Thursday, July 12, 2012

Copyright infringement?

Ok, so I'm another one, blame myself for uploading Justine's matches onto youtube but all I want is just to share the videos of her past matches with any Justine's fans or tennis fans to watch. I admit my fault but what pissed me off is the fact that they are like forcing me to watch the "Happy tree friends" copyright video. I can't go into my channel, settings, unless I watched that video and passed their copyright questions. Maybe I'm really one idiot or not smart enough cos I just can't seem to pass their questions although I've tried like 5 times, with different questions each time.

As a normal watcher, I love youtube but as an uploader, I really hate youtube . Seriously, I had some warnings before, for example, I uploaded one of the TENNIS matches and some stupid MUSIC companies can claim that the videos are infringing their rights because of the use of their music which obviously is totally ridiculous! I don't hear any musics in those videos, not even before the start of the match, during or after. And it's of no use counter claim them because eventually the results will most likely be "the companies have reviewed the blah blah blah...and certain of their rights in their claims" or something...bleh..

If I still can't get rid of that mandatory copyright video which I have to watch and pass their questions, I have to sadly say that I'll abandon the channel :( But don't worry, the videos will still be there except for 2007 RG Final against Ana Ivanovic which had just been recently taken down, the one that caused me to watch that stupid video....(but I can't be sure the channel won't be closed by youtube eventually)

Currently I can say that I've uploaded all of the matches that I have, just left the re-uploading of full matches for some of them which I've uploaded in parts before and also in search of more of Justine's matches that I've missed...should I create another account?

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