Sunday, October 30, 2011

(A cont' from previous post) Belgian Princess visits Ju's acadmy in China-big high quality pics

I'm late to update with the photos but well, here I am and the photos are from this link:

I won't put all the 69 photos here, just some (also alot already) selected ones:
Carlos: "So nice of you to visit the academy, my princess!" 
Carlos's wife was there to receive the royal VIP too
I'm wondering how heavy the bouquet of flowers are for the kids, but well, so long as the VIP smiles and stays happy!
"Let me show you around, up in front is the entrance" 
Carlos being a good host
Princess: "How do you find the facilities here?"
Girl:"I find it great, it suits all my needs! I wanna be a champion!"  
I re-upload this Carlos-praying picture with no watermark 
This girl I cannot guess how old she is but looks well composed forehand 
Looks like slicing also not bad...
I wonder what they're looking at...the players practicing? 
And this is the photo that has the mini Justine inside..but with double Justine cos of the thinking cap and the blond hair. 
And posted this 2 nice beautiful pics of the princess  
A rare interaction for the players with the royal. 
Carlos why you laugh until you stomachache?  
Even the Princess also had no idea why...???
Dear Mr Carlos, the camera's here..pls turn your head to your left but no need to change your peace hand signal ^^ 
Here's one elegant photo of the princess, really got that elegant feel leh. 
What should I write for this photo? Hmm.... 
Carlos:"You see my princess, it's not necessarily to be tall to win grand slams and Justine is the best example. So I wanted to guide some of these shorter players here to win like Justine..."
Here's a simple fact about Carlos Rodriguez 

Carlos's pic: "So do you want to be a Champion? Do you want to have the ability to execute such beautiful artistic strikes like Justine Henin? Well, wait no more, come come to 6th sense academy and you shall learn how tennis should be actually played and enjoy it!" 
Yes Enjoy it just like Justine in the big poster, Adidas, you should get more of Justine posters on your stores world wide. She's a real Champion! 
This racket looks familiar but where's the Wilson logo? 
I wondered if Justine had read that book held in the princess's hand since both of them looked so intellectual. 
I upload this pic only to see Justine's pumped up look! 
Here's a happy family photo of Carlos, so the elder son looked like mommy while the younger one looked like Carlos instead, don't you think that so?

And btw, here's another news about Justine which I got from the FB group:

Let me resurrect my "Copy and Paste" motto again (copied Ilse's words and pasted here):

At the end of january 2012, Justine will attend the second edition of the l'Open GDF Suez 42 tournament (21-29 january, France) to suppport players of her Belgian 6th Sense Academy (which is established in Club Justine N1, Limelette, Belgium), who are participating in this tournament. 

TRANSLATION: You could see the proud on the face of Jean-Marc Puget, organizer of competition of women's tennis, this October 24th. He announced that Justine Henin would come for one day to the tournament, mainly to attend matches. The former world number one, who ended her career in January 2011, will encourage young players of her tennis academy in Belgium, established in "Club Justine N1", who will participate in the Open GDF Suez. This second edition will be held from 21 until 29 january 2012.

Good to see Justine actively promote the sport! And hope Justine rest well and take good care of herself, always the greatest Champion in my  !

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Belgian Royal visits Justine's academy in Beijing

Saw on the 2 facebook groups that Justine had a surgery on her cheek. The news link is here:
Ilse, allow me to copy and paste your translation here again, sorry for that and thank you for the news update on Justine!
TRANSLATION: Justine Henin, underwent surgery on her cheek two weeks ago. "There was a problem with her bite," said Benoit Cuisinier, her manager. "Nothing serious, but she could possibly suffer more if she didn't do anything. She is okay, she can talk normal. About one month and a half, she will be completely recovered."

Henin had to cancel the mission to China with the Belgian Prince Philip. She has a tennis academy in Beijing running by her former coach Carlos Rodriguez.

And here's the articles on the Belgian princess visiting Justine's club in Beijing:

and here:

And the video link from here:

And here comes the pics posted in the group as well from Belga pics:
Belgian Princess Mathilde and Carlos's wife Elke
Good to see you again, Carlos! And that is Carlos's son right? How big he had grown! And the mini suit that he wore is just like Justine's ;-)
I love how they had put up that beautiful Justine with her beautiful backhand pic on the exterior of the academy 
Summer Camp 2011 looks over there a winter camp as well? And nice blue and red of Justine and Carlos combination!
So princess, do you like the school there? Carlos is praying that you would! 
My criminal feel is back...I wanna steal the big poster board behind...the Justine victory look!

Oh the pic that I also loved alot. That smile from Justine's face...$$$ (you know what this mean?->Priceless)

 I wish Justine a speedy recovery and poor little Justine..why must she always suffer from all these surgeries? Get well soon, Justine!!! And may your academies be of great successes and produce lots and lots of talented champions in the future with variety and skills! I'm sure of it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unicef...Education for all

Sorry I was slow again...didn't realise there's an update on Justine's OS on 13 Oct, but then again her OS does not update frequently =P

Go to Justine's Official site for more info-> It's of course, for a good cause.

To sum it up, it's about providing education for the poor children who are unable to attend school. Unicef Belgium has a new campaign to sensitize and mobilise the Belgian public to support Unicef education activities in emergencies. Earlier on, we have seen Justine's photos for the cause. She went to Brussels to get ppl to support this campaign.

And Unicef Belgium will stage a unique social mobilisation action on its website and in the streets. More info on this website:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mama Mia for Justine?

I know I'm always and super late in posting the news update of Justine here, sorry about that, was busy jigsaw puzzling (can't wait for the final product, I'll post up here to share when it's done!)

As usual, got the news from the facebook groups, thanks for the updates!

So what's it's about: (Translation by Ilse...oh my, I'm getting lazier to copy and paste):

The comical musical will tell about Justine's life, beginning when she is around 8 years old and will be performed most of the time by children. Justine will make an appearance in the show as a kind of "wink". The first serie of performances will be hold in her tenniscademy in Limelette (Club Justine Henin, Belgium). One of the inside courts will become the scene, the others the place for the public tribunes. They will also use big screens to show the most beautiful moments of her career. Later on its possible that the musical will go on tour in the french part of Belgium as well.

---------------------This part is for scolding the blind haters------------------------

Well, to the haters, as usual, there will always be some jealous pigs and idiots who are even more obsessed in Justine than me but well in a super negative way cos they have no much fucking life to get happy and contended and the only way to do so is to hate on someone they probably never even met in real life...

And to some of the fucking losers of Serena Williams fans: Stop mentioning about the 2003 incident when it was clearly a super small incident overblown by you guys to protect your Serena's pride and ego. Funny how a 1st serve can ended up being called a cheater for years by you ppl. Define "Cheat" guys have pte ltd dictionary? How "classy" you guys are, so narrow minded!!! I bet you guys nv get much successes in life for being so petty and blind.

How come I never see the SW's fans overblown the same incident of Serena vs Jankovic(similar incident), US Open 2009 and and 2011, wad a nice drama Serena herself created! Why can't her fans realise who's the unclassy one who threatened line judge, insult the umpire? Anyway, all I can conclude is they are blind and full of stupid hatred.

On the other note, I find this musical thing to be a really positive thing. (you can say I'm biased but I see nothing negative in this performance, only the foolish haters think otherwise) Think of it this way that it's a good chance for the children to get to perform in front of the crowd. They can learn so much from this performance!

Plus, a combination of musics, songs, dances and story telling, a good way for relaxation. Take it as a Mama Mia form of movie. Who doesn't enjoy music and dances?

But I had no idea how much participation Justine herself will be in this performance, maybe a little dancing and singing? I find her voice to be sexy, so I don't mind about the singing, if any, but dancing, I'd still prefer her Tennis ballet dance =P

Do not be afraid to seek for new adventures, that's what life is about and that's what makes it exciting!!! 

Continue and enjoy the journey, Justine!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Justine Henin<-->Unicef ♥♥♥

A big thank you for the updates of Justine's news to Ilse and Danielle's facebook group->links on the side of the blog.

So you've seen it, Justine's new heartwarming and sweet facebook/twitter updates:
"went to Unicef yesterday to promote the "Happy Pack". What a good idea of gift! More info on ;-) "

And according to Ilse's translation of the news, Justine followed lessons in a tent school and asked people in the street and station to sign and donate for the UNICEF project of tent schools in urgent situations.

Yes, the kind hearted Justine joins Unicef for charity again. The pics below are a mixture of watermarked belga pics and also those without watermarks from this link: (and read the article, to know more about the champaign)

Let's start off with the watermarks ones..hahaha cos I always leave the best for the last, but even with the watermarks on, Ju's charm continues to shine!
Together, they make a difference to the lives of the needy children
Hmmm? Is this place an airport? So they even went to places like airport (after reading suhu san's blog, I get to know that it's a Brussels Central Staion..oops!) to get supports from the ppl, wad an effort!
I wonder what's Justine's looking at that make her have this silly smile? Looking blur and cute!
I'd really would like to know what are the white rectangle boxes that they're holding

Let's have some "Justine"'s attractions:
oh tell me, how long had it been...since we last saw the famous cheerful charismatic smile from her?
More attractions!!!
And like what others said, she's too cute! This pic is so cute!!! Wait, is that a chalk in her hand? What a big chalk..ah, reminds me of my primary school times when we're still using the blackboard and chalks!
Even the chalk is in blue, symbolising unicef colours?

And now comes the no watermarks <3<3<3 
So...this is the (actually not all white) white & blue boxes they are holding...I honestly thought that they were handcreams =X Maybe they are Unicef's souvenir (maybe a pen) to distribute to the ppl? Another handsome smile from Justine...oops!
Ju:"Let's see...we need to get more supports, this is currently not enough...where do you suggest we should go?"
blue shirt guy:"Hmmm...anywhere that's crowded"
Well dressed suit guy:"I'm so glad you came to support our campaign, Justine!"
What are they laughing about? The lady on the right has very strong fingers stability...and she looked like my French teacher in school.
Please tell me wad's the joke to make Justine laughs until her fist are clenched so hard to suppress the laughter? 
After the laughs..comes the seriousness...
The strong wind that makes a free new artistic hairstyle for Justine
This looks like a museum...
Boy/young adult:"So where should I sign? Motherly Juju?"
Motherly Juju:"Here, handsome"
 Boy/young adult:"Thanks, can I have your autograph too?"
Ju:"You can find it on that blue board, my signature too!"
 Boy/young adult:"......"

And now, little Juju attends the class... (This is what Ilse posted:
Today 5 October Justine Henin attended an actual class given in a tent school as found in the refugee camps. (UNICEF-BELGIUM) (Source: ISRIA))
 Justine listens very come most of them are like doing the praying style?
Hehehe...I was actually focusing on Justine's "frog style" legs which seems like she's squatting down...on a bench, cos the height is for the kids and for them to sit, their legs are too long.
A blur+astonished look from Justine...did she see a button dropped from that guy's suit?

And now Justine's Art attack (more already posted already being attacked):
Babylicious Justine with her handsome smile...haha, the camera got her b4 she wrote her surname 
I've used this pic as my desktop wallpaper...cute Justine, even her wordings also looked so cute and looks like comic sans font! Does Justine feels like a teacher writing on the blackboard like teaching the kids? Maybe she can teach her own kids one day...I'll look forward to that day, hopefully.

 A video link of Ju attending the class (gotten from the fb link, and maybe when gotten home will try to download it):

It's hard to find another like Justine who has such a big heart of super pure gold =P But seriously, I'm sure many ppl appreciate her efforts as well as the whole Unicef organisation in making the better lives of the needy children. Kudos to them and thank you Justine!