Saturday, February 26, 2011

So much drama (I'm gonna vent it all out) Haters-go away

First, let me post the link here (thank you greenout for the link):

It's a rough translation of what Justine had said in the 100min clip in English. Finally some English translations! And oh, Justine preferred to be called as Ju and not Juju (reserved for some special ppl around her), sorry Ju, I would still sometimes call you Juju here... <3

And I was reading at some of the stupid comments on the other forum which is heavily infested by most of the Williams bad fans. I won't say all of them are bad but most of them are just as not gracious as their idol Serena. Yes, so what if I said Serena is not gracious? And I mean it, she's not a person I would pay respect to, like it or not.

Firstly, I'm sick of ppl calling Justine a cheater (Get your facts right and define "Cheater" well pls, haters!) because of 3 main incidents:

1) The heavily overblown issue of FO 2003 against Serena Williams-the so called "Hand" incident by the pitiful haters. Justine had already said that she didn't handle the situation well and that she may be should have clarified with the umpire for it but that doesn't mean she cheated. I think it was actually Serena who tried to cheat for a first serve-how the hell did you manage to see your opponent was not ready when you're serving? Don't tell me you have a slanted eye. (Serena cheated but failed, so how does it feel to be called a CHEATER?) And when Serena lost the match, she did a pretty good job crying in front of the media and calling Justine a cheater. Plus she should credit some of her loyal fans who did a pretty good job in spreading the hatred around and calling Justine a cheater even on youtube. Give a million of dollars to each of your these fans, Serena, they deserved that for the loyalty. It was only a point and not a match point that caused Serena to lose. I'd say the mental weakness of Serena caused herself to lose. Even after so many years, the immatureness of Serena got to her and nv forgets that incident. Serena, no matter how many GS you have won, your game style and attitude just a gracious loser pls, stop threatening the line judges...alright, I better stop now, won't want someone to come and shove the fucking ball down my throat...OUCH!

2) The 2004 AO point against Kim -this one is absolutely a stupid matter for the haters to keep hating on. They think Justine had a super great eyesight to see that the point was in and called it out and hence labelled as an unfair cheater again. Fuck you haters, can't you see that the ball was barely in by a few millimeters? And ok, let's not say that I'm a Justine's fan to say this-it was also the umpire fault to agree that the ball was out. Can't blame Justine, but I guess the haters grab every single bit of opportunity to hate on Justine even if it doesn't concern their idol.
This is the pic I got from the chinese baidu forum:
Tell me how good of a eyesight Justine had...haha haters! Maybe the haters are praising Justine good eyesight! They can avoid using the hawk eye then and employ Ju instead...which is so much more accurate!

3) The 2006 AO final against Mauresmo-ppl criticized Justine for being a sore loser to give up in a final of the GS, resulting in Mauresmo being unable to win the title with much satisfaction and pride. Sad thing is, even Ju's own country ppl also criticized her for it. Yes, the day b4 the match, Justine said she was healthy to play but on that day itself (this stomach thing can happen suddenly, believe me, I had serious stomachaches myself when I was feeling so vibrant and healthy hours earlier), she had this stomach ulcer or what, that was hurting her so badly to give up the match. She said she should not have played the final but she doesn't want to give up the opportunity if any in a GS final. Either way, she would be criticized. Haters, try gg on court and play a vigorous tennis match with your stomach hurting like hell and tell me if you can finish the match. And yes, this match cost the friendship between Justine and Amelie. But hey, Amelie, I would respect you as a champion but I'm saddened by the fact that you'd rather see your opponent hurting to play like shit till the end (if you don't want her to retire the match) and let you win the GS in the way you want-how much of a satisfaction does it make you feel then? Ju tried to talk to you but to no avail, whatever, this friendship is so fragile to be broken... =X

So much for ranting and venting my frustration...I can only say, Justine, you don't need all these shit, haters will forever be haters, they will try all means to pull you down and trying to tarnish your reputation but your graciousness and style on court will forever be kept in our hearts. Let the haters talk with their dirty mouths, can't be bothered anymore...I think they need some Listerine and scrubs with the dungs in their mouths.

Current state of Women tennis-HAHAHAHAHA!  Continue to infest that forum, haters! After all, you all pretty much needed a medium to let your pitiful poor souls living in the world of hatred. And don't worry, Justine will live much happier than you all think and she may even laugh at the pitiful efforts of the haters!


  1. When I read the part about her nicknames I saw that she prefers "Ju" instead. I usually call her Ju anyways but I can't help but say Juju sometimes because it sounds so cute haha :) Ugh... williamses fans are so insecure its sad and it seeps through their small talk. Us Ju fans always mutual respect for other players (even though Justine is the best) but how come William's fans aren't like that? Justine isn't a cheater, she fought for every battle with her courage, people think too many wins is cheating perhaps? Oh the hand incident, that was nearly... 8 years ago? Seriously people need to get over it. The AO line call... it was reaally close, and the umpire didn't do anything to not agree with Justine. No 3 I'm soo sick of this... it wasn't even Ju's choice to have to bow out... imaigine how she felt! Embarrassed by the whole tennis world and it wasn't her fault :( I could see she was so upset, I wish Amelie would respect her a little more but nevermind, its in the past.
    Ah Chia, what can I say... haters gon' hate... Keep up the love for Ju! <3

  2. Now here's something nice and credible. :) You can trust my translations too. International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge talks about his admiration for Justine, her integrity and a possible role in the future with the Belgian Olympic Committee. A brand new interview with the great man. Feb 26. 2011.

    Justine or Kim?
    "I have enormous admiration for her. And for me right now, she's one of the greats in tennis history, and greatest Belgian; regardless if Kim is always plays. " - J. Rogge

    Justine and rumours.
    "It's unfortunately the price that sporting greatness comes with nowadays because there are cases of doping, and people are quick to suspect great champions. Justine's rise was clear and upward in progression. She didn't suddenly, within six months, go from #600 in the world to #30. Her breakout wasn't shocking. I have known her since she was 13 years old. Back in 1995, she won the top prize at Festival de la Jeunesse, we all knew she was a future star. I really sympathize with her fustrations". - J. Rogge

  3. Hi Sarah, yes I think we call Juju sometimes cos it sounds cute-that suits her cuteness too!
    Yes, even now on youtube, there's that video uploaded again-out of all videos, that person purposely uploaded that controversial one. Must be a williams fan as well but well, most williams fans are just like Serena, arrogant and rude. I don't care if any Williams fans attack me for saying this-it's a fact anyway. Screaming around calling other champion a cheater while their idol did the same thing to Jelena Jankovic too? Why didn't they dare to say it out? That's cos they're just focused on attacking Justine to make Serena feel like a god. *Puke*
    The AO2004 is the most stupid hating incident on Justine I've ever seen, how much class can these haters get? Their IQ must be single digit. No.3 I can understand some of the ppl who criticized Ju for it but they should feel for Justine too. She's feeling even worse for it. Mentally and Physically. Because of this incident too, and the fact that Amelie refused to befriend Ju, I kinda feel disappointed at Amelie's action and . She's so petty and she already won the AO and the Wimbledon, why is she still like that?
    Anyway, I'm already expecting some haters to reply to my comments on youtube, I'm very sure of it, but fuck them! I stand on my own views and yes Serena may win many GS but her attitude and arrogance (refusing to lose graciously, threatening line judge, calling ppl a cheater and a bitch) just doesn't make her out to be a great champion, it would be a disgrace to say she's one of the greatest champions in Tennis history.

    And yes haters gonna hate and will forever be haters, it's a sad dark world, isn't it?

    Greenout, thank you for the article! Justine is being acknowledged by many other great ppl! And of course Ju will always be greatest belgian for her personality being truthful and humbleness and also the first one to win a Tennis Olympic Gold for Belgium.
    I just hope the rumours will die down soon but I don't think it will be that easily with the foul mouths of the haters who refused to see the truth and made false accusations at Ju.

  4. Yeah Juju does sound really cute and indeed suits her well :) I wish people would just get over it but they cling to shallow memories of nothingness really. There are so many meaningless events that change their opinions on Ju from good to bad... shall we see Serena's little hissy fit at the US Open? Threatening a line umpire that she'll shove her raquet down their throat? Now thats a disgrace.
    I can understand no. 3 as well but yes they have to feel for Justine just a bit at least. Me too I was dissapointed in Amelie, she was a really nice player. I know the moment was lost but yeah you gotta feel for Ju.
    It is a sad world but there are so many non Justine fans who think Serena is a disgrace, so it's pretty much the dumb ones against the rest of the tennis world - Good luck haters!

    Yeah thanks Greenout, I hope that authority's feelings of respect towards Ju help others feel the same about her. I hope Ju is ok too about the rumors, but remember she is as tough as nails and is 1000000x better than them :)
    Juju the best <3

  5. Hi Sarah, the thing is, maybe their opinions on Ju was already bad from the start! Serena was way worse but her fans overprotected her image from being spoilt by her actions and had to divert the attention to poor little Juju, hoping to push all the blame onto her and with the help of the media.

    How many times did Serena actually praised her opponents for a very good game when she had lost the game? I can hardly remember any. And it's only when she won the games did she praise her opponents (indirectly saying she's playing good too), never a gracious loser I would say. Proud and immature.

    Amelie had a very strong pride I would say, too strong to win the GS that easily and instead of feeling honored and proud, she felt ashamed and couldn't forgive Ju for wad she did, but as if Justine can control the situation!

    No good luck to the haters, they deserve nothing good for all the things and shits they said and worse to keep on spreading the hate msgs around...and definitely, I dare say, women tennis was disgraced much by Serena's actions and attitude (definitely not a role model to the youngsters)

    I hope so too that Ju will be ok with the stupid rumours.

  6. I bet they were Chia ;) I know Serena was bad but her fans were even worse! They can't live with peace with their fave player so they talk crap about others especially Ju (she was their main target because they knew she was better than Serena, true class) to make Serena look better.

    I can't remember the last time... she is more likely to talk about her sponsors than her opponent and put in an advert line for some extra cash? Like she needed it :/
    When Juju loses (isn't often but she's only
    human of course) she is always so gracious that it's cute, I love it when she says merci and smiles :)

    I know I wish Amelie didn't feel that way about Ju from after that event. She couldn't control it and sometimes thats how it goes. I don't blame her for not being happy about how she won, I just don't believe it was right for Ju to be riduculed like that.

    True, in the end they are just wasting their toxic breath, and did you see serena's tweet about how "she finally admitted she cheated" then other players like Lindsay Davenport replying to it... just proves that no one has class like Juju, I'm gonna miss your game Ju now I have to match Roger play only.
    I still love you though, the best of luck for the rest of your endeavours <3

  7. That's right Sarah, no matter how great they claim Serena to be, to me, she's just a low class rude person, not even to be compared with Juju who makes no excuses when she lost.

    It's amusing how the insecure williams fans keep on bringing these 3 incidents to pull Ju down just, they are just like Serena, immature and bear grudges.

    God, I really miss Justine too, WTA is so... =X
    Where's the good tennis? Only on the men's side I if only schiavone, Kuzzy can bring it on and wins more slams.