Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday to Princess Lalie

Happy Birthday to you, cute little Lalie! <3 <3 <3 Time flies wow!

I will be back soon to post all the news of Justine, or should I say Mrs Bertuzzo!

Anyway, here's the virtual cake and presents for you Lalie!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Club Justine Henin new look

Oops, MIA for being so long! This is the 1st post of the year 2015! Just finished celebrating Chinese New Year and now time for some Juju updates!

Actually, there hasn't been of much news of Ju lately, except for the renovation of her clubhouse with some photos, so I might as well just update the new photos of her renovated clubhouse.

The whole album is here:

I'll post only a subset of it:
Looks like they've given the rooms the names of the Grand Slams
But I'm curious, where's Australian Open? Maybe it's located at the other side...

Let's see some dining room/restaurant photos:
The overview of the room
It's rather neat and a bit "Ikea" feel, making you feel at home
Looks good with the simple lightings
This is what will be shown on your table, all neatly rolled out and prepared for you
More table shots, u can take a view at the outside scenery near the window
Modern style for you
You can even eat in a larger group, it's catered for you

Some more different angles of the dining area for you:
The ambiance is nice for sure
What else do you need?
Cute lighting
Those cushions look comfortable, so wanna try to rest on it after a long day of tennis training...
The menu I suppose?
Speaking of Menu, of course I want to try what Justine loves to eat :P
Is this some coffee maker machine or stove?
This looks like a bar area, maybe the other part of the dining room, notice that wallpaper?
This is the wallpaper...I assume that is Justine and Lalie? Cute little curly haired girl
My focus is still on that big wallpaper, so heartwarming and really so cute!!! I don't care if she's little Lalie or not, I would want to give her a teddy bear hug!
Here's a close of pic of them together...yeah, for you to see clearly how nice the curls of that little girl's hair are! 
From the other angle of the room
Guess what are those whitish looking little stuffs on top of the shelves?
Tada! They are the tennis balls! So anyone not enough of the balls for training can come and take one! Just Joking~

And we get to see alot of the retro wooden rackets! 
Who can figure out what the wordings on the racket are?
??? What are those weird frames for?
Looks like the racket version of the Olympics logo
They even have drawings of the rackets too!
I saw this decoration alot...the vase with a flowerless plant in it
I think this is more of a place for chit chatting
The top to bottom view of the room
So I see, there is also a place for you to watch the players playing on court, more like a viewing room, nice, like a little stadium, what's more, you can order food and eat while enjoying the matches
A very nice photo frame with the photo of Ju and kids, I love all their smiles :)

Some seminar/meeting/conference rooms, I don't know what room but looks good for a seminar:
The room is spacious with a nice projector screen
Different sides of the room
The windows look unique too!
Want some brightness? Then let the sunlight comes in for a warm ambiance.
Without the projector screen, you can see photos of Justine, I like their selection of the photos
I can't really see what it is on the wall, is that Wimbledon medal plate (How do you call it formally?) I assume this is the Wimbledon room 
This room is totally different arrangement from the previous room. More like a meeting room
done in a very professional feel
Again, the window is wide and allows enough sunlight in to light up the whole room, but I believe they also have internal lighting as well for night meetings
Can you see the wordings? Too bright?
Now can you see it? 
That's right, Impossible is nothing! I still remember Justine said those words in an Adidas advertisement...

The club house should be fully renovated more or less by now and a pity I still haven't got a chance to visit it yet, but certainly a place which I very much wanted to go. It looks nice, a good place to relax and chill out!