Friday, April 29, 2011

Away again...

Sorry, I'm gonna really be away from blogging until the end of my examinations, so I'll probably continue to blog and upload more videos of Justine after 12 May.

Last night, I accidentally injured my left eye and caused it a little bit of blood, so I can't really use computer for too long and my exams start on next sat, so it's time for me:
Back to wearing specs...can't wear contact lenses with my injured left eye now. Oh Justine, such beautiful eyes with cute red specs! And now then I realise Justine has brown eyes, the pupils...I always thought hers are black.

Cya again...Let's reuse this pic:
Wishing all of you including my own self good luck!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a number! ( extreme boring post)

Just finished my french role playing a few hours ago..phew, finally I can delete the whole script that was ironed into my brain occupying my already ultra limited memory. Exams are coming...and I haven't really started studying maybe from today until my exam period, this blog may not be updated frequently, even if I update it, it will be a very short boring post like this post:

Well, the picture below is of course from Justine official facebook page, just missing her again....and I noticed something (circled in red):
What a number! 

Ok, I admit, I probably was too bored, told ya this is a super boring post just to kill the rest of my sleep bugs residing inside my brain cells after a short nap.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nice to see Ju in news again

Thank you Ilse for the news update on Facebook-> link here:

And the source of the info from this site:

I'm blogging just for the cute pics of Justine, the article is basically about her new love life, not a long article but nice pictures =) 
The second time I saw Justine wearing sunglasses in photos, she looked so cool! And I'm happy for her being so serene and cheerful ;-)  Btw, let me be a "3 8" today and gossip on this blog a is that black shirt guy besides her wearing sunglasses Mr Bertuzzo? Well he looked much better than last time in the fed cup pics =D
Ju looking more and more beautiful, and I like the kids, so cute! Judging from this pic, that little girl likes Justine, hehehehe!

Ok, off to prepare my test in the afternoon later on...god, pray that the test won't be too hard else I may throw away all my integrity to look at my fren's paper, haha! Oh no, I'll have sin then...but I'm sure it's a common sin for most ppl? Hopefully I can still do it on my own! God bless lazy me!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Justine Physical Training pics in the past

Sorry, I haven't got the time to blog...exams coming soon and on the dreadful Tue I have another test and on Wed, I have my role playing test for my French (the script is not completed yet..dun even have the time to memorize..shit! 1st 2 exam papers on 7 May which is also the day of election voting where I have to vote too -.-) God help me! Feel so stressed up suddenly =X

Now where's my cute Juju? I need some stress reliever pics of Juju...

*All pics are taken from various sources and as usual, baddie me wasn't able to give a proper full credit, sorry for that...
The guy in red looks like Brad Pitt in terms of smile? Sorry if I'm having a serious myopia...Ju looks lovely here but she's frowning...
Ju does a lot of cycling in gym which is why she has such beautiful toned legs!
Up till now, I still can't identify which video footage this screepcap is from, I must have missed it...I think it is recent one as her right elbow is strapped. Oh Juju...makes my heart aches..

Now the pull pull pics... 
Orange-Ju is really very "Sunkist", looking nutritiously good and "tasty"
So you see, exercises can be fun! They are all smiling and happy faces!
I wonder which part of the body muscles is being trained by doing this exercise? Shoulder?
If only last time when Ju was still playing, she'd wear her training shorts for tennis matches, she looks so much hotter in these shorts (I'm straight but sometimes, Ju makes me "crooked") and more athletic feel, plus look at those killer eyes..
Does this makes me feel motivated to train my canoe paddle arms? (As I'm typing these words, my flabby arms are swinging from the east to the west again)
Wow, I love her "sharp" look. Really got the killer instinct! Guys dun mess with her, wanna love her, be true to her, else she'll bombard you with those medicine balls...ok, I decided to train my bouncy arms after the exams to have toned arms like Justine!
You are my sunshine, my only make me sunburnt when you retired...
I'm out of words to describe this pic above..let's just say, Ju looks fabulous while sorry Carlos, you look murderous but a handsome guy ;)

Now the jump jump pics... 
Justine's body is tilted to her right when she's skipping?
This looks like the run and jump action...sorry dunno how to describe that..
This pic is the same as the previous pic?...although she was in different attire, the same 3 bottles behind with 1 lying sideway on grass..

Now the run run pics... 
Ok this pic answered my above question. It's the same pic just that she wore a black jacket outside..loves her in black jacket, so handsome! Really very handsome!
Sports 4 life! I think Justine can be a very good sprinter! I wondered how fast she can sprint for a 100m run?
Look she's really sprinting! May I know the model of the camera? It seems to capture her motion very perfectly and my camera is spoilt for 2+ years, haven't got the time and money to go buy a new one.
I posted this pic b4, I know..just admire Ju and the beautiful scenery again
This colour is not bad too! Justine, don't look so handsome're attracting the girls' attention and one of the "victims" is behind you...the lady in blue (sorry ah, blue lady, no offense)
Dreadmill...oops sorry, it's treadmill, even on rainy days, Ju would still train in gym, wad's the speed of her on the dreadmill? 15Km/h?

 Now the other killer weapons training pics... 
Those look heavy...I can't imagine myself holding those dumbbells, my bones would probably crack 
Likewise for this exercise which trains I think the abdominal area and arms and core muscles? Sorry, I dunno the human anatomy. 
Are those balls basketballs or dual colours medicine balls? This looks tiring fun..Ju can become a good basketball player who could do good passing.
So this is what she may do to those guys who mess with her..."kill" them with medicine balls! 

 Alright...time to go and study and dunno when I'm gonna blog again..maybe when there's a lighter load in school work...Good luck to all and a blessing to Justine for her love (if it is confirmed to be true by herself. I won't gossip about it right now in this blog, but just wish that she deserves a good life)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Update from Ju's OS

Thank you Greeny for the updates! So Justine's OS finally updated with some news and photos!!!
Click on the picture to go to her OS

=) There's new photos too, according to Greeny's instructions, go to Gallery->Justine tab. And of course it's under 2011 pictures, you'll see her beautiful face. First it's about the talk in Paris about her academies, then it's about her involvement in Unicef to make the lives of the children better by supporting the education in Haiti. It's all written in her OS under the news tab, go check it out! 

And don't forget to look at her beautiful photos in the gallery =D  or view them from the forum:

Got the following pics from the forum, to view more, pls visit the forum
I wish I can be a great presenter like Justine, without having the fear of facing the audience...well prepared and calm. 
Nice to see Justine involvement with Unicef, and as an ambassador, she's doing everything to help the needy kids! Love this woman!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube videos of Justine's tennis matches

I intend to upload most of the match videos of Justine that I've downloaded from rottweily's site onto youtube, I hope this action does not upset anybody...sorry if it does...

Rottweily's site is a great source for Ju's past matches but I think the server is down, I hope it's down temporary cos it seems like the default Apache's "It works!" page...and nothing else (I'm not really a com expect, so I dunno what happened). So if youtube didn't cancel my this account, I plan to upload her matches one by one if I have the time, so that her artistic tennis will always be available for viewing.

It will take quite an amount of time for me to split the videos into smaller parts and upload them onto YT with my super slow wireless network speed so I wonder when I can get to upload them all and best that this account won't get suspended!

Once again, it wasn't meant as an intention to breach any copyright rules, just a place to collect most of Ju's matches together. Anyway, this will be a super slow process.

May Justine's beautiful tennis be remembered forever! Let me upload a few more matches b4 I posted the link...or maybe I'll change the tag to Justine Henin..long long way to go....

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ju at Fedcup...looking good!

Thank you to Ilse's facebook for Justine's media and news these photos from there and also one from Ju's official FB page uploaded by annmarie:
Justine analyzing the games? Nice to see her wearing red supporting Belgium! 
I like this pic, very beautiful, queen style =P So what's the model of her handphone? I really love her wearing long sleeves and with this white collar from inside, she has a pretty good fashion sense, simple and elegant.
Oh Justine, what were you thinking back then? So deeply in's so hard to squeeze out news from you, but I'm so glad to enjoy these few pics, at least to see you looking energetic and radiant! I'm so happy! =D
*Edit: More pics added below from facebook:
Justine finding a good seat with bird's eye view of the match?
And happy when she finally spot a very good seat!
Haha, she looked like she sprained her neck! Oh Justine, you have such slim thighs, must have been going jogging regularly...Maybe I should start my own mini Sports 4 Life campaign!  
Love love love this pic! The killer smile is revealed once again! Don't care about the rather messy hairstyle ;) focus on being killed by her smile =) So I was right! She wore sunglasses, that's why there's a lighter shade around her eye contour area

And here's a trimmed video of her at the fedcup practice I think, originally taken from Chinese Baidu forum:
She appeared just a few seconds and yeah, the language is in chinese

So good to see you again, Justine! It's a pity Belgium couldn't make it to the finals but they did pretty well already and very good effort, they will do better next time, Allez!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nice weekend~!

Sorry for not updating, it's been such a busy week...I'm so tired~ and yeah, just back from an outing, ate a super heavy meal, now my tummy is so bloated, I felt like I'm 4 months pregnant and I couldn't really see my toes. A tired, but fun outing with my pretty crazy gers~ nice weekend to all of you too! I'm sure Justine is enjoying her weekend as well, spot any cute guys?

Still wondering how Justine spends her weekend...did she go singing with her frenz? I just did and cracked my my voice is so sexy....manly =X

Was looking at Carlo et fils website and since it's fedcup week, so I posted the pics of  Ju with the other players choosing the clothings at Carlo et Fils.
This looks like one big family..haha, really like a family photo...oh Ju's outfit is the most special! 
Did they choose this outfit for her or she chose it herself? I'm surprised she wore the blue jacket, it's a rare colour... 
Ju: "So how do I look? Nice? I'm a fashionista!" I love her shirt inside ;)
Ju always looks so innocently cute with a touch of seriousness =D

Watch out! Grumpy Juju is here....
I wonder why do they have to wear such formal attire? Oh Juju, smile...pls smile... 
Ju is the most handsome and looking professionally! Sorry...but it's true...and Kim scared me with those eyes, a big contrast to Yanina's restless eyes in this pic. Ju has the image of a big lady boss, I don't mind being her subordinate with such a beautiful/handsome boss (*drools*)
Pic taken years ago...Ju goes for simple elegant formal wear, oh I miss you Ju...
Last year fed cup is the first fed cup I ever watched you played, cos I only followed your second career...but you injured your finger and couldn't play well...why is your body so prone to injuries..why? 
But well, even in pain, you could still smile and laugh which makes me happy ;) I miss you Justine! I miss your this face (mouth-open-big-big-and-eyes-closing aka laughing) look, super love this natural smile of yours, wonder when I have the luxury to see it again? 

More fed cup pics to post tmr...just feeling nostalgic..and sleepy...alright, off to hibernate for a few hours!