Sunday, July 29, 2012

Justine Henin for the London Olympics news

This post will be constantly updated if there's new news of Justine coming in regarding her trip to London for short reports on the olympics.

Anyway, I will try to put the latest news on top, and let's keep the Olympics spirit burning with Justine!

It seems to me, Belgacom only releases the 1st episode of "Les rencontres olympiques de Justine" in full while the rest of the episodes can only be seen in Belgium on Belgacom TV. No release on the Internet. A pity for those living outside of Belgium including myself not to witness more of Ju's cuteness and hearing more of her sexy voice. Nevertheless, there's trailers of them on youtube though, can find them through this channel:

A good nice interview of Justine (glad to know that she's enjoying life and exploring the London city! Just a pity her body is so weak despite possessing such a beautiful tennis game!)

Here's one other article of her interview:
The cool couple..(image taken from the article link above), Justine, you are not aloof, just simply shy and wanting to avoid awkwardness (read the article if you don't understand what I'm walking about)

An article regarding Justine's thoughts on her role in London:
Video of Justine interviewing Jean-Michel Saive:

I must say, Justine is pretty good at smacking the ping pong ball, she plays a very tennis style table tennis, so CUTE! 

Here's one sweet sweet photo of the lovebirds:
So sweet right? You hardly can see this side of Justine, why is Mr cute looking so serious and cool? Protect Justine well ;)

And below are two photos from:
First is the photo of his "encounter" with Justine:
Nice nice board banner of Justine! The precious Olympic moment! Look at her eyes, that determination and burning Olympic torch fire!! Can I have this board?  
And this is the 2nd "real encounter" of this handsome man with Justine! So lucky of him! And thanks to him for sharing these two photos on twitter!!

Got these pictures from: 
Ju looks tall here...The lady in the middle is another Belgian sportswoman? I think i saw her face somewhere...did she participate in JFK marathon? or I mistaken her as someone else...
So where's the video of this? I saw that guy videotaping them, hmmm..I wanna see it!  
Omg, this photo of Justine totally had me "electrocuted"! She is such a handsome lady! I love those eyes!!! Oh Justine, such a beauty and such a handsome at the same time!

Justine's in London and a short interview with her, but all in french. Anyway, she looks great!!!

Here's the original video link of Justine's message regarding the Olympics:
And here's another one with the title saying that Justine's best memory was her gold medal in Athens 2004 Olympics:
Hope to see more of your photos and videos onscreen Justine!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Les rencontres olympiques de Justine videos and photos + JFK video

Ok, I'm updating this old post as a "new" one since there's photos and videos of Ju emerging on the net lately =) And I <3 <3 <3 it!!!!
And the photo below is taken from a Belgian sports star's twitter as it seems:
Two sporty beautiful ladies, Ju's hair been blown like a bird nest by the wind hahaha, oops, sorry!
The corresponding video from youtube:

Justine wearing this shirt again, she must really love it as a casual wear. And this guy looks familiar, maybe a Belgian table tennis star, and also seem to appear at Justine's club inauguration b4...or did I remember wrongly?
This video is more cheeky...that guy to sit on Justine's lap!! Poor thin Ju, I hope he isn't too heavy :P
And in this video, it seems as if Justine is trying to explore the different sports, good to see her smiling so happily ^^

And the photos and news taken from this site:

The serious look of Justine, actually I quite miss this look even though I love her smile 
Why must Justine always wear so handsomely? 
Justine is the guest of honor there...what a nice long slim pair of legs! (Jealous..I want to have my thighs like hers) 
I suppose this one I can put full size on this blog, super duper cute cute goofy smile!!! Actually this one is more of a very mischievous smile, it was as if Justine is trying to play a prank on someone hehehe

And Justine For Kids facebook has uploaded the marathon for kids video (go check it out!):
See you all next year 2013 for the marathon!!!

And I really hella miss Justine!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Justine Henin Academy new restaurant-"La Vache sur le Toit"

Finally! I got rid of the youtube copyright questions (although I got a copyright strike-warning). It's funny how I can pass the questions with the same answers when I was logged into "Ubuntu" system and not on "Windows" system, sorry for the confusion but I think my laptop is having some problems especially in Windows system. Love Ubuntu, it's free and stylish but I had so many programs that are compatible with Windows and it would be too much of a hassle to make them work in Ubuntu.

Anyway, just here to say that I'll continue to upload the rest of the videos but if I got another strike, I'll have to stop with my current JHMatches account and create another one. Don't wanna risk having the account closed with 3 strikes and all the videos uploaded will be gone forever!

And I am having "Missing-Justine-Henin" allergy (can I even use this word?) now...time flies and it's been 2.5 years since I first became "obsessed" in Justine. Since I am currently lacking of any creativity or even crappy juice in my brain to blog about, I'll just borrow Danielle's photos (thank you Danielle for sharing them onto FB) and paste them here, it's about Justine's academy new restaurant "La Vache sur le Toit":

I wonder if this car is used to do transportation of players to and fro her club-Hotel
Is this the menu? Tao drinks introduction featured at the back of it
According to Danielle, this is a BBQ for the inauguration of the new restaurant "La Vache sur le Toit", looks colourful and let me guess the food, baby tomatoes and cherries and beef, sausage, pasta, salad, potato, fish, chicken, pork, cucumbers and sauces..I guess it's tasty!
A lone cow on the roof, that's the definition of the restaurant's name, sorry folks, you can't eat it, it is protected by Justine Henin Academy's staffs (even if you want to, I doubt you can reach it)
I wonder how they transported it on the roof, is it heavy or very light?
Here's another healthy strong one, once again, you can only order milk and beef from the menu
Nice modern TV, is it playing any Justine's matches?
The wines, from the Hep Taxi! Justine video, I think Justine seems to have some knowledge about wine, can she recommend a good one for me?
The staff attending to the requests, this really looks like a pub restaurant, love the colors and settings!
Is that an Air-Con below rooted to the ground? It looks like it but I thought air-cons normally are placed at the top as it would make it cooler, but I guess maybe the club there is not as hot as it is in Singapore here
I suppose the kids or the players dine at this restaurant with specially provided nutritious meal! And isn't it nice to be able to check if there's any food stains on you mouth area and clothes with that big mirror behind? This restaurant will be a very good place for lovers, so romantic feel ah! Mr Cute, come more often with Juju ya!  
You know, we could organize a mini "The Amazing Race" with one of the questions as "How many cows (including the silhouette) and lighting are there in the restaurant?"

And last but not least, my cute Juju:
The red-wine...Justine wearing red and drinking wine (or is that just champagne/plain water?) Anyway, Ju seems to love wearing red. And she has a pink wristband on her right..I saw a pink wristband on her too from photos when she was at the JFK marathon event. Is it the same wristband? 

Now I'm off to watch Ju's matches! I've just downloaded the men's matches SF and F for the Wimbledon, finished watching the SF, left the finals, love you Roger, reminds me of Justine with that single backhand, yummy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Copyright infringement?

Ok, so I'm another one, blame myself for uploading Justine's matches onto youtube but all I want is just to share the videos of her past matches with any Justine's fans or tennis fans to watch. I admit my fault but what pissed me off is the fact that they are like forcing me to watch the "Happy tree friends" copyright video. I can't go into my channel, settings, unless I watched that video and passed their copyright questions. Maybe I'm really one idiot or not smart enough cos I just can't seem to pass their questions although I've tried like 5 times, with different questions each time.

As a normal watcher, I love youtube but as an uploader, I really hate youtube . Seriously, I had some warnings before, for example, I uploaded one of the TENNIS matches and some stupid MUSIC companies can claim that the videos are infringing their rights because of the use of their music which obviously is totally ridiculous! I don't hear any musics in those videos, not even before the start of the match, during or after. And it's of no use counter claim them because eventually the results will most likely be "the companies have reviewed the blah blah blah...and certain of their rights in their claims" or something...bleh..

If I still can't get rid of that mandatory copyright video which I have to watch and pass their questions, I have to sadly say that I'll abandon the channel :( But don't worry, the videos will still be there except for 2007 RG Final against Ana Ivanovic which had just been recently taken down, the one that caused me to watch that stupid video....(but I can't be sure the channel won't be closed by youtube eventually)

Currently I can say that I've uploaded all of the matches that I have, just left the re-uploading of full matches for some of them which I've uploaded in parts before and also in search of more of Justine's matches that I've missed...should I create another account?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

some "old" new news and pics of Justine

It is so called old news because I didn't get to update it in this blog at the time when the news were published but it weren't that old though the news were like 2-3 weeks old..ok it's old news.

I had no idea which were posted b4 in this blog so I just paste the links here, sorry for the laziness:

And some of the photos from this link: (during Roland Garros period):
Ju and her message written on the board 
This is a nice good angle of Justine, I wish that mic is a karaoke mic, wanna hear Justine sings! 
The Allez laugh! Actually I would be interested to see which photo she used on her tag 
Irina and Ju,  Justine is only slightly taller than Irina 
The child-like look of Justine, look at that innocent smile!!!

And here's one news I got from twitter, Justine Henin Academy in collaboration with Chile's "A-team" academy:

Photos of teenage + adult Justine from the "A-team" website:
I can't guess if this was Justine 2005, 2006,2007 or 2008...but I see a familiar face of this guy. This guy appeared on Justine Henin Academy's website under the representative tab:
His name is Juan Pablo ABARCA 
I'm guessing this was like teenage Justine at the age of 18? 
So apparently he had known Justine and Carlos for a very long time... 
Another boyish Justine's photo!!! Heard that this guy was Justine's tennis hitting partner 
That "kiddy" smile nv changes!!! Already wearing Adidas? But I doubt Adidas was her sponsor at that time then