Thursday, November 3, 2011

Busy busy

Sorry I haven't been blogging for long...was rushing to complete my attachment report due in 2 weeks time?
I will blog again soon when everything's done and my next topic is gonna be randomness again =X

Though I have stopped playing Sims Social on Facebook, I've screen captured it and made a home dedicated to Justine because my Sims character's name is Juju =P

Will post a lot of random pictures in the next post with the Sims house for Juju, but right now...I'm gonna go and finish my super brain energy wasting report. God bless all of us!

*And I haven't update my list of Justine's matches on youtube though I am still uploading the matches..haven't got time to update here. But well, if you go search "Justine Henin" by recent dates, you'll see alot of the videos uploaded by me, yes, I've flooded it..oops! JHMatches that's my account :) 


  1. I've been busy too, I think we all are lol :) That's so cool, I wanna see the Sims house you made for Juju! I also wanna see Justine around again which I miss, since her recovery we haven't but I hope she gets well enough to be out and about soon!

  2. Haha, I will soon upload the sims's a simple normal humble house though but I like it myself :P

    I miss Justine too though I don't think she'll ever come back on tour again, her body cannot take it. But I do hope that when she recovers, she can consider playing some exhibition match, doesn't matter how old she is...or even better if she had a kid in the future that's into tennis, I can spend another few decades watching her kid plays (that's my crazy thinking)

    Hope she's alright now, god bless Justine!