Friday, April 22, 2011

Update from Ju's OS

Thank you Greeny for the updates! So Justine's OS finally updated with some news and photos!!!
Click on the picture to go to her OS

=) There's new photos too, according to Greeny's instructions, go to Gallery->Justine tab. And of course it's under 2011 pictures, you'll see her beautiful face. First it's about the talk in Paris about her academies, then it's about her involvement in Unicef to make the lives of the children better by supporting the education in Haiti. It's all written in her OS under the news tab, go check it out! 

And don't forget to look at her beautiful photos in the gallery =D  or view them from the forum:

Got the following pics from the forum, to view more, pls visit the forum
I wish I can be a great presenter like Justine, without having the fear of facing the audience...well prepared and calm. 
Nice to see Justine involvement with Unicef, and as an ambassador, she's doing everything to help the needy kids! Love this woman!


  1. Isn't this sweet? The gallery is so flash heavy, but the staff should post make it easier to find the non-tennis activity pics. I thought the Cap48 video was gone forever, and there it was in the other section!

  2. Haha, yes it's very nice. I like her site to be simple and elegant, Classy~ Just the navigation part which is a bit confusing but I think they assume fans will go click on every links to explore the treasures, so it's ok, Haha!
    I wish they would continue to upload the videos, need not at the expense of her privacy but something that can be shared with fans, just wanna see more of the fun side of hers ;-)

  3. We will have to request and tell them how much we loved her videos. The clips captured her personality, photos don't do her charisma any justice. We want more!

  4. Haha, I'm gonna post a comment on her guestbook and FB now, to request for more..the thing is, which side will she look at? Her Os or her FB or none?

  5. Her staff do the actual uploading of texts, pics and videos.
    But if you leave it on the Guestbook, she does glance at that. And she does read the FB comments too.

    Since it's OS related. Leave it in the guestbook.

  6. And I want to say from my time working on the OS 2005- 2009. I can tell you that all the Diary entries, letters, personal messages signed with Justine or Carlos name were written truly by Justine & Carlos. We (webteam)
    translated the document they wrote, to English and posted it into the OS.

  7. Thanks Greeny for the clarification! I've already posted on both her OS guestbook and FB requesting for more videos =P

    I read some archives of her diary entries that some of her fans posted on the tennis forum but I don't think that's all of it, wish I had followed Justine's career earlier =( Missed out so many things about her.