Saturday, February 19, 2011

RTBF show on Justine-la vie devant soi

So I managed to get up just one minute b4 my phone alarm rang and just got to see her show telecast on rtbf site, there's an encore of the show here:

I think they will put this video up for a few days b4 putting it down, so hurry go view it! Anyway, I've uploaded a copy of the show here:
You can also download one from the JH supporters' forum ^^ as megaupload will delete the copy after 90days.

"Some" screen captures of Justine in the show:
Justine chatting with the rtbf guy in her own house?
And she needs to switch over to another side for more interviews...more calories burnt (Ju I want you to get fatter =X )
Oh she had the fireplace in her house, is it very cold now in Belgium?
This is the other side...can view more of Ju's house decorations ^^
Men in Black Vs Queen Justine =P
So they showed her clips or info through the use of iPad? 

Some clips on her past:
They showed some clips of her past, including little Juju 
Eh...Henin Potter? 
Who would have guessed that this girl grows up to be a wonderful sports champion? She looked so...intellectual! Hehehe... 
2001 Wimbledon final Juju...has she changed much? She still looked so cute!
Her first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros in 2003->fulfilled the promise she made to her mum, what an achievement!
Her emotional moment beating Capriati in 2003 US Open SF in 3 sets for more than 3 hours and a very tight match!
Her most memorable event->the Olympic Athens 2004, being able to defeat Myskina in SF and win Amelie to claim that gold medal, doing proud for her country, the only gold for Belgium in 2004? 
Guess what they are passing to her...
Looks like a racket protector bag (whatever you call it)
Huh? A special racket?
A Frying Pan?! 
Juju, I know your right elbow is seriously injured and you can't play tennis now, that's why you want to practice using your left hand with frying pan as tennis racket, we can see the strong passion in you, oh Juju!
They also showed clips of her interview? in the past, she was answering a lot of "Non"? Btw, the guy is cute, hahaha!

Now it's time for my crazy obsession in Juju's expression:
The ever serious Justine when answering some sensitive questions 
Always the Queen aura from Juju 
I love this pic, very serene smile! 
Oops, the grumpy look 
A questionable look..hmmm...
A (O_O) look
She's very truthful in answering the questions and very earnestly....
So, RESPECT for her! ~Pathetic Haters, go away~jealousy of her talents and everything won't help, so suck it, haters! You can dislike her but you cannot diminish her achievements. It's so much easier to talk shit when you didn't know how hard she had trained herself. 
Ju:"Oh, Come on, haters, it's miserable to live in a world full of hatred, change it to love instead?"
And you'll find yourself so much happier! *Motherly Juju~ 
Ju: "Yes! I laugh till I cry and my face is all red!"
Ah~I wish to see this happy Juju again and again! 
Even at the end of the show she's laughing hard! 
I wonder what she said that made all of them laugh and our queen laughing till her eyes form two single lines!

I'm posting a lot of Justine's pics here because I'm not sure if we could get to see her again after this show =(
I seriously hope that we can still in the near future...I don't mind if she took some time off to heal her elbow so long as we can see her again in the media or elsewhere but well, what matters the most is that she stays happy and well! I also support the idea of her getting married and have kids of her own if there's a chance for her to do so~ Justine will be a perfect mum since she loves kids alot and I too would love to see her lovely cute children, must be handsome and beautiful at the same time like their mum! (Oh I think too far!)

(Thanks to Greenout for this info) Not to forget this marvellous picture of Justine's Rolex advertisement:
Click on it for a bigger pic
*Personification of grace under fire* This will make a perfect wallpaper with her elegance and suaveness oozing from your computer

Get well soon Juju, I'll be missing you~

With much LOVE and RESPECT!


  1. Aww I wish I could watch this in english, especially at the end when she keeps laughing and in the takes blurts out something xD

  2. Yes, Sarah, I wish I could understand French to watch the whole show again till the end. It would be so much better than translation. But right now, English translation would be a gift