Monday, February 28, 2011

A new page tab for Ju career stats

I've decided to add a new page of her career stats, thanks to Raja on FB for giving us the link:

Credits to:

I always wanted to know her career statistic but I wasn't able to do so because I didn't follow her entire 1st career, it would be hard for me to gather the information and tally them all. Lucikly there's the link above which had it all I think.

Juju, I super miss you, can't stand this feeling...I need more news on Juju~~~~~~~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

So much drama (I'm gonna vent it all out) Haters-go away

First, let me post the link here (thank you greenout for the link):

It's a rough translation of what Justine had said in the 100min clip in English. Finally some English translations! And oh, Justine preferred to be called as Ju and not Juju (reserved for some special ppl around her), sorry Ju, I would still sometimes call you Juju here... <3

And I was reading at some of the stupid comments on the other forum which is heavily infested by most of the Williams bad fans. I won't say all of them are bad but most of them are just as not gracious as their idol Serena. Yes, so what if I said Serena is not gracious? And I mean it, she's not a person I would pay respect to, like it or not.

Firstly, I'm sick of ppl calling Justine a cheater (Get your facts right and define "Cheater" well pls, haters!) because of 3 main incidents:

1) The heavily overblown issue of FO 2003 against Serena Williams-the so called "Hand" incident by the pitiful haters. Justine had already said that she didn't handle the situation well and that she may be should have clarified with the umpire for it but that doesn't mean she cheated. I think it was actually Serena who tried to cheat for a first serve-how the hell did you manage to see your opponent was not ready when you're serving? Don't tell me you have a slanted eye. (Serena cheated but failed, so how does it feel to be called a CHEATER?) And when Serena lost the match, she did a pretty good job crying in front of the media and calling Justine a cheater. Plus she should credit some of her loyal fans who did a pretty good job in spreading the hatred around and calling Justine a cheater even on youtube. Give a million of dollars to each of your these fans, Serena, they deserved that for the loyalty. It was only a point and not a match point that caused Serena to lose. I'd say the mental weakness of Serena caused herself to lose. Even after so many years, the immatureness of Serena got to her and nv forgets that incident. Serena, no matter how many GS you have won, your game style and attitude just a gracious loser pls, stop threatening the line judges...alright, I better stop now, won't want someone to come and shove the fucking ball down my throat...OUCH!

2) The 2004 AO point against Kim -this one is absolutely a stupid matter for the haters to keep hating on. They think Justine had a super great eyesight to see that the point was in and called it out and hence labelled as an unfair cheater again. Fuck you haters, can't you see that the ball was barely in by a few millimeters? And ok, let's not say that I'm a Justine's fan to say this-it was also the umpire fault to agree that the ball was out. Can't blame Justine, but I guess the haters grab every single bit of opportunity to hate on Justine even if it doesn't concern their idol.
This is the pic I got from the chinese baidu forum:
Tell me how good of a eyesight Justine had...haha haters! Maybe the haters are praising Justine good eyesight! They can avoid using the hawk eye then and employ Ju instead...which is so much more accurate!

3) The 2006 AO final against Mauresmo-ppl criticized Justine for being a sore loser to give up in a final of the GS, resulting in Mauresmo being unable to win the title with much satisfaction and pride. Sad thing is, even Ju's own country ppl also criticized her for it. Yes, the day b4 the match, Justine said she was healthy to play but on that day itself (this stomach thing can happen suddenly, believe me, I had serious stomachaches myself when I was feeling so vibrant and healthy hours earlier), she had this stomach ulcer or what, that was hurting her so badly to give up the match. She said she should not have played the final but she doesn't want to give up the opportunity if any in a GS final. Either way, she would be criticized. Haters, try gg on court and play a vigorous tennis match with your stomach hurting like hell and tell me if you can finish the match. And yes, this match cost the friendship between Justine and Amelie. But hey, Amelie, I would respect you as a champion but I'm saddened by the fact that you'd rather see your opponent hurting to play like shit till the end (if you don't want her to retire the match) and let you win the GS in the way you want-how much of a satisfaction does it make you feel then? Ju tried to talk to you but to no avail, whatever, this friendship is so fragile to be broken... =X

So much for ranting and venting my frustration...I can only say, Justine, you don't need all these shit, haters will forever be haters, they will try all means to pull you down and trying to tarnish your reputation but your graciousness and style on court will forever be kept in our hearts. Let the haters talk with their dirty mouths, can't be bothered anymore...I think they need some Listerine and scrubs with the dungs in their mouths.

Current state of Women tennis-HAHAHAHAHA!  Continue to infest that forum, haters! After all, you all pretty much needed a medium to let your pitiful poor souls living in the world of hatred. And don't worry, Justine will live much happier than you all think and she may even laugh at the pitiful efforts of the haters!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super miss Justine

~Juju~I miss you....there's nothing much for me to surf on the net after you left. I wondered how I "survived" before even liking Juju. Now, the "Juju's spell" had already casted on me and it will be hard to remove it (I don't intend to remove neither)

And I finally found this big pic without watermarks!
Such beautiful big eyes and sharp nose! I really love her facial features...Gonna use this as my drawing photo
Forever a legend with grace and style, for once I couldn't see which side she is facing until I see which hand she is using to hold the racket.
I always liked  this kind of Silhouette pics of Justine
I've forgotten where I took this pic from (forgive me for that) but I love this pic with Justine sitting on a Queen-like armchair and look at Juju's pose-very Queen style! So fitting to sit on the chair! 
I wonder how she's doing right now...really miss her alot. And I've been getting a little bit frustrated with my project-there's not much progress at all, the progress is like 0.00001% with so many errors and most of my time spending to solve these errors. And the final report is in march-I can go bang my head against a only to "seek refuge" for comfort in games

I think from now on, this blog will be full of randomness with random pics of Justine and my rubbish talk (maybe it is already like this from the start but well, now more severe) ...I have created myself another facebook account just to upload pics of her but this account will be private (though I haven't been logging in to it for ages, maybe time to upload every pics of her but currently been busy with school work)

Justine, hope you keep us updated on your elbow and your condition if possible. My heart is itching again from the lack of Justine's online presence, only Ju can help me scratch it. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RTBF show on Justine-la vie devant soi

So I managed to get up just one minute b4 my phone alarm rang and just got to see her show telecast on rtbf site, there's an encore of the show here:

I think they will put this video up for a few days b4 putting it down, so hurry go view it! Anyway, I've uploaded a copy of the show here:
You can also download one from the JH supporters' forum ^^ as megaupload will delete the copy after 90days.

"Some" screen captures of Justine in the show:
Justine chatting with the rtbf guy in her own house?
And she needs to switch over to another side for more interviews...more calories burnt (Ju I want you to get fatter =X )
Oh she had the fireplace in her house, is it very cold now in Belgium?
This is the other side...can view more of Ju's house decorations ^^
Men in Black Vs Queen Justine =P
So they showed her clips or info through the use of iPad? 

Some clips on her past:
They showed some clips of her past, including little Juju 
Eh...Henin Potter? 
Who would have guessed that this girl grows up to be a wonderful sports champion? She looked so...intellectual! Hehehe... 
2001 Wimbledon final Juju...has she changed much? She still looked so cute!
Her first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros in 2003->fulfilled the promise she made to her mum, what an achievement!
Her emotional moment beating Capriati in 2003 US Open SF in 3 sets for more than 3 hours and a very tight match!
Her most memorable event->the Olympic Athens 2004, being able to defeat Myskina in SF and win Amelie to claim that gold medal, doing proud for her country, the only gold for Belgium in 2004? 
Guess what they are passing to her...
Looks like a racket protector bag (whatever you call it)
Huh? A special racket?
A Frying Pan?! 
Juju, I know your right elbow is seriously injured and you can't play tennis now, that's why you want to practice using your left hand with frying pan as tennis racket, we can see the strong passion in you, oh Juju!
They also showed clips of her interview? in the past, she was answering a lot of "Non"? Btw, the guy is cute, hahaha!

Now it's time for my crazy obsession in Juju's expression:
The ever serious Justine when answering some sensitive questions 
Always the Queen aura from Juju 
I love this pic, very serene smile! 
Oops, the grumpy look 
A questionable look..hmmm...
A (O_O) look
She's very truthful in answering the questions and very earnestly....
So, RESPECT for her! ~Pathetic Haters, go away~jealousy of her talents and everything won't help, so suck it, haters! You can dislike her but you cannot diminish her achievements. It's so much easier to talk shit when you didn't know how hard she had trained herself. 
Ju:"Oh, Come on, haters, it's miserable to live in a world full of hatred, change it to love instead?"
And you'll find yourself so much happier! *Motherly Juju~ 
Ju: "Yes! I laugh till I cry and my face is all red!"
Ah~I wish to see this happy Juju again and again! 
Even at the end of the show she's laughing hard! 
I wonder what she said that made all of them laugh and our queen laughing till her eyes form two single lines!

I'm posting a lot of Justine's pics here because I'm not sure if we could get to see her again after this show =(
I seriously hope that we can still in the near future...I don't mind if she took some time off to heal her elbow so long as we can see her again in the media or elsewhere but well, what matters the most is that she stays happy and well! I also support the idea of her getting married and have kids of her own if there's a chance for her to do so~ Justine will be a perfect mum since she loves kids alot and I too would love to see her lovely cute children, must be handsome and beautiful at the same time like their mum! (Oh I think too far!)

(Thanks to Greenout for this info) Not to forget this marvellous picture of Justine's Rolex advertisement:
Click on it for a bigger pic
*Personification of grace under fire* This will make a perfect wallpaper with her elegance and suaveness oozing from your computer

Get well soon Juju, I'll be missing you~

With much LOVE and RESPECT!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Open your eyes-see Juju on Friday

Merci Greenout! Really thank you for the information provided always~ ^^

And as usual, I'm a lazy pig, so shall copy and paste (my new motto) your comment msg here:
Justine's going to have her own Belgian TV special Interview show this Friday Feb 18, 2011 on the French station RTBF.

It's [100 minutes with Justine Henin] and they are going to talk about her tennis career life and the future.
I've got this pic from the JH supporters forum!
CUTE!!! The astonished look of Juju! The big eyes that first captured my attention, always so beautiful!
Open your eyes big big!
I wonder why the reporters got so many photos of her "right-index-finger-pointing-her-right eye" look

This one is from the facebook:
Waiting for no watermark of this, a very good picture to "analyze" and draw her face, I love to use this pic to compare how much she had changed from her teenage years to now
She didn't change much...
100 Minutes! Ooh lala! Let's see more of Justine's smile now...better delete some of the trash in my memory to store more of Justine's moments! I really like this pic alot! Very natural smile-A good pic to print this on your shirt and wear it to the beach to relax!

Maybe some more moments of Justine b4 she really takes time off for surgery to heal her elbow, and that's when we may not get to hear from her much anymore =( but rest well Justine, can't ask for more if we can get a healthy Juju right?

The royal look! Here's the look-like-golden-vest worn on Juju, let's pray for a good health for our Queen!
This one I got from the chinese forum but I didn't get to see the video of this? I couldn't find it, anyway, seeing that strap on her elbow makes my heart wrenched in pain...ouch Juju, ouch! 

Sorry that I've been posting random pics now, my mind has been in randomness state ever since Justine I'm sick due to eating too much chinese new year food and now my nose is sprinting faster than Usain Bolt (just googled the fastest world sprinter), and I coughed out my lungs...

Anyway, see you soon Justine! Meanwhile, eat more nutritious food but do get some fats, you're too fit (yeah I'm jealous =P), other than your elbow part (though I wish you a speedy recovery...)