Sunday, July 29, 2012

Justine Henin for the London Olympics news

This post will be constantly updated if there's new news of Justine coming in regarding her trip to London for short reports on the olympics.

Anyway, I will try to put the latest news on top, and let's keep the Olympics spirit burning with Justine!

It seems to me, Belgacom only releases the 1st episode of "Les rencontres olympiques de Justine" in full while the rest of the episodes can only be seen in Belgium on Belgacom TV. No release on the Internet. A pity for those living outside of Belgium including myself not to witness more of Ju's cuteness and hearing more of her sexy voice. Nevertheless, there's trailers of them on youtube though, can find them through this channel:

A good nice interview of Justine (glad to know that she's enjoying life and exploring the London city! Just a pity her body is so weak despite possessing such a beautiful tennis game!)

Here's one other article of her interview:
The cool couple..(image taken from the article link above), Justine, you are not aloof, just simply shy and wanting to avoid awkwardness (read the article if you don't understand what I'm walking about)

An article regarding Justine's thoughts on her role in London:
Video of Justine interviewing Jean-Michel Saive:

I must say, Justine is pretty good at smacking the ping pong ball, she plays a very tennis style table tennis, so CUTE! 

Here's one sweet sweet photo of the lovebirds:
So sweet right? You hardly can see this side of Justine, why is Mr cute looking so serious and cool? Protect Justine well ;)

And below are two photos from:
First is the photo of his "encounter" with Justine:
Nice nice board banner of Justine! The precious Olympic moment! Look at her eyes, that determination and burning Olympic torch fire!! Can I have this board?  
And this is the 2nd "real encounter" of this handsome man with Justine! So lucky of him! And thanks to him for sharing these two photos on twitter!!

Got these pictures from: 
Ju looks tall here...The lady in the middle is another Belgian sportswoman? I think i saw her face somewhere...did she participate in JFK marathon? or I mistaken her as someone else...
So where's the video of this? I saw that guy videotaping them, hmmm..I wanna see it!  
Omg, this photo of Justine totally had me "electrocuted"! She is such a handsome lady! I love those eyes!!! Oh Justine, such a beauty and such a handsome at the same time!

Justine's in London and a short interview with her, but all in french. Anyway, she looks great!!!

Here's the original video link of Justine's message regarding the Olympics:
And here's another one with the title saying that Justine's best memory was her gold medal in Athens 2004 Olympics:
Hope to see more of your photos and videos onscreen Justine!!!

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