Monday, April 1, 2013

Justine, Une Star, Une Femme

I've just uploaded this 2007 video onto youtube, "Justine Une Star, Une Femme", one video which I long ago already wanted to upload and share with Justine fans. I'm sorry for neglecting my youtube accounts which were created to upload Justine's videos (JHMatches for Justine's matches only and jujuheninluv for non-matches videos of Justine). I had some problems with youtube which pretty much pissed me off somehow at a point.

Personally I found Justine Une Star, Une Femme to be a very special programme and a very good one dedicated to her. Quite an interesting one even when I don't understand french at all but from the footage in the video, I can roughly get to imagine what they were talking about. Of course, to be able to understand french language would be an advantage to fully understand what they are saying and hence the interactions between Justine and her friends and the host and guests.

Anyway, for those who haven't seen it yet, here it is, enjoy!
Take it as a tribute to Justine Henin, forever loves her! 

And as a bad fan of Justine, I must still comment, what a lion queen hairstyle ahahaha! Oops! Sorry Justine!

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