Thursday, October 6, 2011

Justine Henin<-->Unicef ♥♥♥

A big thank you for the updates of Justine's news to Ilse and Danielle's facebook group->links on the side of the blog.

So you've seen it, Justine's new heartwarming and sweet facebook/twitter updates:
"went to Unicef yesterday to promote the "Happy Pack". What a good idea of gift! More info on ;-) "

And according to Ilse's translation of the news, Justine followed lessons in a tent school and asked people in the street and station to sign and donate for the UNICEF project of tent schools in urgent situations.

Yes, the kind hearted Justine joins Unicef for charity again. The pics below are a mixture of watermarked belga pics and also those without watermarks from this link: (and read the article, to know more about the champaign)

Let's start off with the watermarks ones..hahaha cos I always leave the best for the last, but even with the watermarks on, Ju's charm continues to shine!
Together, they make a difference to the lives of the needy children
Hmmm? Is this place an airport? So they even went to places like airport (after reading suhu san's blog, I get to know that it's a Brussels Central Staion..oops!) to get supports from the ppl, wad an effort!
I wonder what's Justine's looking at that make her have this silly smile? Looking blur and cute!
I'd really would like to know what are the white rectangle boxes that they're holding

Let's have some "Justine"'s attractions:
oh tell me, how long had it been...since we last saw the famous cheerful charismatic smile from her?
More attractions!!!
And like what others said, she's too cute! This pic is so cute!!! Wait, is that a chalk in her hand? What a big chalk..ah, reminds me of my primary school times when we're still using the blackboard and chalks!
Even the chalk is in blue, symbolising unicef colours?

And now comes the no watermarks <3<3<3 
So...this is the (actually not all white) white & blue boxes they are holding...I honestly thought that they were handcreams =X Maybe they are Unicef's souvenir (maybe a pen) to distribute to the ppl? Another handsome smile from Justine...oops!
Ju:"Let's see...we need to get more supports, this is currently not enough...where do you suggest we should go?"
blue shirt guy:"Hmmm...anywhere that's crowded"
Well dressed suit guy:"I'm so glad you came to support our campaign, Justine!"
What are they laughing about? The lady on the right has very strong fingers stability...and she looked like my French teacher in school.
Please tell me wad's the joke to make Justine laughs until her fist are clenched so hard to suppress the laughter? 
After the laughs..comes the seriousness...
The strong wind that makes a free new artistic hairstyle for Justine
This looks like a museum...
Boy/young adult:"So where should I sign? Motherly Juju?"
Motherly Juju:"Here, handsome"
 Boy/young adult:"Thanks, can I have your autograph too?"
Ju:"You can find it on that blue board, my signature too!"
 Boy/young adult:"......"

And now, little Juju attends the class... (This is what Ilse posted:
Today 5 October Justine Henin attended an actual class given in a tent school as found in the refugee camps. (UNICEF-BELGIUM) (Source: ISRIA))
 Justine listens very come most of them are like doing the praying style?
Hehehe...I was actually focusing on Justine's "frog style" legs which seems like she's squatting down...on a bench, cos the height is for the kids and for them to sit, their legs are too long.
A blur+astonished look from Justine...did she see a button dropped from that guy's suit?

And now Justine's Art attack (more already posted already being attacked):
Babylicious Justine with her handsome smile...haha, the camera got her b4 she wrote her surname 
I've used this pic as my desktop wallpaper...cute Justine, even her wordings also looked so cute and looks like comic sans font! Does Justine feels like a teacher writing on the blackboard like teaching the kids? Maybe she can teach her own kids one day...I'll look forward to that day, hopefully.

 A video link of Ju attending the class (gotten from the fb link, and maybe when gotten home will try to download it):

It's hard to find another like Justine who has such a big heart of super pure gold =P But seriously, I'm sure many ppl appreciate her efforts as well as the whole Unicef organisation in making the better lives of the needy children. Kudos to them and thank you Justine!


  1. Hey,
    Sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts, I was on holiday and my phone didn't work :P
    Juju really does have a wonderful smile, and I'm glad on that event she showed it off a lot :)
    Justine has a big heart and is a tennis champion, what can be better than those put together!

  2. Hi Sarah, no worries and no "sorries" :)
    I hope you enjoyed your holidays and I'm sure you did.
    Haha, Justine is a super fabulous tennis legend with a super big heart, greater than 2 fists joined together and purer and brighter than the gold! Now, I'm greedy, I want to see not only her smiles but also her laughs!

    Oh, and when is your next song coming? I loved your first one and anticipated the next to come...

  3. Thanks, yep I did enjoy them haha :)
    Yeahh thats Justine, I'm glad she's doing great things and is getting around and about, gold inside and out, I wanna see her laughs too :)
    Aww thanks I'm happy you like it, I'm in the process of writing more, I have lots of lyrics and ideas for them, I just need to focus on one at a time :)

  4. Thank you Sarah for your comment. Let's hope to see more Justine's laughs in the future, it's contagious!

    Hehehe, keep up the good work! Good to hear you have lots of lyrics and ideas show what a talent you are! Yes focus on one at a time and I can enjoy listening to them one by one, Allez!