Monday, March 25, 2013

Lalie is cute & beautiful!!! Sweet family photo!♥♥♥

Thank you Justine for sharing this sweet photo of happiness on your facebook page! Lalie Bertuzzo beautiful photo with her papa and mama:
This is so super sweet, It's attracting ants on my desktop! 

Well, the baby is indeed still too small to determine who she looked like. Looked like Benoit or Justine? But one thing I can bet on is that little Lalie will probably has big beautiful eyes like her parents since Benoit and Justine both have big big pretty eyes! 

little Lalie is 3.2Kg and 49cm, I remember my mum told me when I was born, I am (could be) lighter than her. :-P

Omg, I suddenly feel the urge to have a baby and to be a loving good mum looking at this photo...spreading the love around~ 


  1. Hey Chia,
    Sorry it's been a while, Ju popped into my mind again, and I thought it was about time the baby came!
    Aww Lalie is so cute, it's so nice to think that Ju is a mum now and has a happy family of her own :) I'm sure she will be a wonderful mother.

  2. Sarah, I miss you! Haha, no sorry and no worries :)
    Yup Lalie is super cute, so wanna cuddle her..actually I think Lalie kinda looks like her dad more, maybe when she's bigger, we can see the resemblance towards Justine!
    I'm super happy for Justine too! She finally taken on a new challenging task of being a mum and I'm sure she'll make a wonderful mum :-*