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Justine Commentator pics and vids

This post will be updated until the end of RG. And thanks to the tennis forum, I managed to get this link which I can watch on france 2 to listen to Justine's sexy voice without any country restriction:
Anyway, here's some beautiful photos of Justine which I've got from the fb news and chinese baidu forum:
Wow Ju! I love this woman so much!!! She actually looked like a news reporter.. 
The smart looking Justine, looking intellectual!
The zebra wear, Ju looks good in it and although with some wrinkles, Justine is actually a very beautiful woman with beautiful sharp features...Love her smile!
A light contrast of the photo...

That's our humble girl Juju!
Can I see wad's on her lanyard? The tag of her face?
The lady in blue <3 I'm definitely drooling over this! Lovely Ju!

And I got this one from twitter:
Why in front of a garbage bin? haha Ju looks normal and from some tweets, Ju is trying to blend in the crowd unnoticed I think.

2nd day:

The news links:
The videos links (somehow I can't find the embed code):

And here's a video from this link:

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Danielle's translation: 
News and Photos / Articles / Justine Henin: " I was a machine and I regret it "
Quadruple prize-winner of International of France (on 2003, 2005, 2006, on 2007), Justine Henin is back Door of Auteuil as consultant for FranceTélévisions. Exclusive confession for in this interview Game of the truth.

Justine, what is the biggest fear of your life?
The abandonment. I am afraid of the solitude, as a little everybody I think. But I make every effort so that that does not arrive (smile). On the other hand, I have no particular phobia, no really specific fear.

The first dream which you realized?
When I was small, I lived for the tennis and I did not leave many place with the other thing. Teenager I had posters of Steffi Graf in my room and I dreame to gain Roland-Garros, thus when I met her and when I stood out here, it was two immense dreams of realized. A little later, in 22 years, I jumped in parachute and that also I dreamed about it for a long time.

Your biggest anger against Carlos Rodriguez (his coach of always)?
I had it a lot but I contained them (smile). I remember it of one where I really exploded. It belonged to Amelia Island, during a match against Conchita Martinez in 2004. I was not really very physically and moreover, we knew a bit further that I had a virus, close to the mononucleosis. At the edge of the court, Carlos took to task to me and crossed me a blowing machine because I played really badly. I felt that as a profound injustice and for once, I answered. I sent him to flying and he immediately left the ground. It is the only time when he made that. He was always rather hard with me but I knew that it was for my good. There at the time, I did not accept him. Generally speaking, if I was lucky to have Carlos, he so was lucky to have a player who supported him during fifteen years (smile).

Your player's first tears?
I did not cry a lot and especially I communicated very badly my enjoyments, even the deepest. The only times when I it allowed myself, it was when I was alone in my hotel room in the evening after a defeat which hurt. But when I played, I contained enormously my feelings. Maybe too much. I was a machine and today I regret it. I would have liked exteriorizing more my feelings, as the people at the end of tournament can sometimes make it. They keep everything up to the end and then after the victory or the defeat in finale, we see at home moving feelings. I, even after a victory in Grand slam I might boil with enjoyment inside, I did not show it.

Your worst superstition?
I always ate in the same restaurants on a tournament. I had even one of it for rest days and the other one for the days of match. I so always wanted to sit down on the same side of the referee and I never walked on lines. I was very superstitious (smile). Generally speaking, we are her all little on the circuit. We know that that has no impact but that reassures us, that gives us marks and allows us to cling to details when we doubt. I am him no more today, I stood back and I realize that it was ridiculous (smile). 

The moment when you became aware that you had become famous?
There is an event which marked me and left speechless, it was my return in Brussels after my first victory to Roland-Garros, in 2003. I was 21 years old and there were more than 10 000 persons on Big place to celebrate that with me and applaud me. We are prepared never really for this kind of thing, especially that 10 minutes before I go out on the balcony of the city hall to greet the crowd, there was nobody. I am of discreet nature and I was really afraid that that does not take place well. See so many people made me not only realize that I had entered another dimension, but also made become aware of the impact which I could have on people.

If you had a machine to go back up the time for one hour only, which would change you?
I would take advantage of it in other words in to revise to my mother. I did not think that she would leave so fast and I regret not having been able to say to her more things and to squeeze her in my arms. On the sports plan, I would go back up the time until my finale of Wimbledon against Amélie Mauresmo, in 2006. Wimbledon, it is the only Grand slam which misses to my prize list but after the first won set 6/2, I did not find the mental and physical resources to stand out. I was for a set to gain Wimbledon and I passed by. It was certainly written that this tournament was not for me. I believe in the fate a lot and it is of what I think. Well, if I can return in this finale and to find the energy to gain another set, I make it without hesitating (smile).

You have already cheated over a court?
Frankly never. There was this story of hand raised here against Serena in 2003, when I am not ready while she is going to serve (having made a sign to Serena that she was not ready, Justine Henin will not confirm with the referee having raised the hand when Serena William will wonder not to be able to benefit from a first ball. This incident made pour a lot of ink). But otherwise the values of honesty are very important for me. To cheat deliberately, that is impossible for me. Moreover, in my academy when I see a young person making it, I intervene immediately.

What did you make with your first gain in tournament?
I am not going to be very original, but I am not lavish. I always preferred to please others than myself. Today I indulge myself on the holidays in particular the beautiful refined hotels, because I like that. But otherwise the rest, as for example the car with which I drive, I laughs at it. On the other hand I remember well the feeling which crossed me when I cashed my first check, after the tournament of Rosmalen in the Netherlands. There were 66 000 Belgian francs, that is in 1500 euro. I was hardly 18 years old, I had just left the family place of residence. I dashed into my life of professional player and for me it was the beginning of the adventure.

If you were Elio Di Rupo ( the Belgian Prime Minister) for day, which is the first thing which you would make?
I was exactly with him last Sunday and I spent a very good moment. I was the guest of honor of the traditional party of the "Doudou" in Mons (city of which Di Rupo is the mayor) and I was able to discuss with him. I find that the citizens concern naturally a very critical glance our politicians, especially at the moment when the majority of people do not live as well that they would want him. But we do not emphasize enough their efforts and their work. They are very big sloggers and we forget him too often. Now, I do not know about it much in politics thus if I was a head of government for day, the first thing which I would make would be a speech. A speech rallying point and of reassurance of the community tensions. Especially, I would tell to the Belgians to be more proud of the fact than they are and not to be afraid of advancing their talent, of having dreams and ambition. There is a lot of talent in our country but sometimes they do not express themselves as they should him, because of a certain culture.

About what personality do you dream to meet?
I was always questioned by Princess Diana and I was marked by her death. I would have liked a lot meeting her. It is for me an ambiguous and complex character and it is what I like. I am fascinated by psychology and I like the complexity of the human beings. Diana could be at the same time strong and generous but also provocative, by putting itself herself in complicated situations.

What the defect is at home which you have difficulty in correcting?
I have difficulty in maintaining friendships. In a remote relation I am bad to keep in touch and it is a real pity, because I love people and sharing. I am someone very intense, when I give, I give everything. But when I isolate myself or when I break all ties, I do not pretend. I am very fickle in the maintenance of my friendships, I always had difficulty in installing the long-term things. But I am in search of stability and I pay an enormous attention there. I hope I can say to myself in thirty years that I have twenty-year-old friends.

The most awkward song in your MP3?
( She thinks) I do not see because I listen to only what I like, in this particular case the French song of the 80s and 90. I do not say that because I am here (smile). I like very much " The envy " for Johnny, a fan of which I am enough. I also adore Goldman and his texts. For me the music, it is the beauty of the words. The sketch of Gad Elmaleh in " Dad is at the top ", when it puts itself in the piano and laughs at words of the French song of today, made me many laugh. I feel old by saying that while have just celebrated my 30 years, but I already feel of the former generation. In more I listen to Radio Nostalgia, and that as would say Gad Elmaleh it is the sign that you become old (laughter).

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