Sunday, April 14, 2013

Failure is the mother of success

"Failure is the mother of success"...this phrase, just like the Chinese has their saying: "失败是成功之母". Everyone has failures before, failure isn't that bad, it actually makes one learns on the mistakes and nv to repeat them in order to succeed. Compared to those who have nv failed before, if one day it happened that the perfect he/she has made a mistake and failed, I'm not sure how well he/she could have cope with it. Failure sometimes makes us humble and think through what went wrong.

Nope, I'm not going to start my essay writing, don't worry, it's just the "lack-of Justine-tennis-and-entertainment" syndrome that's acting up. And the thought of blogging this topic all because of my lousy cooking of an egg...can you believe it? Yes cooking an egg and I started to try to be philosophical.

Two days ago, I was talking to my friend about how I tried to cook a sunny side up egg, but I failed at cooking even for the simplest task, so the sunny side up of course is super out of instead of crying out loud, I just decided to make it a scrambled egg since it already looked like one! The end result is that it is still edible ;)

Oh, and not sure how's Justine's cooking so far...does she cook often now? I know in the past, she probably don't cook that like once in a blue blue blue moon. Now, with little Lalie and Benoit, it may be different?

Anyway, speaking of cooking, makes me wanna relates again to this video clip of Justine where her mission is to cook something?
So what do you think of her ability to cook? She certainly is artistic lol!
Oh Juju...How I miss you so much! Pls stay happy and healthy, that's all I would wish for...

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