Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Justine For Kids Marathon updates

Having sleep debts right now...will update more next time. By the way, have you seen the latest tweets of Justine on twitter and facebook (the same tweets though)...one is to inform ppl to visit the facebook page of JustineForKids: http://www.facebook.com/JustineForKids

Thank you to Danielle and Justine's fans for posting and updating the news on facebook!

~Watch out for Justine's recent tweets on Facebook and Twitter, she just tweeted recently and frequently (which is a surprise...as she normally tweets like once in a full blue moon)~

A new photo I got from JFK facebook page:
The preparation of the Marathon

Edit: New video news of Justine regarding the marathon..can see her smiling and speaking (thanks to her fan, annmarie for posting on fb):

You can see Justine smiling and at the end trying to do a short jog ^^ so cute Justine!

I love Justine being so casual and loving the nature

Also in regards to the same lavenir news, here's 2 other articles about Justine as a commentator and more interview posted today 22/6/2012:
(These are 2 great interviews...I recommend a reading of these interviews and prepare to use google translator for non french speakers)
1) I like the job as a TV Consultant (aka commentator)
2) I like Simple Things

I want a photo of this in large size..Ju sitting on a slide!
This as well! Need a larger version of it..Intellectual Justine deep in thoughts!

One of Justine's tweets is "10 days before the Marathon Justine for Kids! come and run with me! Information and inscription on www.justineforkids.be Thank you!!" 

Likewise, you can see her latest tweets at the upper right side of this blog.

And from the facebook page of JFK, there is a program listing for this event (translated into English):
Little reminder of the animations from 24 June to Han-sur-Lesse: one Marathon or team (starting 11 am), loop of 10,500 Km race for children, animation for children, musical entertainment, restoration village,...
Inscriptions on the site www.justineforkids.be to run or to enjoy a day with your children, come join us on the site of the plain of Han-sur-Lesse games June 24, beginning at 9: 30! Thus support our actions for the sick children in Belgium. We are counting on you!

Planning of the day Justine For Kids from 24 June to Han-sur-Lesse:
9h30: opening of the site (follow the signs Parking) + Packet pick-up
11h: Start of the adults marathon
14h: Start of the kids marathon (that's what I interpreted) 
14h:starting last loop 10km500 (hard to understand from the translation, original text: Dernier d├ępart boucle 10km500)
15h30:Drawing of the tombola
16h30: Awards
we hope that the Sun will be to enjoy the fullest of the day:)

Marathon Justine For Kids on Sunday, June 24 at Han-sur-Lesse: Village for children with inflatable animations, grimage, magician,... Come enjoy a family day! We are waiting for you from 9: 30 am! Come many!  Sign up quickly on the website and for the sports less of you, simply enjoy a beautiful day! Justine is waiting for you;)

And here's a news article for this event on msn: http://sport.be.msn.com/running/fr/nieuws/article.html?Article_ID=589643
Folks in Belgium, got the chance to run alongside with Justine and helping the needy children! Unfortunately, as much as I wish to participate, I am geographically too far away from Belgium... >:-(

How I wish that I am living in Belgium now for the chance to run...jog...hmmm, no, run (Justine is too fast and alot more stamina to keep up with)  with sporty Ju! So, friendly belgians...kind to join in the marathon, everything for a good cause? -> Get to help the kids, jog with Ju, enjoy the scenery, have fun, stay healthy with a better blood circulation and air ventilation of your body, and most importantly, share the pics of the events with much fun and joys!

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