academy (which is established in Club Justine N1, Limelette, Belgium), who are participating in this tournament. 

TRANSLATION: You could see the proud on the face of Jean-Marc Puget, organizer of competition of women's tennis, this October 24th. He announced that Justine Henin would come for one day to the tournament, mainly to attend matches. The former world number one, who ended her career in January 2011, will encourage young players of her tennis academy in Belgium, established in "Club Justine N1", who will participate in the Open GDF Suez. This second edition will be held from 21 until 29 january 2012.

Good to see Justine actively promote the sport! And hope Justine rest well and take good care of herself, always the greatest Champion in my  !

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