Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Youtube videos of Justine's tennis matches

I intend to upload most of the match videos of Justine that I've downloaded from rottweily's site onto youtube, I hope this action does not upset anybody...sorry if it does...

Rottweily's site is a great source for Ju's past matches but I think the server is down, I hope it's down temporary cos it seems like the default Apache's "It works!" page...and nothing else (I'm not really a com expect, so I dunno what happened). So if youtube didn't cancel my this account, I plan to upload her matches one by one if I have the time, so that her artistic tennis will always be available for viewing.

It will take quite an amount of time for me to split the videos into smaller parts and upload them onto YT with my super slow wireless network speed so I wonder when I can get to upload them all and best that this account won't get suspended!

Once again, it wasn't meant as an intention to breach any copyright rules, just a place to collect most of Ju's matches together. Anyway, this will be a super slow process.

May Justine's beautiful tennis be remembered forever! Let me upload a few more matches b4 I posted the link...or maybe I'll change the tag to Justine Henin..long long way to go....


  1. Sounds great Chia, can you link me your channel so I can add you as a friend and subscribe to you? I can't wait to see some great matches, Ju is like no other :) I'm glad of that but not that she can't play anymore, I miss her beautiful game :( however we can still keep her elegant tennis alive and remember those moments we share with her on court.
    The best, Juju <3

  2. Thank you Sarah, I'm currently still in the extreme slow process of splitting the large mkv videos into smaller segments and slowly uploading it onto youtube. Any good mkv video splitter software to recommend? I'm currently trying out Allok video splitter and Ultra Video splitter but they do not really split the videos well, sometimes one part of the videos that was split was corrupted, and I had to try again, wasted quite a lot of time.

    Well, so far, I've uploaded only 2000 AO against Martina Hingis and in the process of uploading US Open 2007 SF (my fav match of all).

    The link is here:

    Though I intend to upload more b4 posting the link, haha! Now too embarrassed to post this link since there's only 1.5 matches uploaded! Wonder when I can get to upload them all...think I'll upload those good quality matches first

  3. Hey! :) Upon much pleading from Fans the OS was updated. Nice fotos of Justine speaking for UNICEF and the Schools For Haiti project.

    A little hidden, but the pics can be viewed in the Gallery labelled JUSTINE and not TENNIS.

  4. Thank you Greeny for the info! Her website was finally updated! I'm so happy, haha! Nice to see her supporting the kids and sure she enjoyed Paris.

  5. Hi, thanks for this.

    Could we make a project that I donate some money, and you make some non-business copies for those videos?

    Really appreciate that.

    From Jake, Oklahoma.

  6. Hi Tim, I've already decided to upload all the videos that I have onto Youtube. In fact if you go to "Justine Matches on Youtube" tab on this blog, you can see all the video links there.

    Thank you for your suggestion and for visiting this blog!