Friday, April 26, 2013

That was sweet dream

Just had a dream of meeting the sweet couple-> Justine and Benoit last night, sorry to bother you Justine cos you looked annoyed by my presence, lol! Ju probably got tired and don't like to appear in my dreams haha! But nevertheless, you were still nice and polite to me, and my dream fulfilled in my dream to have a photo with you and of course, Benoit helped to take the photo! Haha thanks and that's a sweet dream for me although it wasn't real :)

Oh and pls put on some weight, you look skinny even in my dreams! Now I've got to go back to work!

"An annoyed look of Justine"
But still being polite and nice ^o^

Friday, April 19, 2013

Randomness...What If? Feelings of idolizing

I have sometimes wondered, what if, one day, I no longer feel as obsessed in Justine as before? What if, let's just simply say, I no longer love Justine anymore, how will it be?

To others, life goes on as usual, but for me, there's some differences. Ok, I'm gonna selfishly push the blame to Juju, for "taking" most of my other sources of entertainment away. Ever since I've got the "Justine addiction", I no longer am watching any drama series, feel much lesser urge to watch movies and play games, no more variety shows on TV for me. That's because I enjoy watching Justine's tennis. It really has become part of my life at one point in time where I would rather watch her tennis than to go out or watching any TV dramas.

I remember the time in 2010 when Justine was playing in Stuttgart (If I didn't remember wrongly, it's scheduled at past midnight for my timezone), I tried to sleep but I would flip here and there in bed, thinking about how's Justine playing in the match. In the end, I would get up, switch on my com and anxiously watching Justine playing her matches. If Justine had lost, I would have of course been feeling very very down with my face as black as charcoal but luckily I've witnessed Justine's victory and happily went to bed but well, I got the adrenalin rush still inside me, so I was unable to sleep too. Ah~ the memories, all coming back to me now...

Ppl may think I'm crazy and stupid, maybe I was, just a little. I know it's not good to get obsessed in someone whom I didn't even know personally and who didn't even know my existence at all too. But it's my first time having a sports idol and it wasn't the same as "idolizing" the stars in entertainment industry. Before Justine, I do have 2 other idols, both in the entertainment industry, so I know how different it feels.

Watching Justine losing a match can make me lose my appetite (alright, I admit, a glutton me will still stomach down some food no matter what)..When Justine retired in 2011, upon learning that news and the touching goodbye message that she wrote to her fans made me cry for days (maybe a little exaggerated but well it's the same to me. Sorry, I'm just an emotional crying baby.)

The reason why I reacted that much was probably because it was too abrupt and hard for me to accept the truth since I've just started liking Justine in 2010 and expected to watch more of her tennis for many years. I've already grown emotionally attached to Justine. I admire her fighting spirit, her talent and even her cool nature on court where she would show no mercy to her opponents. I admire all that and even much more when I learnt some of her life story and knowing how kind hearted she actually is, outside of tennis. .I really wondered how some of her fans can last that long, liking her for years, some since 2003 or much earlier, and continued to support her when she made her comeback in 2010. To think they even had to endure the pain of her retiring twice in 2008 and 2011...I salute them!

I do not know how long I can keep liking Justine, no one will be affected for sure if I no longer liked her, but if that happens,  all I can say is that I've no regrets for the pains and joys, tears and laughter that Justine had brought to me. Justine is the first person to make me see Tennis in a different light, as an interesting sport that can be played very artistically, tactically, and truly appreciate the sport. Thank you Justine!

It's funny somehow, after Justine retired, I felt I was "released" from the stress, the adrenalin and sleepless nights and slowly getting back to my "normal" life, lol! But like I'd said, I will nv regret it, in fact, I treasure those moments.

There's actually many more things I wanna say but I decided to call it a day...(it's past 2am now) oops!
Had no idea why I'm getting so emo tonight and suddenly wanted to talk about this topic..I hope my love for Justine will be forever, she's my inspiration and motivation to work harder and nv gives up without trying!

Good news for me: Watching/re-watching her past matches does rekindle some of the "lost love" if ever, for her, haha! Just simply knowing that she's living good and happy now is enough to make me smile in my sleep, good night world!
~My heart will go on~

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Randomness-bye bye to my hotmail acc

I'm saying bye bye to my hotmail account since it was suddenly inaccessible. Weird thing was, I was still using it yesterday morning, checked emails, accidentally closed the browser, restarted my browser, tried to get back to hotmail, and then it showed me this (it happened just in minutes time):
Yeah right, I clicked next and followed every steps to try to verify myself as the righteous owner of this account but it just wouldn't work! Searched online and found that I wasn't the only one who couldn't retrieve back my account:

Sad but have to say good bye to my this personal email account which had been slightly more than a decade old...created since secondary school. 

I had to re-link my facebook, twitter, blogger and some others to my other email accounts, thanks to the inflexibility and frustrating hotmail verification, also thanks to the stupid careless me who I think had my own com infected with viruses (Ever since I had my OS as ubuntu, I haven't installed any anti-viruses software for it, I should've known..damn it!) Lesson learnt!

Bye bye hotmail and hello Yahoo and Gmail! Sorry to this blog for my random ranting because I felt so frustrated that I've lost all my emails in it!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Failure is the mother of success

"Failure is the mother of success"...this phrase, just like the Chinese has their saying: "失败是成功之母". Everyone has failures before, failure isn't that bad, it actually makes one learns on the mistakes and nv to repeat them in order to succeed. Compared to those who have nv failed before, if one day it happened that the perfect he/she has made a mistake and failed, I'm not sure how well he/she could have cope with it. Failure sometimes makes us humble and think through what went wrong.

Nope, I'm not going to start my essay writing, don't worry, it's just the "lack-of Justine-tennis-and-entertainment" syndrome that's acting up. And the thought of blogging this topic all because of my lousy cooking of an egg...can you believe it? Yes cooking an egg and I started to try to be philosophical.

Two days ago, I was talking to my friend about how I tried to cook a sunny side up egg, but I failed at cooking even for the simplest task, so the sunny side up of course is super out of instead of crying out loud, I just decided to make it a scrambled egg since it already looked like one! The end result is that it is still edible ;)

Oh, and not sure how's Justine's cooking so far...does she cook often now? I know in the past, she probably don't cook that like once in a blue blue blue moon. Now, with little Lalie and Benoit, it may be different?

Anyway, speaking of cooking, makes me wanna relates again to this video clip of Justine where her mission is to cook something?
So what do you think of her ability to cook? She certainly is artistic lol!
Oh Juju...How I miss you so much! Pls stay happy and healthy, that's all I would wish for...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Justine, Une Star, Une Femme

I've just uploaded this 2007 video onto youtube, "Justine Une Star, Une Femme", one video which I long ago already wanted to upload and share with Justine fans. I'm sorry for neglecting my youtube accounts which were created to upload Justine's videos (JHMatches for Justine's matches only and jujuheninluv for non-matches videos of Justine). I had some problems with youtube which pretty much pissed me off somehow at a point.

Personally I found Justine Une Star, Une Femme to be a very special programme and a very good one dedicated to her. Quite an interesting one even when I don't understand french at all but from the footage in the video, I can roughly get to imagine what they were talking about. Of course, to be able to understand french language would be an advantage to fully understand what they are saying and hence the interactions between Justine and her friends and the host and guests.

Anyway, for those who haven't seen it yet, here it is, enjoy!
Take it as a tribute to Justine Henin, forever loves her! 

And as a bad fan of Justine, I must still comment, what a lion queen hairstyle ahahaha! Oops! Sorry Justine!