Sunday, November 20, 2011

The random pics and gifs of Ju

Since my brain cells are getting a bit active after a good night sleep, I decided to post some random pics about Justine.

As promised, the Facebook Sims Social house dedicated for Justine will be uploaded here. It is just a simple design of my humble house for Juju, nothing unique but livable:

The "no exterior walls" view (click to view actual resolution):
Not sure if this house suits Justine may looked too cramp for her? 

The"With the walls" view (click to view actual resolution): 
But there's a Jacuzzi and a mini garden for her to relax...

Anyway, I'm no designer so sorry if the house for Juju sux...oh and the Sims character's name is Juju. I've stopped playing sims social cos although exciting and interesting to build your own house at first, it gets boring as time goes by. And just to let anyone know, I've nv used any real cash on virtual games, that would be too wasteful for me. I prefer to save the cash and buy a real house in real life. ^^

Ok, enough about the Sims Social. I've created 4 new gifs of Justine, the screen caps of course are from her past matches which I've been watching lately:
The Ju's bodyball (I didn't make this gif well enough to see that she used her body to catch the ball)

And to show that Justine loves her body motion on court of Ju's body ball:
Yes ballet Justine, I'm sure Ju loves to dance on court! And she dances well!
Justine's Fist of Victory, look how deadly her eyes showed! 
Pouting Ju transforming into a pouting Killer Ju...yes if looks could kill

2 still images of cute Justine pouting!
Chubby Juju! 
Fierce Fierce Justine! Ooh..I'm so ssscared~
This is my Victory! 
Don't mess with me else you will get this power punch from me, that is, your face will have a dent of 2cm

And as a bad fan of Justine, I always upload something which may displease Justine (sorry lovely Ju)..
the still pics below have seen b4 in a GIFs format but now uploading 3 of the static images:
The super elated and exaggerated facial expression of Justine
Doesn't she looked "cartoonized"?  The 4eva goofy look of Ju
The irony in this pic is the umpire foot seems to be kicking Justine's head and yet Ju is all smiles

Oh I miss Justine...Ju resting your body well? Take care of your health and body, Justine! Only wished for health and wealth and happiness for you, Ju, hope when you got these 3 together, you will be smiling like the above pics!

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