Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Les rencontres olympiques de Justine videos and photos + JFK video

Ok, I'm updating this old post as a "new" one since there's photos and videos of Ju emerging on the net lately =) And I <3 <3 <3 it!!!!
And the photo below is taken from a Belgian sports star's twitter as it seems:
Two sporty beautiful ladies, Ju's hair been blown like a bird nest by the wind hahaha, oops, sorry!
The corresponding video from youtube:

Justine wearing this shirt again, she must really love it as a casual wear. And this guy looks familiar, maybe a Belgian table tennis star, and also seem to appear at Justine's club inauguration b4...or did I remember wrongly?
This video is more cheeky...that guy to sit on Justine's lap!! Poor thin Ju, I hope he isn't too heavy :P
And in this video, it seems as if Justine is trying to explore the different sports, good to see her smiling so happily ^^

And the photos and news taken from this site:

The serious look of Justine, actually I quite miss this look even though I love her smile 
Why must Justine always wear so handsomely? 
Justine is the guest of honor there...what a nice long slim pair of legs! (Jealous..I want to have my thighs like hers) 
I suppose this one I can put full size on this blog, super duper cute cute goofy smile!!! Actually this one is more of a very mischievous smile, it was as if Justine is trying to play a prank on someone hehehe

And Justine For Kids facebook has uploaded the marathon for kids video (go check it out!):
See you all next year 2013 for the marathon!!!

And I really hella miss Justine!!!

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