Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Justine For Kids Marathon (photos & videos)

Facebook page of Justine for kids: https://www.facebook.com/JustineForKids

Updates:  More photos from JustineForKids website and the album link is here:
I'll upload some of the photos by JFK from the facebook page, to see the whole album, please visit here:

Justine For Kids in Pink! Same colour as her academy logo and theme

Guys no need to be shy in wearing those bright pink shirts, you'll just look like you're in the pink of health yeah!

Justine's sister and her hubby is at the left side of this photo

Justine's sister, Sarah, on the left...I find that she does resemble Justine a bit for the eyes and smiles

I don't mind buying one/some of these cute apparels

The participating sponsors I think...the starting and ending point of the run?

Preparing to start the race...

I wonder what's the difference between the yellow and blue tags on their shirts

And off they go....Justine running at the front but I wonder about her timing...

Ju is like "Oh look at me, come take a photo of my sporty look which you all missed so much!"  Btw, did I see a difference in her socks colours?

Justine's hair from the side looks like those cool anime characters. 26A..Hmmm

Here's a photo of Justine and Mr Cute! But shouldn't Mr cute be standing next to Justine? Oh how I love this charming smile of Justine!!!

Justine looking so "white" not much sun tanning ?

Justine is so sexy in shorts! Somehow, I really miss her this look in the past where she was training for her tennis...
Now this is a better shot with Mr Cute and Ju side by side ^o^
Justine giving interviews in the rain...take care Ju and the people there too! 
Cute little kid, wanna hug Juju?

The kids race, unfortunately the weather is not doing a good favor for this event..but it won't dampen their spirits of joy! Justine the "gunner" oh yeah baby! So suave looking!
If the rain is not enough for hydration, don't worry, they have lots of bottles of water

For those ppl not participating in the race, they can bring their kids for some fun times too:
The mini bungee jump
The air slides?
And a feel of playing in a cool desert

And what is that actually? A colourful caterpillar? Looks like a bouncing fun for me :P

And also rock climbing too! The vertical challenge while others for the horizontal challenge!
The back of Ju, the unique Adidas logo. So Ju's hair colour from the roots is black or brown? I can see some black inside
The awards ceremony?

 Reminds me of the gold medal Justine won at Athens Olympics!

Justine's fav moments with the kids, is this a balloon sculpturing session?

sweet Justine lending a hand to help a girl get up the stage

Really, Ju can blend in with the kids! She has a kiddy look sometimes..oops sorry Justine!

that little boy in front has a very uniquely cool hairstyle

Let's have a group picture, Justine is the one that stands out since she's like the white lily among the roses

Allez!!! It was a great success!!!

Let's have a close up look...

All the handsomes!! Justine's wet hair and charming smile, which in my opinion, would attract many girls if she's a guy...sorry Justine again! Ju, don't worry, you are a beauty as a girl too which I'm jealous of... =P
Ju:"I wanted to thank the organizers, the participants and the volunteers for making this event a successful one and not to mention, a chance for me to take photos with the handsome army guys...but I'm focused on 'mon amour'"

Here's some of the photos taken by Danielle, to see the whole album, please refer here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.486284131397072&type=1
A big eyed Justine...just like her 2006 look
And let us announce the winners for today...
Ju: "Hmmm, I'm not in the list?"
Ju:"Let me search for my name"
Justine's famous "deadly pinky" shown here but on her right hand not her left hand
Justine, you have to eat more, I know you've lost muscles, your jaw problems prevent you from eating well but I hope you can eat more, gain some fats...(easier to have babies in the future) Off topic, for the ladies who wanna be mums-> Your body needs to have at least 22% body fat on it in order for your menstrual cycle to remain normal. (not sure if it's true)
ok, at least your arms still have a little bit of muscles in them
Sorry Justine, in this pic you look like you've just waken up!
The serious look of Justine is back!
My neck needs a stretching...now, where's my cute prince?
Quiz of this photo is "Spot Mr Cute"
Hehehe, I love this smile from Justine...remember the "pressed lips" smile? She looks cute in this!
The soft side of lovely Justine~~Aww~~ <3 <3
I feel sleepy too...now at work, oops!
Another sweet and cute smile from Justine!!! I'm smiling too as I'm blogging all these 
Many different races of ppl join in for the good cause! Justine is applauding for all of their efforts!
Mr Cute:"Where's my darling? I'm waiting for her to pass me the love baton"
Ju:"Here I am, Mon amour!!!"
A wet Juju because of the rain, drenched and tired but she should be proud of herself! And what a pair of slim legs!!!
Hmmm, cute Justine wondering if she saw some familiar names in the list? 
Ju:"Don't worry, it's not my gold medal I'm giving out, but this medal is a meaningful one in equivalence"
This is really "Justine For Kids"
Ju:"Let me applause again to all of the ppl here today, I greatly appreciated each and everyone of you for your efforts in either helping out or as a participant, thank you all for coming down to this event, and making it a success, muacks!

Meanwhile, here's one video news shared by JFK facebook page:

And also a random news here: http://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/politique/888990/lapette-bob-bobette-et-justine-henin-parmi-les-nouveautes-du-petit-larousse-2013
which I suppose is something like Justine's name being included in the Larousse dictionary but only a slight mistake this year is that her "Henin" should have an accent to it which is  "Hénin" but well, I often type as Henin since I'm a lazy pig to type the 'é'...