Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday to ♕ Justine!!!! ♥

Hello Justine, happy happy happy birthday to you!!! There's alot of wishes for you in the chinese baidu forum too! Here's one of the pictures from last year wishes because I find it super cute, hehehe:

Justine is just as Julicious and cute and looks so huggable as this bear 

Too bad her cutting cake photos are so limited and have to re-use over and over again, but forever a memorable one. Does she celebrate her birthday this year at France?

Here's a link of Happy Birthday to Justine greetings in the news:

And I know, I have lots of things to update about her...I'll update it after her birthday, and it's time again now for me to sleep! Good night world! And love you Ju 

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