Sunday, November 27, 2011

Justine new news updates

Am I late to update Justine's news? I guess I am, sorry about internet connection is as always sucks and often crazy (a miracle if I could successfully post this) and I am out almost the whole day yesterday to update.

Here's something to add on about the activities for the charity event held in her club: 
Whoever understands french, good for you ^^

And the other news is about Justine attending the schools in Belgium to teach the kids about safe internet surfing which includes the establishment of good passwords, the dangers of spam and respect for others on social networks.

*There's a slight change in her appearance mainly her teeth because she had undergone a jaw surgery but everything will be back to normal soon and she still looks pretty much the same to me (her eyes are the charm and I love her nose, the mouth will recover soon), still as beautiful as ever especially the heart!

And the news links are here: 


Video!!! (If the video is not working below, pls click on the above dutch link and watch the video from there) :

And there's one more link actually (but somehow I couldn't access it atm, maybe I'll try again tmr):
Justine totally slimmed down...15KG lost and the result is a skinny Justine ='( I don't mind donating my body fats to her...
Wad a unique crossed arms pose
Justine is looking so sweet when she's smiling and looking down at her notes
Yes, her teeth looks different due to the jaw surgery but soon it will be back to normal, in fact, I actually think she looked pretty cute in this pic like a rabbit (sorry Justine, you know I'm a bad fan)
Oh I miss the smile! This kind of hearty smile/laugh from Justine! 
More more!!
I see the talent of Justine as a well disciplined teacher. She has the look of a stern yet warm teacher and if she ever be one, her students must be blessed!
The maths on the board -.- reminds me of the horrors as well as the joys in finding just a stupid angle on a complicated shape. I wonder if Justine does well in maths? I guess the picture below may tell us some answers?
Justine:"I don't want to think about it!!!"
The forever cute Ju! Thanks to the photographer who took this super pic of Justine! I always loved her side views, she looked so lovely and the feminine smile! And I agree with some others who said Justine has artistic beautiful long fingers that are suited for an artist like her. Best suited to play musical instruments <3
Of course, how can we not have the cool and handsome look of Justine as usual? 
No matter if you have done the jaw surgery or not, Justine, you're still looking as beautiful as before and ever! I really can't see much difference! All I see is a cute lovely lady whose smile still has that killer effect.
Serious Ju at work! Somehow I still think she looked like a school kid sometimes.
This pose should be interpreted as a "Hello" and not a "Goodbye", we hope to see more of Justine's pics and hearing more of her news!

And here's the article on the interview of Justine who lost 15 KG, it's in French and I'm lazy, so to understand the whole article, please use the powerful google translator ;-) But on the whole, she is currently very active in her tennis academy and she lost 15KG mainly her muscles due to her jaw surgery and had to stop eating for 2 weeks (2 weeks! If this happens to the greedy pig me, I will die of starvation!)

And here's another article of the excerpts of her exclusive interview with sudpresse, she talked about her love life, her slight change in appearance due to jaw surgery and her new life:

And the video as follows:
Justine Henin inaugure son resto à Limelette -
Justine Henin inaugure son &quot;Restaurant chez Justine&quot; à Limelette.


  1. It's great to know she's been out and about after her recovery, and I wish her all the best for the rest to come :)
    Her appearance has changed only a little, but she's still the Ju we love. I'm sorry for not commenting much, I've been very busy as you may know :) I also love your sims and gifs!

  2. Hi Sarah, it's ok, no worries ;) Busy with your new song? I'd love to listen to that with much anticipation!
    And yup, Ju still the one we love and will forever be the cute kind hearted lovely Ju!
    Thanks for loving my sims and gifs :D