Thursday, July 5, 2012

some "old" new news and pics of Justine

It is so called old news because I didn't get to update it in this blog at the time when the news were published but it weren't that old though the news were like 2-3 weeks old..ok it's old news.

I had no idea which were posted b4 in this blog so I just paste the links here, sorry for the laziness:

And some of the photos from this link: (during Roland Garros period):
Ju and her message written on the board 
This is a nice good angle of Justine, I wish that mic is a karaoke mic, wanna hear Justine sings! 
The Allez laugh! Actually I would be interested to see which photo she used on her tag 
Irina and Ju,  Justine is only slightly taller than Irina 
The child-like look of Justine, look at that innocent smile!!!

And here's one news I got from twitter, Justine Henin Academy in collaboration with Chile's "A-team" academy:

Photos of teenage + adult Justine from the "A-team" website:
I can't guess if this was Justine 2005, 2006,2007 or 2008...but I see a familiar face of this guy. This guy appeared on Justine Henin Academy's website under the representative tab:
His name is Juan Pablo ABARCA 
I'm guessing this was like teenage Justine at the age of 18? 
So apparently he had known Justine and Carlos for a very long time... 
Another boyish Justine's photo!!! Heard that this guy was Justine's tennis hitting partner 
That "kiddy" smile nv changes!!! Already wearing Adidas? But I doubt Adidas was her sponsor at that time then

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