Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Justine Press Conference

*Edit: Recommend ppl to read this blog, Interesting review of her press conference:
It was a rather brief summarized press conference without clear indication of what she would be doing for the rest of her life but nevertheless, I will still support her no matter what she does and all the best in everything she do. Now, heal well Ju! And the haters just shut up! Justine is clean and wins all her titles fair and square!
"But one thing has hurt me very much: the doping allegations. It's so easy in the morning to stand up and say, tiens, today I'm launching a rumor because it is not normal to win so much. Well, it's not easy to twenty years to get up every morning and work like a fool. Those rumors have hurt me. Me and many people in my entourage. I forget and never forgive me. I can not, if you see what I've done before. "

Well, Justine, the haters are just jealous of your talent and didn't even think of how hard you have trained yourself to the stage of crying, they only look at the surface and point fingers, these ppl are miserable beings who only knows how to complain and complain and always feeling sour. We fans believe in you, Justine, you are the greatest and most artistic tennis player!

And here's the photos I've taken from the Fan Club Justine Facebook page:

Unhappy Juju, here I am, a bad fan commenting that she's actually very good in doing this kind of expression and still looking good
So maybe I'll search from the sites names printed on the Mikes for Ju's press conference videos? 
Nice to see you looking at least energetic and not too sad 
Oh no...starting to look sad? Pls don't 
This is better, smile more Juju! Gonna miss you 

And these pictures I got from the JH supporters forum:

Yes, smile wider!  
<3 Juju 
She looked so lovely here 
The cute pressed-lips smile reappears! 
So any journalists feeling guilty of the accusations against Juju but decided to stay on? 
I love what you're wearing Ju, and it seems like the texture is also similar to the covers of the mikes (sorry, pls ignore my lameness and those who don't understand, it's ok) 
I can see Ju doing a catwalk here ^^ 
She really loves Emperio Armani alot eh? well, it looks good on her, imagine wearing this in the hot hot Singapore =S

For more information/articles on Juju retirement press conference, pls visit: Facebook fan group or facebook media and news


And here's another article on it:

Videos ("stolen" from DH.be):

and a longer version:

By the way, those who have subscribed to her site's newsletter will receive her mail (I copied and paste it here) and sorry I couldn't resize the whole text with the frame
Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Comme vous l'avez appris il y a quelques temps, j'ai du mettre un terme définitif à ma carrière tennistique pour des raisons de santé. Ces dernières semaines n'ont pas été faciles pour moi, mais il faut aller de l'avant... Je tourne aujourd'hui une merveilleuse page de ma vie. J'ai vécu 20 années de passion, de bonheur, avec des hauts et des bas, mais je n'en garde que du positif.

Si j'ai tenu le coup tout au long de ces années, c'est aussi grâce à vous. Je tenais tout particulièrement à vous remercier pour votre soutien et votre confiance. Vous m'avez donné la force d'avancer et de donner toujours le meilleur de moi-même. Je ne l'oublierai jamais. Je me dirige maintenant vers d'autres horizons. J'ai plusieurs projets en tête mais rien de bien précis. Les choses seront différentes mais vous occuperez toujours une place particulière dans mon cour.

Merci, et à très bientôt, quelque part...


Good Afternoon,

As you learnt a few weeks ago, I had to stop my tennis career due to medical reasons. These last weeks were difficult, but I need to move on... Today, I definitely turn a wonderful page of my life. I lived 20 years of passion, happiness, with good and bad moments but I keep only the positive.

If I achieved something along these years, it's also thanks to you... I wanted to thank you for your support and confidence. You've brought me the strength to keep going and to give all my best. I'll never forget it. Now, I head for new horizons. I've got some projects in mind but nothing specific so far. Things will be different but you'll fill always a particular place in my heart.

Thank you and see you soon... Somewhere else...


Goeie namiddag,

Zoals jullie allemaal weten, heb ik enkele weken geleden een punt moeten zetten achter mijn carrière omwille van medische redenen. De voorbije weken waren heel moeilijk maar ik moet vooruit...

Vandaag draai ik definitief een mooie bladzijde om uit mijn leven. Ik heb 20 jaar vol passie en geluk mogen beleven, met soms mooie en minder mooie momenten, maar ik onthoud alleen het positieve. Al wat ik ooit bereikt heb, ik mede dankzij jou.Ik wil je dan ook bedanken voor je steun en vertrouwen al die jaren. Jij bracht me de kracht om door te gaan en om steeds het beste van mezelf te geven. Dit zal ik nooit vergeten. Ik ga nu nieuwe dingen tegemoet. Ik heb wel enkele projecten in mijn hoofd, maar tot hiertoe nog niets specifieks. Het zal allemaal anders zijn maar weet dat je altijd een plaats in mijn hart zal hebben.

Bedankt en tot snel, Elders...

Nederlands English Français
Soyez attentifs! Justine vous offre la tenue dédicacée qu'elle portait lors de son dernier match à Melbourne. Affaire à suivre dans les prochaines semaines sur le site http://emailing.powermailmanager.com/r/?F=f5jtdd6j7qgpfjlx545c8j2gcz82pkvt548egy4usxrxulvxgbchpzq-1972042 et sur la page officielle Facebook...
Pay attention! Justine Will offer the outfit of the last match in Melbourne! Have a look in a few weeks on the websitehttp://emailing.powermailmanager.com/r/?F=f5jtdd6j7qgpfjlx545c8j2gcz82pkvt548egy4usxrxulvxgbchpzq-1972042 or on Facebook!
Opgelet! Justine verloot haar tenue die ze droeg tijdens haar laatste match in Melbourne. Te volgen ophttp://emailing.powermailmanager.com/r/?F=f5jtdd6j7qgpfjlx545c8j2gcz82pkvt548egy4usxrxulvxgbchpzq-1972042 en op haar officiële facebookpagina


  1. Aww Justine please don't make sad faces :( I love the happy photos though :) and shut up haters and those who think she doesn't play fair :P I really wish that she spoke some english but her emotions express so much... I like what she's wearing too and I do understand about the texture of her jumper compared to the microphones :) I got the newsletter too, all the best for the future Juju <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this..

    I love that she asked the the stupid presses who spread the rumors to leave... She said what she want to say, she no needs to pretend to be nice to people who did the bad things to her. I like her that way...that why I love her.

    Let me share about the haters in Thailand, there are the fans of Kim(let me call her as 'per-fake angel') I don't know why they hate our Juju so much.
    They suggested the topics of Juju in really bad way on the biggest sports webboard in Thailand, such as "Juju announced her 2nd retirement during the AO running coz she tried to get the presses attentions." It is a idiot topic.

    however whatever I will always love Juju~~~~

  3. Hi Sarah, the youtube has her English version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFlCsS5gxew

    Yes, I wish the haters would shut up too but I guess they are just pain in the ass who have big mouths that are always wide open for better air ventilation since their wind pipes are pretty much polluted by themselves. Ju's newsletter, the first and probably the last? =( I wish we'd see her again...even if it's not tennis

    Hi Niki, yes, that's our great lady boss Juju! She's always been true to herself and loved that she said she'll nv change for no reason and it's true. She's such a down to earth person unlike some other and especially her other country woman the over-rated "saint" who claims to have contacted Ju about her retirement when Ju now said that she didn't receive any comments from the players except Flipkens, this shows how fake the "Saint" is, always acting as a saint in front of the media, and she's succeeded in having more deluded fans who think her personality is very nice and true, but in fact her fake mask has been worn for dunno how long.

    Eh...stupid media, even in SG, one of the media had comparisons of she and Kim and said that their paths are different and that Kim had a better path. Shit them, Ju had won several matches and a great champion in the stronger era unlike Kim who I would claim as an opportunist and can easily win matches in this weak era.

    I don't care if some Kim's fans happened to see these comments and hate me, I don't care anyway. I just like Justine, had been true to myself and I would express my dislikes for any players I really can't stand of. But I'm much more mature than some of the idiotic haters out there. I won't go around and spread the hate messages unnecessarily.

    Yes, anyway, no matter what, Justine, pls enjoy life well, and heal properly while I hope that I could still follow you in some way or another if ever possible. <3 Ju

  4. Well... Justine's going to have her own Belgian TV special Interview show this Friday Feb 18, 2011 on the French station RTBF.

    It's [100 minutes with Justine Henin] and they are going to talk about her tennis career life and the future.

    Can't wait to hear about it and see some clips!

  5. Thank you Greenout! I can't wait to hear about it and see some clips too! 100 minutes! Yummy~ I hope she elaborate more about her future!

  6. Ok thanks for the video Chia ill watch it when i can :) sorry i havent been around for a few days been busy practising guitar for music class :P i played a song called dont cry by guns n roses i realised that it kinda relates to ju... Indeed, haters are just a waste of space with nothing to do in their lives... I really hope there are more newsletters from her, even though they arent tennis related because Juju respects her fans :)
    As for Kim... I dont know about any situations apart from them being rivals, countrywomen... To be honest i actually like her, not as much as justine of course but she seems a much nicer player than people like serena, the princess fiona joke is funny too :P I dont totally love kim though, and not enough to be fully faithful in her.
    Stay true always Juju <3

  7. Hi Sarah, practice hard for your music lesson! Next time you can compose a song for Juju! I too hope that she'll have more newsletter to us even if it's not tennis related.

    I used to like Kim until I find one of the twitts regarding Justine for best of belgium event claiming she didn't know how she got injured and that she can't wait to play against Serena, this part puts me off and sorry, I just can't bring myself to like Kim anymore. But well, now I dun care anymore so long as Justine's fine.

    Allez Justine!

  8. Haha don't worry I do practice a lot, and Ju inspires me a lot so a song sounds like a possibility xD True, I love Justine the beautiful person she is, not just the tennis player. I know Kim and Justine have had their moments but I think I will still like Kim but I will always love Ju. Kim still seems friendly though, plus I'm mentioning again that she looks the princess fiona from shrek :P

  9. Then I'll be waiting for your song on Ju! =D

    Sure, I respect your decision to like Kim, and yes, she's like Fiona in Shrek! I wonder if the producers of the movie made the Fiona model out from Kim.

    Allez Justine!