Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off for a week

Hello all, Olympics 2012 is finally over and this blog is still alive although I think I need a 1 week break from blogging to settle some shits, yeah, alot of shits to deal with and get it done with. But I ain't forgetting our lovely queen Juju!

Here's some old photos of cute Justine! And yup, it's the olympics moment in 2004 Athens (the "birthplace" of Olympics) My way of having the "olympics closing ceremony" in this blog
The moment when Justine found out that she won the gold medal, the expression is priceless! 
This is a nice perfect pic symbolizes "glory", the fact that Ju had that illness in 2004 and being able to win this gold medal is simply amazing! No amount of words can describe it, just watch the video online. SF against Myskina, woohoo! 
And yup, I'll probably post this picture of Justine every 4 years during Olympics period, because Ju really have this Greek goddess in her look, she looks smart and beautiful!

Cya after 1 week..I hope!

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